Yorkshire Wolds half-marathon, July 20th 2019

Yorkshire Wolds half-marathon, July 20th 2019

Report From Rob Grant – Sorry for late publication Rob!

The results: Our own Scott Harrington won it in 1:16:11, almost six minutes clear of second place. I was 6th in 1:25:05. 198 finished. 

The course: Hilly, windy and wet at times. But very scenic. Also very rural – I think I spotted a total of three spectators! Thankfully two of them were on bikes and popped at several different vantage points. 

The prizes: Scott won a pressure washer (?) for his spoils. I got nothing – I was third MV45 but entered on the day, and so didn’t qualify for prizes. I didn’t even get a commemorative mug as they hadn’t made enough to go round. Apparently they are going to make some more and post one out to me (?), so all is not lost. 

The goody bag: There wasn’t one. Not even a handful of adverts for other races. 

The other bits: It was a small, friendly and reasonably well organised event based around the Bishop Wilton agricultural show, so parking etc was easy and you could (and I did) treat yourself to real ale, wooden trinkets and overpriced pork pies and pasties afterwards if you wanted to. 

The random coincidence: Scott was delighted with his prize. He’d have been even more delighted if he hadn’t bought himself the exact same pressure washer the week before! 

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  1. Congratulations to Scott H. for the victory in this Yorkshire Half , he crossed the finish line with the splendid time of 1.16 , a great time to do if considering that is a hilly course and it was windy and wet , well done Scott. Also Rob G. did a powerful 13 miles race finishing in a robust 1.25 and as well the report from Bishop Wilton is really good.

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