Malhamdale Trail Challenge Half Marathon

Malhamdale Trail Challenge Half Marathon

Report from Richard Smith:

I took part in the Malhamdale Trail Challenge Half Marathon on Saturday, a new event for 2019 with approx 1650ft elevation. Mostly all runnable, the route covers Pikedaw, Malham Tarn, Gordale Scar and Janet’s Foss. Stunning scenery and perfect sunny conditions made for good running throughout.
A couple of navigational hiccups, firstly around mile 6 at Malham Tarn due to a flag being moved and secondly at mile 10 coming off a steep descent at Gordale Scar. At this point I’d just taken a couple of places into 4th (unquestionably the first time I’ve gained places on a descent whilst maintaining control of my legs). With two others behind me we followed an arrow pointing to the right heading towards Malham Cove. After a half mile or so of steep climbing it was clear we’d gone wrong so retraced our steps. When I got back to the arrow a Land Rover & two marshals had appeared and the sign was pointing to the left!  At this point I’d lost 9 places so just eased off and enjoyed the last section, gaining a couple of places on the way.
Back at the Parish Church we were greeted with friendly volunteers, Pie and Peas and a brilliant selection of home made cakes. All consumed by 11am. Other than the unfortunate mishaps a really well organised event surrounded by Gods own land.

Ed: Richard finished in 10th place, so can’t have eased off too much!

Final results:

Winner Julian Hood of Skipton AC in 1.34.31

Ladies winner Scout Adkin of Ambleside in 1.46.00

For Otley AC:

10th Richard Smith in 1.48.06

38th (5th Lady) Lizzie Irvine 1.58.20



One thought on “Malhamdale Trail Challenge Half Marathon

  1. Your good short report from Malham made me realize that out there are some nasty creatures that enjoy to ruin other people’s day , moving around the signs for the right way to go . Well done indeed to Richard S. for a great performance finishing in 1.48 a fantastic time to do , considering as well that Richard did almost an extra mile of climbing . Also Lizzie I. did an excellent half marathon crossing the finish line in 1.58 .

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