Sunday 12th May: Ripon 10

Sunday 12th May: Ripon 10

Report from Howard:

Back on familiar ground today if you ignore the fact I had forgotten how tough the Ripon 10 is. Conditions today again nigh on perfect, no wind to speak of, starting temperature around 12 degrees but the sun likely to create very warm conditions which it did but they had laid out extra drinks stations which was welcome.

The start is from a place called Hell Wath which is a few hundred yards of lumpy grass. You then turn a sharp right and go uphill along a tarmac road for a mile or so. Felt reasonably solid considering I have not run for a week and a half. Off to the right up Pergatory hill (kidding) and then up and up a stony track and across some fields with a nice descent, through some woods to the track along the stream side to Studley Royal entrance at mile 4. A bit of a slog up the straight tarmac road with the church in the distance at the top of the hill to aim for at mile 5. Beautiful surroundings if you are not suffering too much with a second drinks station at the top. Two cups this time as the sun was up and the heat was on. I could not remember if the route went left or right onto the road at the top and that is because it didn’t. Straight over the road and across a couple of cultivated fields along the access tracks round the edge. Mile 6 you hit the road again and a nice long downhill stretch to enjoy before it kicks up to mile 7. Mainly downhill to mile 9 and I have found second wind so am able to maintain the pace up a couple of inclines before approaching the finish on Hell Wath. Pretty similar time to last year so OK and slightly better placed in the age group so good but not great. The race was won by Reece Dalton of Richmond and Zetland in 1.00.18, first lady Kate Whitworth in 1.15.23. For Otley Ac Mark Hall 7th in 1.05.44, Howard Jeffrey 70th in 1.21.24, Chris Lee 171st in 1.34.38 and Sara Richard 230th in 1.43.55, 318 finished.

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  1. This is another race that for one reason or another , I never came round to do it , although I suppose is a bit similar to the handicap race that we do almost every year in Ripon . Mark H. crossed the finish line with a spectacular time of 1.05 considering that it is not a flat course , is a great performance . Our Howard J. did well in this 10 miler finishing in a robust 1.21. . Also Sara R. did this Ripon 10 doing a brilliant time finishing in 1.43 . Chris L. did a strong race finishing in 1.35 .

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