Saturday 2nd March – The Welcome Ultra

Saturday 2nd March – The Welcome Ultra

Report from Vicky Stainburn:

After watching the weather forecast all week and preparing for the worst I was pleasantly surprised on Saturday morning for it not to be raining. I can cope with rain mid race but starting off wet and cold makes me a little miserable.
Becky parked at mine and after giving a couple in a car wrong directions to the car park we walked up to the start for kit check and baggage drop. There we met up with Tom Lynch who looked like he hadn’t fully woken up yet.
The route follows a lot of the welcome way and is well marked which is a massive plus for me as my navigation skills are poor at best. The race started at 08.30, Tom stormed to the front of the pack straight away as myself and Becky took a more relaxed approach.
We ran first to Clifton, Askwith, Denton, Burley, Burley moor and Shipley Glen taking advantage of the snacks at the checkpoints, chatting to the lovely Marshals and posing for the occasional photographs. At Shipley Glen we had the option of continuing onto Baildon moor for the “short” 51km race or retracing our steps a short way and completing an 8 mile (felt a lot longer) loop around Bingley. Of course we opted for the extra few miles. We had just seen Tom setting off on the Bingley loop and gave him a cheer to which which he responded “my legs are killing me!” We then ran onto Eldwick and Micklethwaite, along the canal to Bingley then on to Hirst Wood and climbed back up to Shipley Glen. A quick refuel then continued to Baildon Moor. At this point I was starting to feel tired and achy but we were with a couple of other runners so we all gave each other well needed encouragement for the last few miles. After Baildon we arrived at Hollins Hill, Esholt, Guiseley, Yeadon, the Chevin (I thought I’d be happier to see the Chevin but at this point I just wanted to get to the finish), Danefield, Hilton Grange, Bramhope then Pool!
Becky and I finished just a second apart claiming 1st and 2nd Female. Tom also had an amazing run and finished 4th overall. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and want to give a massive thanks to all the marshals and organisers Ryk and Bev Downes.

1st place – Craig Pritchard 05:47:46
4th place – Tom Lynch 06:22:36
8th place – Rebecca Harpur 06:45:14
9th place – Victoria Stainburn 06:45:15

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One thought on “Saturday 2nd March – The Welcome Ultra

  1. An interesting report from the race by Vicky S. , almost 60 miles to run in 6.45 is fabulous , just around the same time that usually it takes me to do the Rombalds Stride who is only 23 miles long . Well done to the powerful Vicky S. , and to Becky H. a really strong runner indeed , Tom L. is like a diesel train , he goes all the distance like routine , well done Tom .

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