Sunday 1st September – Wetherby 10k

Sunday 1st September – Wetherby 10k

Report from Nicola Swann:

Last Sunday I did Wetherby 10k for the first time.  I had heard mixed things about it. Some people love the route others were not so sure about it.  At the end of the Summer holidays I wasn’t quite sure how it would go.

However, I did actually really enjoy it.  I enjoyed it as a road race that wasn’t really on roads. Most of it is on footpaths but tarmac paths and although it is undulating at points it certainly isn’t hilly!  It remained dry and it wasn’t too hot and overall it was a successful afternoon. The mug and the teabags were a winner at the end. Not sure about the random facecloth!


First male: Callum Elson – Roundhay Runners 00.32.20

First female: Sharon Barlow – Harrogate Harriers 00.36.53

My result: Nicola Swann: 432nd 00.53.51

Other Otley Runners: 110th Jenson Brogden: 00.42.24

Susan Green: 743rd  01.05.47

Natasha Whitaker: 768th 01.08.28

There were 865 runners in total.


One thought on “Sunday 1st September – Wetherby 10k

  1. The Wetherby 10k is another race that for a reason or another I have not done , as well because it has not been on long . Junior Jenson B. did an excellent 10k finishing in 42.24 and considering that it is undulating and not really a tarmac race Jenson did a strong time . Natasha W. did a solid race finishing in 1.08 , a time that is not bad at all . Also Nicola S. did a great Wetherby 10k crossing the finish line in a nice time of 53.51 , Nicola left behind 433 runners that were all eager to pass her .

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