Thursday 8th August – King’s Challenge

Thursday 8th August – King’s Challenge

Report from Andrew Robertshaw:

A very simple challenge from Wharfedale Harriers, a race up and down to the Trig point at the Addingham end of Ilkley moor and a nominated race in the OAC fellrunner of the year competition, 6 miles,  1100ft.

With 19 years of running to the moor and back from Silsden I’m very familar with the race route.  Starting outside the Kings Arms it goes through the park, up through several farm fields, past Swartha village and on to the steep climb to the Nab.  From there it’s another short climb to Wingate Nick and onto the moor proper, a flattish mile or so to the Trig.

When I saw the leaders on their return Ilkley Half winner Jack Cummings was leading, former Round Hill record holder Tim Stratton.  Tim winning out in the end by 5 seconds in a new course record of 41:45.   First lady was Wharfedale’s Ailish Graham 10th overall in 46:16.

The pros and cons of out and back routes are that you see how far ahead the leaders are.. but you do get & give plenty of support from & to your fellow competitors as you pass in the opposite direction.  I spent most of the race either leading or chasing the man whose has his own fell running verb, “Fishwicking”,  (to race mutiple times a week), losing out to Darren on the descent by 9 seconds.

The Old Guard turned out for Otley, with Antonio 77th 1:32:30, Phil Robinson 69th 1:08:52, Caron Ralph 68th 1:08:28, Sharron Smith 42nd & 4th Lady 1:00:50 & myself 15th 48:02, (provisional results).

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  1. I liked the short report by Andrew R. especially the section about ”Fishwicking”. Phil R. did a great fell race finishing in a solid 1.08 . Also Caron R. did a brilliant 6 miles in a robust 1.08 . Sharron S. did a fantastic King’s Challenge crossing the finish line in 60 minutes . The fell runner Andrew R. is back , he arrived at the bandstand in a fabulous 48.02 . For the first time ever I crossed the finish line together with the former President of FRA Graham B.

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