Even Splits 5k 23rd Oct

Even Splits 5k 23rd Oct

Report from Tony Walker

The first time I have done one of these this year and what a pleasure to mix it with some of the juniors. These are the perfect races to bridge the gap between juniors and seniors. They run with real gusto and its great to see. Even at my age its inspiring even at the late start time of 8pm!!

It was the usual mad start and hang on for 3 laps of the Brownlee cycle circuit with the clock at the finish telling you how fast (or slow) you were going so no hiding place. I was behind Aston, Charlotte and Brett on lap 1 and managed to get by on the 2nd lap but they all hung in their really well so fast times all round.

A great low key but intense mid week effort. Brilliant efforts by the juniors, Aston, Charlotte and Ned!

Position Name Age Grade Category Category Position Net Time Gun Time
44 Tony Walker 78.50% MV55 2/6 00:19:47 00:19:50
49 Brent Carr 72.70% MV45 5/16 00:20:06 00:20:08
52 Aston Brogden 71.10% MJUN 5/8 00:20:16 00:20:17
53 Charlotte Chambers 83.30% FJUN 2/2 00:20:17 00:20:18
68 Ned Gallagher-Thompson 70.40% MJUN 7/8 00:21:11 00:21:12
69 Graeme Cowling 62.50% MV35 8/11 00:21:10 00:21:13


One thought on “Even Splits 5k 23rd Oct

  1. Another fantastic night for the juniors at the Brownlee cycle circuit , first to cross the finish line was Aston B. in a fast 20.16 , Charlotte C. did a powerful 5k finishing in 20.17, also Ned G.T. did well on the night finishing in a solid 21.11 . Tony W. is in great form , he went to finish in a really good 19.47 . Brent C. did well too in a robust 20.06 . Graeme C. did a strong performance finishing in 21.10 .

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