Saturday 15th September – Leeds Golden Mile

Saturday 15th September – Leeds Golden Mile

Report from Graham Lake

The Golden Mile is a series of mile races at Carnegie track, where you are put in heats based on predicted time. I was in heat 11 of 13 based on prediction of 5.20.

I enjoyed the proper track experience, with a starting pistol, lap markers and a bell to signify last lap. Also nice to get a cheer every time you passed the pavilion.

I finished 4th in the heat in 5.10 (2 seconds off pb) and 15th overall, so I was pleased with that.

Fastest runner of the day was Pieter Swennen of ADD (no idea, sorry) in 4.41

Quickest lady was Amy Young of Hyde Park Harriers in 5.34


Video highlights! :



One thought on “Saturday 15th September – Leeds Golden Mile

  1. At the Carnegie track our club in the past used to organize loads of races , like the golden mile or 3000 m and else . I have seen the video and you are right to be pleased with your performance because you ran really well and you had the right running posture all the way , overall a very impressive golden mile and your time of 5.10 is indeed fast , well done to Graham L. for the the great effort .

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