Saturday 24th November – Weeton Handicap

Saturday 24th November – Weeton Handicap

A small but elite bunch gathered under the railway bridge for the penultimate race of this years Eric Smith trophy.  Maddie ran strongly up the final incline to take her first handicap win with a time nearly 4 and a half minutes quicker than 2 year ag0.  Liam, (plus William in the buggy), over took Tom just before the finish, but as I’d messed up Tom’s start time by at least 5 seconds, Tom took the 14 points for 2nd.  Despite his extra handicap Liam still recorded the fastest time of the day.  A notable effort from President Billy, with his second race of the morning after  doing the Myrtle park run in Bingley.

Bets are pretty much off for the 2018 handicap champion, with just the traditional Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap on the 23rd December Bob has a 28.5 point lead over Tom Hannah.  The race for the minor medals is still up for grabs as only 3 and a half points separates Tom and David Cattanach.  Not to forget Andy Webster and Phil Robinson still both in with a shout.

Pos Name Time H’Cap Net Time Pts
1 Maddie Delucchi 55:30 08:00 47:30 15
2 Tom Hannah 56:06 09:00 47:06 14
3 Liam Dunne 56:07 24:00 32:07 13
4 Tony Walker 56:53 24:00 32:53 12
5 Chris Brunold 58:05 16:00 42:05 11
6 Bob Payne 58:11 08:00 50:11 10
7 David Cattanach 58:15 08:00 50:15 9
8 Billy Rayner 58:24 13:00 45:24 8
9 Antonio Cardinale 58:37 00:00 58:37 7
10 David Fox 1:00:16 14:00 46:16 6

One thought on “Saturday 24th November – Weeton Handicap

  1. Congratulations to Maddie D. for the brilliant victory at Weeton , 47.30 is a powerful run . Mr President Billy R. is in great shape , he crossed the finish line in a super 45.24 . David F. is running well at the moment , his 46.16 is a strong time to do . Liam D. was just amazing , his 32.07 is fabulous because it was achieved pushing the buggy with inside William . Also Bob P. is going fast , his 50.11 is not bad at all . Well done everyone .

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