Saturday 12th October – Thruscross Handicap

Saturday 12th October – Thruscross Handicap

There was lots of water around at the 10th race of the Eric Smith Handicap Trophy,  the dam is a spectacular sight when the water is flowing over the top, as it was today and the underfoot conditions weren’t much better on much of the race route.  On his 50th club handicap Matt Podd won his first in nearly 5 years, just 8 seconds ahead of Ian whose time of 32:33 was the fastest of the day and a new course record.  Despite Lee’s little adventure that added about a mile or so to his run he retains the lead at the top of the handicap table, but his advantage over Paul Clifford is now down to 4.5 points, David Cattanach returns to the bronze medal position.  See the latest full handicap table here.

November’s race will be a one off race for the handicapper’s 50th birthday, an uphill only ‘run‘ from Station Rd to the site of the Easter Cross at the top of the Chevin.  This will be on a club night, Tuesday 19th so you’ll need a torch of some sort.  The route replicates my first ‘fell‘ relay, where I was lucky enough to be part of the winning Burley Scouts team at the Scout Torch race,

Pos Name Time H’Cap Net Time Pts
1 Matt Podd 1:02:25 0:17:30 0:44:55 15
2 Ian Fisher 1:02:33 0:30:00 0:32:33 14
3 Bob Payne 1:03:31 0:02:30 1:01:01 13
4 Matt Chadwick 1:04:47 0:28:30 0:36:17 12
5 David Fox 1:06:22 0:13:30 0:52:52 11
6 Liam Dunne 1:06:43 0:28:30 0:38:13 10
7 Paul Clifford 1:07:57 0:23:30 0:44:27 9
8 David Cattanach 1:09:11 0:04:30 1:04:41 8
9 Lee Gumbrell 1:13:06 0:23:30 0:49:36 7
10 Antonio Cardinale 1:15:33 0:00:00 1:15:33 6

5 thoughts on “Saturday 12th October – Thruscross Handicap

  1. Thanks Andrew. Looking forward to a massive handicap next time!
    Mat Chadwick had a sh*t race, hope he managed to get cleaned up.

  2. Congratulations to former chief Matt P. for winning the race and crossing the finish line in the splendid time of 44.55 . It was good to have back with us Ian Fisher who finished the race in an excellent time of 32.53 , Congratulations to Ian for the new record , I saw Ian’s stride when he passed me , the powerful stride is still there . Well done all .

  3. Thanks Andrew and Matt P for the considerate comment- my slide through the cow s**t seemed to spur me on though I couldn’t catch Ian who had already left the Thruscross car park before I crossed the line…

  4. The next handicap 19th November, checked the lunar cycle, it’s a gibbous moon which means no light on the night. Why have a handicap at night, recipe for injuries!!!
    Much prefer the daylight challenges and we can see the opposition in front or behind us.

  5. Because it’s my 50th David, up hill only with a torch everyone will be walking most of it! you’ll all be fine.

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