Sunday 23rd June: Staveley Stampede 10K

Sunday 23rd June: Staveley Stampede 10K

Report from Howard:

In and amongst the duathlons and triathlons there is still time to do some old favourite 10k races and the Staveley Stampede is one of them. The route is a reasonably undulating multi-terrain course in a circular lap to the west of Staveley near Knaresborough. I had been hoping to ‘race myself fit’ because the training has been hampered by a sore knee (more later). I set off towards the back, with a view to making steady progress through the field. Out along the road out of Staveley the bunch had opened up to allow quite an easy acceleration up to race speed. That unfortunately did not take long as I struggled to get up to 8 minute mile pace. A sharp left turn and you go through some picturesque woods and fields which is a wildlife reserve. The ground was dry and the paths well beaten so the going was good. At the end of that the left turn onto a tarmac road takes you up to the 3 mile mark and the drinks station at 3.2 mile (they said). I felt it was getting really hot and the road rises steadily for a mile to another left turn onto a quieter road. I guess they had placed the drinks station on this one to avoid the traffic which had become noticeable. A cooling drink and I had picked up a lady drafter who was happy with the steady pace of still around 8 minutes per mile. There is a long drag uphill towards the 5 mile mark and she kept wanting to surge ahead so I drafted her for a while and we picked up the pace for the last two and a half miles or so. The route kicks up towards the church near the finish and then down to the tape. We got there in 48.00. For me 3 minutes slower than last year which was expected.

The race was won by Andrew Grant of Harrogate Harriers in 33.23. First lady Amanda Spencer of Valley Striders 38th in 44.03. Fellow Otley AC finishers were Emma Robinson 53rd in 46.57 I was 67th and Phil Robinson was 103rd in 52.14. 193 finished.

I have been doing everything known to man to sort out the knee for the last few months but it has been troubling me during races despite all that. I am disappointed because despite mild osteo arthritis which was identified years ago I have looked after my joints and always run pain free. One of the ways of looking after my joints was to take a basketful of supplements on a daily basis for the last 20 years. When I retired I cut down on the supplements and took them 2/3 days per week and then more recently hardly at all. In a DOH! moment I realised the pain coincided with the reduction/cessation of the supplements. Could it be that simple? I have been taking them again for a few days as in the past and what do you know, I was pretty well pain free at the Staveley Stampede. Hoping it just needs another week or two of building up whatever it is that works the magic and I can get back to a proper training regime.


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  1. I liked the report from Staveley , it is really interesting Howard J. and your 48 minutes for this multi-terrain 10k is really good considering as well that you had some knee issues for few weeks , I wish you a full recovery , ready for the summer races . Also Emma R. did a great race crossing the finish line in a fast 46.57 . Former President Phil R. did a brilliant performance finishing in 52.14.

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