Sunday 22nd December – 31st Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

Sunday 22nd December – 31st Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

The final race of the 2019 Eric Smith Handicap Trophy,  will Paul Clifford manage to overhaul Lee Gumbrell’s 16.5 lead and who will make the final podium places.

Meet at the Yorkshire Water car park between Fewston & Swinsty 10:45.  First off at 11:00am.

Beer, Chocolates prizes in the Sun Inn after.  Route map here.

Who is Ken Dixon I hear you ask…, Ken devised the route for our first Christmas handicap in 1989 and emigrated to Zimbabwe a few years later.

A few race stats. from the 30 editions

Records: 26:12 Ian Fisher 2007 , Joan Cubbon 33:59 1994.

Race Winners:

1989 Bill Stevenson 1999 Andrew Willis 2010 Carol Armitstead
1990 Phil Dean 2000 Lynne Newsome 2010 Tom Midgley
1991 Phil Dean 2001 Jennie McKenzie 2011 David Fox
1992 Richard Barker 2002 Bridget Barr 2012 Carol Armitstead
1993 John Straiton 2003 Terry Flynn 2013 Kath Robertshaw
1994 Janice Robinson 2004 James Cullen 2014 Matt Podd
1995 Nick Hodgkinson 2005 Antonio Cardinale 2015 Claire Hastings
1996 Ian Fisher 2006 Michael Pickard 2016 Colin Best
1997 Kath Robertshaw 2007 Emma Payne 2017 Don Buffham
1998 Colin Best 2008 Huw Illingworth 2018 Antonio Cardinale

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