Sunday 23rd June: Northern Masters Champs

Sunday 23rd June: Northern Masters Champs

From Caroline Marler

Only W65 in the 100,200& 400 so 3 Gold Medals. Sprint times faster than first outing this season, 16.3 for 100m, 33.7 for 200m and a slow 79.9 for 400m (first one since last September, a ‘work in progress’).More Masters Athletes should go to these Champs, they are good fun.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 23rd June: Northern Masters Champs

  1. Well done Caroline, saw this after the event, is there a good ‘open’ meeting coming up locally?

  2. I agree with Graham L. well done indeed , Congratulations to Caroline M. for the 3 gold medals well deserved and it would have done little difference also if other V65 were in force there in this Northern Championships because you perform on the world stage .

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