Sunday 11th August – Askern 10

Sunday 11th August – Askern 10

Report from Howard

I have done the Askern 10 a few times in the past and it is usually a testing race as much because of the weather in August as the undulating course. I entered it this year as it was the first race in my new age category. I figured the temperature was going to be unseasonably low but it turned out to be quite a hot sunny day. It had taken me the best part of a week to recover from last weeks fell race although I had ventured out for a parkrun yesterday to loosen up. I looked at the results for last year and to be on pace I would have had to do 73 minutes which I did not feel I was capable of today. I reckoned I was in 75/76 shape but I had forgotten how hard some of the hills were.
I set off at a comfortable pace as it was relatively flat for the first three miles. I slowly started to lose ground on a couple I thought to be in my age group from that point on and managed to slog out 78.18 which put me third in the category about 5 minutes off the pace. I came 145th out of 396 runners The ever-present Phil Robinson was also there for Otley 235th in 1.27.50 and first in his age group. The race was won by Aaron Larkin of Rotherham Harriers in 55.14, first lady was Sarah Lowery also of Rotherham Harriers in 1.00.00

P.S.My rival in the Leeds race series, Ken Fox, also tried to post a faster time than mine at Rothwell parkrun yesterday but was slower by 11 seconds (tee hee) so I’m still hanging onto pole position. I am pleased he is trying to make a race of it all.

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  1. The Askern 10 is another one that it used to be very popular with our members , I think Ian Fisher won it several times , myself did it a couple of times , I still got the t shirts . Former President Phil R. is a powerhouse , he did more than 6 hard miles of the King’s Challenge last Thursday , his 1.27 is a fantastic time to do for a 10 miler . Our Howard J. is coming back in full form , to do 78.18 at Askern is really good because it is an undulating and demanding course , and I think he is ready to challenge his rival Ken F. on a larger stage . I liked as well Howard report from Askern , it was amusing to read about Howard performances to beat his eternal rival Valley Striders’s Ken.

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