Bradford 10k 17th Mar 2019

Bradford 10k 17th Mar 2019

Report from Mr Boddy

After a lovely few months mainly running on The Chevin or other, scenic off-road trails it was time for me to pay my dues. My penance was the Bradford 10k, my annual hour of self-flagellation on Canal Road awaited. They had tweaked the course this year but I don’t think anyone noticed.

Luckily I could still play my favourite Bradford 10k game of Count The Car Showrooms (7) and dream about my favourite car to buy (not a great game as I don’t really like cars).

Aside from all the cars for sale I can’t remember any particular landmarks apart from some graffiti which said BSTRD, I have Welsh in-laws so I’m used to a proliferation of consonants but this felt like laziness to me. As we passed through Frizinghell Joe Sagar was heading the other way. He was struggling at this point, wheezing and panting as his form deserted him. No, sorry, that was me. Joe was fine.

The race was relatively pleasant, I wasn’t aiming for a PB as I’m still recovering from a successful Christmas period and I ruled out winning the race after the first mile so I stuck to my pre-race plan of running 6 x 7(ish) minute miles which I just about managed.

There were 10 Otley runners in total and their results are below.


200 303 Stephen Boddy Male MSEN Otley AC 00:43:58 00:43:48 180 88 207 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
506 8 Sharon Kenyon Female F40 Otley AC 00:49:36 00:49:22 64 15 542 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
562 398 Claire Larcombe Female FSEN Otley AC 00:51:13 00:50:46 74 35 627 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
663 462 Ged Peacock Male M60 Otley AC 00:52:34 00:51:39 555 15 712 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
683 200 Ann Yeadon Female F45 Otley AC 00:53:03 00:52:25 115 13 774 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
832 165 Liz Yates Female F40 Otley AC 00:54:39 00:54:01 168 29 910 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
890 2195 Graham Cowling Male MSEN Otley AC 00:55:10 00:51:54 698 292 736 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
1474 1923 Race Number 1923 Male New Otley AC 01:02:21 00:58:25 970 27 1327 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
1744 513 Reid Haddow Male M70 Otley AC 01:06:27 01:05:57 1079 9 1876 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
2237 1489 Race Number 1489 Male New Otley AC 01:18:16 01:14:21 1249 92 2216




2 thoughts on “Bradford 10k 17th Mar 2019

  1. So no car then? Great report Stephen and you’re always a very consistent runner, well done!

  2. I agree with Caron R. that it is a good report from Bradford and Stephen B. is indeed a consistent runner , his time of 43.58 is fast . It is lovely to see Reid H. back on the results , he crossed the finish line in a good 1.05 . Also Ann Y. did well in this 10k race , Ann crossed the finish line in 52.25 . Well done everyone .

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