Sunday 4th August 2019 – York 10k

Sunday 4th August 2019 – York 10k

Report from Rob Grant

A bit like the Leeds 10k, the York equivalent has a nice, laid-back, all-inclusive feel to it. There’s something for everyone, and in this one the course is fun and twisty and a lot more scenic. I really enjoyed it. Much better than the Leeds 10k I have to say.
The appropriately named Graham Rush was the first home out of 5217 finishers in a time of 31:20. Representing OAC were me (31st place, 36:01 gun / 35:59 chip), Jenson Brogden (158th, 40:46 / 40:41) and Catherine Dobson (2528th, 1:06:53 / 1:00:31). Well done everyone, it was pretty hot out there.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 4th August 2019 – York 10k

  1. Thanks for the report Rob, and well done on a fantastic time! I really enjoyed the race and will definitely be back. It was my first run of any kind after 4 weeks rest due to injury – I’m using that and the heat as an excuse for my time! Great flat PB potential course and I’d recommend it to anyone.

  2. I agree with Catherine D. that Rob G. did a fantastic time crossing the finish line in a fast 36.01 . Also the junior Jenson B. did a solid 10k finishing in a brilliant 40.41 . Catherine D. as well did a splendid York Race finishing in a consistent 1.06 , a time that is not bad at all considering the injury that kept Catherine 4 weeks away from training .

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