Podium 5k Sat 2nd Mar (and Ilkley Fell Race!)

Podium 5k Sat 2nd Mar (and Ilkley Fell Race!)

Report from Tony Walker

On a quiet news week – well it was until I saw all those excellent reports below!! –  I thought I’d share the contrasts of my last 2 weekend races.

First of all I do love a good life contrast. Many years ago I woke up in an hotel in a random place called Sfax in Tunisia on the 6th floor overlooking the place waking up- I was there on work by the way. After a convulated journey home I ended up in a Pennine hill top pub garden watching the hills being envoloped by the darkness. When I explained this to the bar staff member collecting the glasses he looked at me the same way as you are thinking now…’weirdo’.

Anyway last Sunday inspired by the national cross country and the good weather I entered a Category A fell race. Now bear in mind my knee is not supposed to be good on hills and I hadn’t run a fell race for 10 years and I hadn’t really got the right footwear…I survived. But firm surfaces, no wind and vest weather was not what I was expecting.

Fast forward to last Saturday and I made another pilgrimage to Lancashire for the fantastically low key but very high standard podium 5k. Vest weather and dry conditions and no wind were hoped for or at least 1or2 out of 3.

O no. It lashed it down all evening with strong winds and was freezing!!

What a contrast! Feel free to share your unlikely contrasts!!

For the record I enjoyed both. You would have seen the Ilkley results in Tobys excellent write up and at the Podium event I actually ran a strong race passing a few towards the end and finished in 19.24. A 2019 PB and first v55…but just wait until Mark Hall ravishes that time!

Podium 5k results here. The A race winners were
Oesama Meslek/Leeds AC in 14.42 and Rosie Clark/Epson and Ewell in 16.10………wowzer!

3 thoughts on “Podium 5k Sat 2nd Mar (and Ilkley Fell Race!)

  1. I agree with Caron R. that you have done two good performances especially with the Podium 5k where you did a PB. and first v55 crossing the finishing line with a solid time of 19.24 . Well done to Tony W.

  2. Well done Tony for keeping the OAC flag flying at this excellent event. really good run in awful conditions. I am sure that people are not aware of the quality times you have posted in the past and without your knee problem you could run even quicker.

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