Tuesday 19th November – Birthday Chevin Handicap Torch Race

Tuesday 19th November – Birthday Chevin Handicap Torch Race

As my birthday coincides with a club night, November’s Eric Smith Handicap is an uphill only race from the Junction of Myers Croft and Station Rd to the site of the Easter Cross on Surprise View.  I’ll aim to set the first runner off at 7:30pm.

Note: this is also a nominated race in the Fell Runner of the Year competition

Post race celebration at the Royalty,  I’d suggest car sharing with the driver jogging/walking down to the start from the car park.

The route choice from Station Road to Surprise View is up to yourself, there won’t be any route markings,  here’s a map of the most direct route choice straight up the steps here.

A little bit of race etiquette: 

  • Watch out for the road crossing on Birdcage and stop if warned of traffic by the marshals.
  • On narrow sections where overtaking is difficult, please give way to anyone behind you who wants to pass.
  • If you want to overtake on a narrow section please shout “on the right” or ” on the left” and then pass on that side.

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