Saturday 30th November – Parkruns Results & Howards’s report from Wetherby

Saturday 30th November – Parkruns Results & Howards’s report from Wetherby

Wetherby Park Run report from Howard:

I don’t normally report when I have done a parkrun because they are not really (supposed to be) races are they? Unless of course they are in the Leeds race series. My rival for the age group category (which I won last year and he, Ken Fox, won the group below but moved up this year) has kept up the challenge throughout the season and although I have had a slender lead for a while Saturday’s parkrun was my chance to clinch victory. His aim was to beat my time from earlier in the year to keep his hopes alive. My challenge was to beat him on the day which would make overtaking me mathematically impossible.

Wetherby is my local parkrun so I am familiar with the route and terrain which can be really difficult especially after heavy rain. The ground was frozen solid and quite lumpy. It was Ken’s first run at this course so he was a little surprised and disappointed to see me at the start I think (I have won all the head to heads so far which in the case of a tie break is the deciding criteria). The route is three laps and I always start off really steady and wind it up progressively. At the start Ken shot off alarmingly quickly, he had laid down the gauntlet to win. He had pulled away by 100 metres in the first 500. I kept to my usual pace secure in the knowledge he had set off too fast and would pay for that later (I hoped). Towards the end of the first lap he looked back to see where I was and by then I was still about 100m adrift. He was at maximum pace and I had nicely warmed up. As the second lap progressed I steadily closed the gap and by the end of that lap I had closed up the gap and was right behind. Surge past or tuck in? In the only other (non race series) parkrun at Woodhouse, Ken had out-kicked me at the finish but I was coming back from an injury at that one so was pretty confident today. He kept looking at his watch to make sure the time was going to be faster than the one I had posted earlier so I knew he still thought he was going to win this one as well. He kept surging to try and shake me loose but each time I was able to dig a bit deeper and kept close order. With about 100m to go I printed for the line and Ken could only watch my heels and I was 7 seconds in front, so I can clear a space on the trophy shelf. I am in the next age group next year (although by age am already there) and the winner of that group for the last two years was just ahead today. I wasn’t racing him though

Pos Gender Pos parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Martin Fillingham Saltaire Striders 17:52
23 1 Jennifer Tutton Saltaire Striders 21:59
105 15 Nicola Swann Otley AC 27:52
1 1 Adam Stirk Wharfedale Harriers 18:13
7 1 Rachel Pilling Pudsey & Bramley AC 21:05
175 60 Sue Green Otley AC 32:26
Fountains Abbey
1 1 Ben Holmes Harrogate Harriers & AC 17:14
23 1 Rowena Leary Norfolk Gazelles AC 19:43
70 61 Matt Podd Otley AC 23:06
109 16 Mary Hampshire Otley AC 24:52
118 100 Andy Sumner Otley AC 25:07
1 1 Patrick Craig Harrogate Tri Club 18:27
19 1 Amelie Aylesbury Unattached 21:46
48 43 James Dobson Otley AC 23:44
118 18 Catherine Dobson Otley AC 27:29
1 1 Paul Whittaker Southend-on-Sea AC 16:02
11 1 Lucy Golding Thurrock Harriers AC 21:37
45 11 Joanna Hobson Otley AC 27:42
1 1 Andrew Stemp West Anglian Orienteering Club 17:56
12 1 Susan Lewis Roundhay Runners 19:45
139 117 Jarod Merridew Otley AC 25:02
1 1 Daniel Linstrum Wetherby Runners 19:04
12 1 Joanna Ockenden Unattached 22:04
18 15 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 23:41
Wimpole Estate
1 1 Ben Veitch Cambridge Triathlon Club 19:14
8 1 Lisa Compton Unattached 20:15
29 25 Paul Tranter Otley AC 22:23
164 50 Pamela Tranter Otley AC 29:49
Woodhouse Moor
1 1 Sam Robins Chapel Allerton Runners 17:19
24 1 Anna Stocks Hyde Park Harriers 20:12
84 71 Robin Outtersides Otley AC 22:42
374 141 Victoria Gilder Otley AC 33:01

One thought on “Saturday 30th November – Parkruns Results & Howards’s report from Wetherby

  1. Howard battles with his old rival Ken fox made me chuckle , the report from Wetherby it gives a very good idea on how very competitive Howard is , he crossed the finish line in front of the rival Ken by 7 seconds with the solid time of 23.41 . Ex boss Matt P. was flying finishing in Fountains Abbey a fast 23.06 ..I wish! In the beautiful Keswick Joanna H. did a 5k in a robust time of 27.42 . Mary H. did well too finishing in a brilliant 24.52 . It is good to see back in the results Andy S. doing a good race finishing in a strong time of 25.02 . Well done all .

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