Sunday 14 October 2018 – Yorkshire Marathon

Sunday 14 October 2018 – Yorkshire Marathon

Report from Billy

Myself, Sara Elliott, Lee Gumbrell and Chris Chambers set off early on a wet Sunday morning towards Elvington Airfield to catch the bus the the start area for the marathon. Trying to keep dry and warm in the cafe we managed to speak with Ann Yeadon and Liz Yates who were taking part in the relay. On the way to the baggage drop off we bumped into a nervous Hayley Galvin. At the start line we first bumped into Ben Maughan at the entrance to Zone 5. After a brief chat we moved forward and bumped into an equally nervous Rebecca Keinhorst. At zone 3 I said my goodbyes to Sara, Lee and Chris wishing them luck. After what seemed like an eternity the hooter went and we were off! Due to a lack of training from bouts of gout over the summer I took stock of the London Marathon I did in April and started off at a very steady pace not wanting to burn myself out too early. I was eventually passed by Hayley around the 8 mile mark quickly followed by Reebs and Mary Hampshire. I resisted any urge to run with them and concentrated an my own race. At the turn around at Stamford Bridge I saw that Mary had overtaken both Hayley and Reebs with Hayley bringing up the rear of the trio. I saw Ben at this point too about a mile behind me and looking comfortable. Just after 16 miles I saw Lee coming back the other way not looking too happy (to later learn he had picked up a hamstring injury). Just before the other turnaround point there was no change in positions of the three girls in front although Hayley didn’t look too comfortable at this point. I thought if I could keep running I may be able to catch her. How wrong was I as that was the last I saw of her. I did manage to complete the race without any walking, completing it in a similar time to London although conditions were different with rain throughout the race and a lot of water on the course!

The support on the course was fantastic managing to see Rachael Wright, Chris Smith and entourage, Richard Bell and Mark Foster (Wetherby AC). Others were there but I didn’t manage to see them.

Scott ran brilliantly to finish 3rd, Sara, Reebs and Hayley also ran fantastic races in their first marathons and Ben started to struggle from about mile 15 again in his first marathon.

The race was won by Paul Martelletti of Tower Hamlets ACC in 2:27:02 and first lady was Katherine Wood of Sale Harriers in 2:41:37

For Otley Scott  was 3rd (1st V40) in 2:28:28 followed by Andy Wright 3:15:18, Sara Elliott 3:38:19 (10 FV45), Chris Chambers 3:39:03, Lee Gumbrell 4:09:30, Mary Hampshire 4:13:18, Rebecca Keinhorst 4:23:40, Hayley Galvin 4:30:07, Andrew Rayner 4:34:56 and Ben Maughan 5:11:43

2 thoughts on “Sunday 14 October 2018 – Yorkshire Marathon

  1. I agree with Tamara W. about the good results by ours members in this marathon . Great performance by our President Billy R. that finished in a super 4.34 , and as well his report from the Airfield is really good and I liked it because explain the morning race in interesting details , also Sara E. did a fast race , her 3.38 is superb running . Mary H. too did well , her 4.13 is a splendid time to achieve . Scott H. was flying , his 2.28 is awesome . Well done everybody .

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