Sunday 28th October – Whixley 10k and Sunday 21st October ETU duathlon/aquathlon

Sunday 28th October – Whixley 10k and Sunday 21st October ETU duathlon/aquathlon

Report from Howard:

Just back from Ibiza where I took part in the European standard duathlon championships last Sunday in the blistering heat. The sprint the day before had been a bit chaotic with the beach transition being swamped by a heavy sea swell and then cramped into the town. Run crossovers and bike turns for them led to all sorts of bumps and falls and even some mis-directions from marshals. Our Spanish hosts learnt from this and the standard was as slick as could be. I performed well up to current form and finished 6th in the age group. Three days later the start to the aquathlon was a bit of a novelty where we boarded a boat and were taken half a kilometre out into the med and had to jump 10 feet into the deep sea and swim the 1k course. Not for the fainthearted and I was into the water first to get clear of the following masses. Short swim to the start buoys and then a very salty non wetsuit because the water was too warm. I go better with but was quite comfortable despite the rolling sea and made the exit ramp in 21.25 to complete the hot convoluted 5K which I managed in 22.50 getting me 5th in the age group and a prequal for the next one, which is in Transylvania…gulp.


On Sunday 28th I had to check whether I had entered the Whixley 10K or the Whistow 10K both of which I have done and both being close to home and at the same time on the same day. Whixley it was and this is a mainly off road undulating race and today was a bit chilly before the sun came out and the breeze was brisk but cooling. My bout of runners knee has just about mellowed so I can start training for next year properly from next week. 139 people completed today’s race which was won by Jamie Arkle of Easingwold in 36.21, first lady Samantha Davies Easingwold in 41.20 and 18th. I was 33rd in 46.04 which was the best part of two minutes quicker than last year.

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  1. ‘Even some mis-directions from the marshals ‘!! It is extraordinary that marshals could send you in the wrong direction , and as well to jump 10 feet into the deep blue sea !! You are indeed courageous Howard and your report from Ibiza is good . To do 22.50 for 5k after jumping into the sea and swim in heavy sea swell it is a great sport achievement , that only few of us would dare this kind of challenge . Also in the Whixley 10k you did a powerful performance , an off road course , undulating too , to cross the finishing line in 46.04 means super strides . Well done to Howard J.

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