18th November 2018 – Wadsworth Half Trog

18th November 2018 – Wadsworth Half Trog

BM fell race – 9.3 miles/15km

Laura Mcabe found this race and persuaded me to join her after reassuring me it was mostly on footpaths so I wouldn’t get lost. This wasn’t entirely true! The course is basically a figure of 8 with a steep up and down and lots of boggy open moorland running. Laura has elected this race as her wild card for the fell runner of the year competition. The theory being it was a low key event so hopefully she will pick up high points. Unfortunately for her, last years winner and course record holder turned up.
I was was nervous at the start as my navigation skills aren’t great so I worried there wouldn’t be many people around me. However once we were set off I felt good and remembered a lot of the land marks from the map. However after check point 5 I made the mistake of following the line of runners in front of me assuming they knew where they were going. They didn’t, so having climbed an extra hill I had to run back down to the check point then back up again increasing my race by an extra km. Laura being the more experienced fell runner and excellent navigator informed me she almost made that mistake but realised before going too wrong. Looking at the results there were a few that missed that checkpoint and got a DNF.

First male – Karl Gray of CVFA – 01:09:29
First female – Nichola Jackson of Ribble Valley – 01:19:54

For Otley AC
Vicky Stainburn – 27th(3rd Lady) – 01:34:35
Laura Mcabe – 30th (4th Lady) – 01:35:31

2 thoughts on “18th November 2018 – Wadsworth Half Trog

  1. Well done to both of you! You did really well even just recognising the landmarks Vicky! After Laura’s great nav skills at British Fell Relays checkpoint 6 must’ve been a hard one if she nearly missed it! Jolly good show!

  2. Again I agree with Caron R. that you both ran well this challenging fell race that I ran last year in a sea of mud , I was sorry that I had to miss this race last Sunday because of the cross country clash that took place in Wakefield . Vicky S. did a spectacular Wadsworth Half Trog finishing in 1.34 a solid time to do considering as well the wrong turn that costed her at least 10 minutes and Vicky deserved the prestigious podium too , also Laura M. did well in 1.35.

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