Sunday 18th November 2018 – Wensleydale Wedge

Sunday 18th November 2018 – Wensleydale Wedge

Report from Lizzy Fawcett

Sara Richard, Hannah Lupton and myself set off from West Witton where we stayed over night with Hannah’s cousin because of the early start.As we approached the village of Askrigg we were faced with the road blocked by runners grasping their garmins facing towards us about to set off…..Ooops an 8am start not 8.30 then! Quick thinking Hannah did a speedy U turn parked on the road side and we ran into the race HQ for our numbers and race cards.Setting off just 2 minutes later we soon passed the walkers towards Bainbridge ,then on a narrow path avoiding tree roots and rocks in an atmospheric misty valley up to Semerwater Water.Ascending all the time up over the moors on a seemingly never ending track seeing ghostly runners ahead of us in the mist and eventually descending to Thoralby.
First refreshment stop including marmite sandwiches and pork pie … perfect second breakfast!The weather brightening all the time we ran across fields ,woodland and farm tracks to Aysgarth then onto castle Bolton.There were stunning views but sadly due to lack of recent miles in our legs we were tiring and stiff at mile 16.Whilst Hannah stretched out on the grass Sara and I fuelled up .Becoming somewhat delirious we discussed our favourite pin ups with the marshalls, Tom Hardy and Tom Riddleston ,if you are interested! We pressed on walking and running the home stretch on nice grassy undulating tracks just above the broad Wensleydale looking over to Pen Hill.We finished together officially in 5 hours 58 bu t on our time 5 hrs 56.
Thanks to Hannah and Sara for keeping me going.. all good training for the next one….. Rombalds.
The Wensleydale Wedge definitely a tough challenge but you are rewarded with great scenery .A grand day out.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 18th November 2018 – Wensleydale Wedge

  1. Well done ladies! I’m sure the Toms’ appreciate your thoughts! Sounds like a lovely (if looooong) route-roll on Rombalds!

  2. I agree with Caron R. that you three have done a great run , and I liked as well the report from West Witton by Lizzy F. This Wensleydale Wedge is similar to the Rombalds and to cross the finish line in 5.56 is a very good achievement . Well done indeed to Hannah L. to Sara R. and to Lizzie F. as well .

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