Barrowford Podium 5k – Sat 1st Dec

Barrowford Podium 5k – Sat 1st Dec

Report from Tony Walker

A quick pre dinner 6.30pm (although dinner was cancelled!!) sat evening 5k! 5 laps of the cycle track and still enough time to hit the wall on the last lap! Still managed 19.19 so 2nd best time this year. This really is a simple but great event for all ages. At one point in the race I was literally surrounded by 5 young Preston athletes. I don’t who was more scared me or them!! There were also a number of other groups there and I thought it would be great to get some juniors over. I’ll have a word with Hugh!

The male winner of the A race was Jamie Webb of Liverpool in a very speedy 14.33 and for the ladies Olivia Mason of Border Harriers in 16.55.  The first 8 were under 15mins and the first 23 under 15.30. Serious stuff!!

Results here.

One thought on “Barrowford Podium 5k – Sat 1st Dec

  1. Barrowford reminds me of the Pendle Fell Race that I missed because I could not find the right turn to Barrowford , it was a 2pm start and at that time I was still in Nelson looking for the right direction , I had no choice than going back home . 19.19 is an amazing time to do for a 5k , it is really fast , well done to Tony W. for the great running .

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