Sunday 4th November Guy Fawkes 10

Sunday 4th November Guy Fawkes 10

Report from Laura Hind

Despite a rainy forecast, conditions on Sunday morning’s Guy Fawkes 10 turned out to be extremely favourable. We set off, a bottleneck for the first mile which meant that no one could get too carried away with their pace.

As always, this route provides challenge in its 3/4 amusingly named hills. The Birstwith Brute lived up to its name, but no Jack and Kath at the top unfortunately with their usual support.  We all missed you. Luckily, there were many people along the route offering jelly babies and keeping us going instead.

The views were lovely and the downhill a pleasure to run as ever. This year’s goody bag was especially great, with its giant bar of Aero and big bags of Milky bar buttons!

This is the only race which I turn out for annually and it never fails to disappoint, regardless of my times (which often do!! )

And report from Howard Jeffrey

This race is not for those who don’t like hills. The start is a descent down a narrow now made up path for a hundred yards or so then a winding climb up and down through the woods for the best part of a mile and a half. I had opted for a steady start with a loose target of 1.20 for today. It would be the longest run of the year and still working through the recovery of a sore knee. Active recovery has always been my philosophy and this race was going to test that. The route goes onto open road with a long descent where I tested out the stride to  see if the knee held up which it seemed to do although I was holding something back just to be on the safe side. After maybe 3.5 miles you cross the bridge over the river Nidd at Birstwith and engage the ‘Birstwith beast, or is it brute or even bast—!. A really steep hill that goes on for the best part of a mile and where maybe one in three have to walk up. I found the usual short brisk steps made me aware of my knee so I lifted up the knees a bit higher and found that helped greatly even though it made the uphill drag even more  of a challenge. What goes up must come down and go back up again which it did several times over the next four miles. Weather conditions were nigh on perfect at around 12 degrees not much wind to speak of and in the latter stages of the race the sun was up. Either side of mile eight the other hill of note is the Swincliff swine which is another not quite so steep drag for three quarters of a mile before you make the turn back onto the path back to Ripley castle. Again maybe one in three were walking up because by the time you get to this hill you have worked pretty hard. Going back through the woods I was able to admire the beautiful autumn colours and long views through the trees which is not something I usually do when in race mode. The finish in the castle grounds was welcome and the goodies were a nice long sleeved T shirt, 3 chocolate bars and some Taylors Tea. No ill effects on the knee to speak of so my active recovery philosophy is still intact. The race was won by Jack Wood of Ilkley Harriers in 55.58. First lady Aisling Hall of Horsforth Harriers in 1.06.48. 800 finished.

Full Results here


For Otley AC

Pos Num M F Forename Surname Cat Cat/Pos Club Pace per Km/Mile ChipTime ChipPos GunTime
10 377 0010 Mark Hall M55 (001/052) Otley AC 03:54/06:16 01:02:40 10 01:02:40
49 31 0048 Rogan Ashton M45 (010/076) Otley AC 04:20/06:58 01:09:34 49 01:09:39
122 723 0111 Andy Pullan M S (027/046) Otley AC 04:44/07:38 01:16:09 122 01:16:18
192 494 0163 Howard Jeffrey M60 (005/024) Otley AC 05:03/08:08 01:21:06 198 01:21:19
380 993 0106 Liz Yates F40 (020/079) Otley AC 05:39/09:05 01:29:16 365 01:30:51
381 994 0107 Ann Yeadon F45 (027/086) Otley AC 05:39/09:05 01:29:18 366 01:30:53
385 771 0277 Phil Robinson M70+ (002/006) Otley AC 05:39/09:06 01:30:05 381 01:30:59
410 520 0124 Sharon Kenyon F40 (023/079) Otley AC 05:43/09:12 01:31:43 429 01:31:56
485 738 0316 Andrew Rayner M50 (055/069) Otley AC 05:56/09:33 01:34:30 482 01:35:27
509 443 0180 Laura Hind F40 (036/079) Otley AC 06:04/09:45 01:35:58 504 01:37:31
531 448 0198 Joanna Hobson F55 (021/045) Otley AC 06:09/09:53 01:37:19 524 01:38:53
639 755 0282 Sara Richard F50 (050/072) Otley AC 06:30/10:27 01:43:00 632 01:44:33
707 124 0333 Debra Brown F45 (065/086) Otley AC 06:53/11:04 01:49:18 707 01:50:44
772 957 0387 Natasha Whitaker F45 (082/086) Otley AC 07:30/12:04 01:59:35 775 02:00:43

One thought on “Sunday 4th November Guy Fawkes 10

  1. I agree with Howard about his active recovery philosophy , it is no good to disappear for ages , like when runners have got some kind of injury and wait to come back only if they are 100 per cent in shape . Great report from Laura H. and our Howard J. who did a huge performance with a dodgy knee , his 5.03 pace per km is amazing . Mark H. is just spectacular with his 3.54 pace per km especially with those hard hills . Also Joanna H . did a super race with a strong 6.09 pace for km , and Nathasha W. too did an extraordinary 10 mile with 7.30 pace per km. Well done everyone .

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