Doncaster 10k Sunday 24th November

Doncaster 10k Sunday 24th November

Report from Howard ‘Shakespeare’ Jeffrey!

Another weekend, another race. This time at Doncaster from the racecourse, through the town on closed roads to a finish back on the racecourse. The conditions were pretty good for running being cool, no breeze although a bit grey and overcast. Today my target was to get as close to 45 minutes as possible. Not much point in racing for prizes as the category was 50+ which is probably about a third of the field. I lined up in front of the 45 minute pacer and it took about 12 seconds to get to the start mat. I soon caught up with the pair I had followed round at the Tadcaster 10 last week and they too were aiming for 45 minutes. It was quite congested for the first 2K or so as there were 2526 finishers. I can’t understand why some people overtake and then immediately pull in front with a complete disregard for the fact that you have not completely disappeared off the face of the earth. One guy did it today and I ‘politely’ brushed him sideways. No need to shove he said but I beg to differ because unless I stop we both end up on the deck. Anyway we didn’t ( because I ‘shoved’ him) so gripe over. The course is slightly undulating and there are a few twists and turns through the town centre but it is all very pleasant. Nice steady pace set but again I feel like I am working harder than I should be. 5K arrived at in 22.53 so slightly off pace. My pacers recognise this and increase speed slightly. No zip to respond again and it is a slog up the dual carriageway away from the racecourse up hill, where the 45 pacer overtakes, to a turn round point. A welcome bit of downhill to 8k then dig deep to hang on the finish in 45.53 gun time so pretty even pacing all the way. 2nd V65 by 4 seconds although chip time probably edged it by 1 or 2 seconds so pleased to be competitive when it did not feel comfortable. No clubs named in the results so I don’t know if any one else from Otley was there. Nick Martin won in 31.27 and first lady was Jenny Blizard in 36.10 in 44th place

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  1. It happened several times to me as well when I was younger , that some people will pass you then immediatly will pull in front of you and maybe doing it on porpose to make you lose the pace and slow down , not a very sportive thing to do . To cross the line in 45.53 is a strong time to achieve , it is not bad at all for a 10k especially that now you are vet65 , easy tiger ”Shakespeare”. Well done to the extraordinary Howard J. for being such a competitor .

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