Sunday 7th July – Kilburn 7

Sunday 7th July – Kilburn 7

Report from Phil Robinson:

The village fete was lively and cheerful in spite of the Forester’s Arms being closed by a recent fire; sandwiches for all runners after the race. Three mature gentlemen represented OAC at this afternoon run along the undulating roads around the villages of Kilburn, Coxwold, Byland Abbey and Oldstead. My garmin recorded 7.2 miles, even so the winning time was quicker than I expected.
Results: 1st Greg Jayasuriya (Middlesborough) 37.46
124 Phil Robinson 62.36; 131 Bob Baker 63.29; 187 Don Buffham 72.23;
257 finishers.

One thought on “Sunday 7th July – Kilburn 7

  1. This is another one that for one reason or another I never did . Former President Phil R. did a great 7 miles in a super time of 62.36 . My friend Don B. did a brilliant performance finishing in 72.20 . Also Bob B. did well .

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