Thursday 26th December – Chevin Chase

Thursday 26th December – Chevin Chase

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

When I used to race this hard (and you could get in without sitting at the computer as entries opened) I did not enjoy it at all. One year when recovering from a virus I had to take it steady and guess what. it was great, The sun shone and the crowds were out  and it seemed like everyone knew I was called Howard or thought I was called Otley and the atmosphere was great. Today was the last scheduled race in the Leeds race series and thankfully all I needed to do was get round in one piece. Around about the hour was a kind of loose target depending on conditions underfoot and again little point in aiming for an age group win as the category was 60+. I have done this race many times and was idly contemplating how many of the people I raced against 32 years ago would be here to lock horns again today. I know there was at least one because the announcer said there was one but he had been given an hours start because he was 75 (wonder if he got the 60+ prize tee hee). The hooter went and the promised rain had held off so conditions were pleasant and cool but not for all the guys and gals in fancy dress which is a bit of a tradition. I know at least two Tigers (very Christmassy) a present and a snowman were in front of me plus many Santas including the real one and all his elf helpers plus a few imposters. The first mile or so is uphill on tarmac and it is wise to station yourself as near the front as befits your fitness as possible as there is a hard left onto a narrow stone pathway which slows down the field of followers. I spotted an ag rival (David) going up the hill and kept apace with him as he slogs out a steady rhythm in all the races he does and I can usually keep my nose in front. The first descent is down a stony slippery gully and it pays to watch your footing. At the bottom the route goes up through the woods and deep black mud and there is plenty of support for the local club. There is room enough for those faster runners caught at the early pinch point to pull through including Christian Hosker, who I haven’t seen for a couple of years. Another hard descent down another treacherous stone slip gully thingy and I have overtaken David and am alternating positions with a female elf for the next few miles. The route is as tough as I remember it and the undulating path through the lower Chevin woods is a pleasant mudfest. Onto the tarmac again for a short sharp climb towards a car park and water station I am surprised, nay dismayed to be overtaken by a plastic cucumber! The route follows another undulating path in the woods with a great view of Otley in the valley below and after about a mile of this a hard left up another steep slope. I opt for a power walk up the hill which is almost as fast as those who continue to run except my elf companion who pulls away. A sharp tight right brings you out onto the top of the Chevin over a tidy Yorkstone path and the crowds are thick, up close and personal and many of them recognisable. It’s all very good will to all menny and everyone seems to be enjoying the day. Sara Elliot passes me as we turn off the path back onto a track that has been made up in the last few years from the previous combination of very boggy field and rutted track. I have reached terminal velocity and Sara pulls away in pursuit of Christian who has remained tantalisingly close in front for most of the race. I thought I might have the energy to catch them on the mile or so of downhill to the finish at the school although the worst part of the course was to negotiate. An absolute quagmire of unctuous slimy deep mud where people lost their shoes and footing sapped what little reserves I had left towards the last of the tarmac so despite being able to increase speed slightly they were racing each other so moved away and they pretty well dead heated at the finish on gun time Sara passing Christian on the line but Christian getting the nod based on chip which does not usually take precedence over gun time but in this race it does. I did overhaul the cucumber on the run in however which was deeply satisfying. The race was won by Jack Wood of Ilkley Harriers in 38.53, first lady in 47th place Hannah Brown of Sale Harriers in 46.17. I came in 401st place in what would have been an ag first (with David 30 odd seconds behind) in 59.47 so pleased to be under the hour. There were 1141 finishers and more Otley AC competitors at 38 than I have seen in all the other races I have done all year put together and they can be found in

Not the last race of the year though and the Jolly Holly Jog at Ripon is on Sunday so come on Sara I want my revenge.   (Ed.  Note Liz is missing from the results, photos courtesy of Steve Davey, Chris Patinios & Caron Ralph)

