Saturday 7th September – Leeds Golden Mile

Saturday 7th September – Leeds Golden Mile

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

Just call me Howard (Sergei Bubka) Jeffrey. I entered the Leeds Golden Mile as part of the Leeds race series to get some more points in the bag over my rival. I was in a heat where my estimated time was 6.30 and I had clocked 6.29.7 at the Otley Dream mile the day before yesterday. Snatched Phil’s V65 mile record and even before the dust has settled or the records updated I have lowered it to 6.25.1

3 thoughts on “Saturday 7th September – Leeds Golden Mile

  1. Congratulations to Howard J. for the new club record , he ran a fantastic Golden Mile in Leeds at the Beckett Track where our club used to go years ago to do our own golden mile , Howard crossed the finish line in a fabulous time of 6.25.1 .

  2. Maybe Howard , Beckett Track used to be quite popular , around 2005 the Otley club used to be a super power with loads of top runners led by Ian Fisher and the attendance of our members at the track was quite good that sometimes we had to do different groups with different starts . But now the Otley Club is a different one because the time has gone by .

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