Sunday 17th November – Tadcaster 10

Sunday 17th November – Tadcaster 10

Report from Howard Jeffrey

On Saturday I tried to get a better time at the Temple Newsam parkrun for the Leeds race series. It was a heroic failure by 30 seconds. I neither gained nor lost ground but it was not the best prep for the Tadcaster 10 today. A revised start made for an improved route and I settled in behind a couple who I have been racing with and against for the last 25 years. They set a steady pace right up to the last mile when they had a kick but I did not. I managed 76.58 and came in 184th out of 604 finishers for whom race conditions were perfect. Prizes for 10 year age bands so only cudos for being 1st MV65.

The race was won by Jonathon Wills of Roundhay runners in 53.29, 1st lady in 9th place, Caroline Lambert of Ribble Valley Harriers. Other Otley participants: James Dobson, 268th in 1.22.21 and Catherine Dobson, 414th in 1.32.05.

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  1. This is another one that used to be very popular with our members , myself I did it in the 2001 and 2002 than for some reason it stopped for 15 years . Howard J. What a competitor he is ! Howard crossed the finish line in a splendid 78.58 …not bad at all for a 65 years old runner and as well he left behind the two rivals that he raced against for the last 25 years . Also Catherine D. did a brilliant 10 miler in a solid 1.33 and James D. also did a brilliant Tadcaster 10 in 1.22 .

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