Sunday 7th April: Manchester Marathon

Sunday 7th April: Manchester Marathon

Report from Andy Webster:

This was my fourth attempt at running this race, it is a nice and flat course with good crowd support. The race conditions were nearly perfect cool and dry.

I had trained pretty well for this race, but from many previous bad experiences of blowing up at anywhere between 16-22 miles I made a conscious effort to run within myself setting a pace of 8-8:30 minutes per mile for as long as I could maintain it.
I think this strategy worked pretty well as I managed to keep within this pace until 20 miles. Then managed to stay within a range of 9-9:30 just as the legs started to tire a little.

Eventually finished in 3:43:44 which though not near any personal bests was one of my most consistently paced marathons. Also had the added bonus of still being able to walk back to the hotel and avoided the medical tent.

The men’s winner was Aaron Richmond of Bideford AAC in 2.21.34

The women’s winner was Jenny Spink of Bristol and West AC in 2.35.19

For Otley AC:

Joe Torr 391st in 2.55.03

Andrew Webster 4321st in 3.43.44

Sarah Waights 12268 in 5.24.31



2 thoughts on “Sunday 7th April: Manchester Marathon

  1. I agree with Tamara W. that Andrew W. did a pretty impressive time , Andrew crossed the finish line in an excellent time of 3.43. Also Sarah W. did a great marathon , Sarah did finish in a solid 5.24 , a time that it is not bad at all , and Joe T. as well did a brilliant Manchester 26 miles in a very fast speed , Joe did finish in a superb 2.55 …I wish !

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