 Pos  Name  Club  Category  Cat Pos  Finish Time  Chip Time
1  Jack Wood  Ilkley Harriers  Open  1/149 38:55 38:53
47  Hannah Brown  Sale Harriers Manchester  Open  1/129 46:22 46:17
31  Richard Smith  Otley AC  Open  19/149 44:55 44:54
48  Rob Grant  Otley AC  Vet 45  4/141 46:45 46:44
61  Ross Mccall  Otley AC  Open  29/149 47:31 47:27
65  Toby Fisher  Otley AC  Vet 40  13/116 47:50 47:43
87  Graham Lake  Otley AC  Vet 40  21/116 48:54 48:51
98  Rogan Ashton  Otley AC  Vet 45  13/141 49:29 49:26
119  Victoria Stainburn  Otley AC  Vet 35  2/68 50:26 50:15
127  Tom Dyson  Otley AC  Open  49/149 50:49 50:28
206  Brent Carr  Otley AC  Vet 45  29/141 53:36 53:25
230  David Mullen  Otley AC  Vet 55  9/68 54:29 54:23
241  Stephen Boddy  Otley AC  Vet 35  31/89 54:45 54:37
279  Chris Stacey  Otley AC  Vet 50  24/89 56:33 56:18
281  Rachael Wright  Otley AC  Open  19/129 56:36 56:22
293  Laura Martin  Otley AC  Vet 50  2/37 56:56 56:40
312  Graeme Cowling  Otley AC  Vet 35  41/89 57:19 57:00
333  Matt Clegg  Otley AC  Vet 35  43/89 57:48 57:37
390  Christian Hosker  Otley AC  Vet 40  55/116 59:21 59:03
391  Sara Elliott  Otley AC  Vet 45  6/74 59:21 59:05
401  Howard Jeffrey  Otley AC  Vet 60+  11/55 59:55 59:47
420  Andrew Webster  Otley AC  Vet 45  67/141 1:00:29 1:00:11
526  Andrew Johnson  Otley AC  Vet 50  56/89 1:03:22 1:03:10
539  Richard Newell  Otley AC  Vet 45  93/141 1:03:32 1:02:58
571  Thomas Pomfrett  Otley AC  Vet 35  68/89 1:04:46 1:04:28
670  Nicola Lee  Otley AC  Vet 40  29/80 1:07:22 1:06:33
705  Richard Hamer Otley AC  Vet 50  70/89 1:08:19 1:07:47
777  Martin Gaskin  Otley AC  Vet 60+  36/55 1:10:52 1:10:09
790  Phil Robinson  Otley AC  Vet 60+  38/55 1:11:13 1:10:24
850  Sara Richard  Otley AC  Vet 50  23/37 1:13:24 1:12:52
871  Heather Williams  Otley AC  Vet 35  42/68 1:14:33 1:14:04
884  Nicola Swann  Otley AC  Vet 45  42/74 1:15:01 1:14:29
909  Megan Mccall  Otley AC  Open  136/149 1:16:04 1:15:56
928  Vicki Drake  Otley AC  Vet 35  48/68 1:16:52 1:15:58
929  Gilly Wight  Otley AC  Vet 35  49/68 1:16:52 1:15:58
941  Abigail Cunningham  Otley AC  Vet 40  56/80 1:17:09 1:16:24
1037  Madeleine Delucchi  Otley AC  Vet 60+  12/21 1:22:11 1:21:37
1051  James Grundy  Otley AC  Vet 50  86/89 1:23:15 1:22:40
1056  Debra Brown  Otley AC  Vet 45  61/74 1:23:35 1:23:00
1060  Sarah Fitzgerald  Otley AC  Open  116/129 1:24:01 1:22:49
1068  Bob Payne  Otley AC  Vet 60+  49/55 1:24:48 1:24:16
1083  Tom Hannah  Otley AC  Vet 60+  50/55 1:26:38 1:26:04

3 thoughts on “Thursday 26th December – Chevin Chase

  1. Great race as ever, and an even better report. Thanks for putting the time and effort in Howard, it is really appreciated. So nice to be able to re-live the best race of the year through someone else’s eyes. Many thanks and well done yourself.

  2. Thanks, what a fantastic race report, Howard and great to see you. As Rob said, so good to re-live it and I honestly hadn’t realised quite how close Chris and I had been in that last mile (I never look behind!?)
    I’ll await the JHJ report 😉

  3. I agree with Sara E. and Rob G. that Howard J. did a fantastic race report and a great performance as well finishing in a solid 59.47 beating a few rivals in the meantime . The Chevin Chase in the past was dominated by our club , Neal C. won in 2004 in around 40 minutes and our Ian Fisher won the race several times around 38 minutes and with others like Julian M. and Andrew R. at the very top . Nicola S. did a splendid 7 miles finishing in a robust 1.15 . Sara E. did a super race finishing in a fast 59.05. Victoria S. was flying on the Chevin , she crossed the finish line in a superb 50.15 . Also Richard S. was good on the day finishing in a powerful 44 minutes . Well done to everyone .

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