Sunday 12th January – Stanbury Splash

Sunday 12th January – Stanbury Splash

Report from Sharron Smith:

The first of the Otley A.C. Fell race’s The Stanbury Splash, definitely lived up to its name!

After the mass start down in the quarry of Penistone Hill, just above Haworth, the magnificent rainbow warned of a mixed weather front! Needless to say so did the terrain of saturated slopes, into fast flowing streams of which the race crosses three times…

So a real test of mixed terrain, no great climbing  but no time to look around as this route requires good nimble footing!

The ladies manage a team of three Caron, Sharron and Megan. Not to forget Antonio who was ‘well wrapped’ for the bleak weather the race had to offer! Good to be back…

Everyone had a ‘safe’ run round, no course records this year..

We ask our selves ‘Will it ever dry up’ in the world of fell running, always be prepared for wet & muddy feet!

Hope to see more ‘black & whites’ at the next fell counter…

Results: 1st Tom Adams, Ilkley H. 45:29, 1st Female, Ailish Graham , Wharfedale H. 53:58

And for Otley: 108th David Mullen 1:07:26, 163rd Sharron Smith 1:16:01, 2nd claimer, Tanya Shepherd 195th 1:20:39, 201st Caron Ralph 1:21:08, 226th Megan McCall 1:31:40, 252nd Antonio Cardinale 2:12:02.

Full Results and video evidence of lots of splashing here, photo’s courtesy of Woodentops, lots more here, here, here, here, & here

5 thoughts on “Sunday 12th January – Stanbury Splash

  1. It is a short but a great report by Sharron S. from Stanbury that gives a good idea on how rough the going was with all the cold wind and mud around you and as well little streams that were like raging rivers , not ideal for me being a former road runner . David M. did a super hill race finishing in a fast 1.07 . 2nd claimer Tanya S. crossed the finish line in a solid 1.20 . Megan M. did a superb fell race finishing in a robust 1.31. Sharron S. is a proper fell runner , she did a fantastic performance finishing in 1.16 . Also Caron R. did a powerful run finishing in a fabulous 1.21 .

  2. Your outfit Antonio reminds me of the times I trained in ski suits for my GB marathons acclimatization which worked wonders as it helped me beat everyone except African and other subcontinent runners.

  3. Hello Ian , my outfit will not help me to beat anyone except maybe some decrepit pensioner on his last legs at the next Northern Championships . It is good to remember how strong you were in the district for almost two decades , and so far looking around I have not seen anyone getting near you .

  4. It must have been a cold day Antonio? It works for you which is all that matters.
    I think I did okay I guess Antonio haha.
    Running for underdog club like Otley with some great people helped. I felt more at home there. A feeling I never felt since with Bingley Harriers.
    My race win mementos are just bin bags of Yorkshire champion medals, elite stuff and GB kit in storage somewhere. I forget how many hundreds of open races I won over that period?
    I regret not taking it higher more internationally than I did. I feel I didn’t reach my full racing potential. I was very uncomfortable being in the elite arena and being center of attention when I did well. It’s still something I will always suffer with, hence my drifting in and out of Otley AC over the last ten years, and now possibly Bingley Harriers?
    I’ve suffered a loss which has completely turned my world upside down for good too.
    We’ll have to see how the future unfolds now. At least I’ve got the Otley AC training weekend to look forward to.

  5. Indeed you did more than ok Ian , winning every kind of races and sometimes several times over , at the moment there no one to replace you in any clubs in this district with that winning strike . Sorry to hear about your loss and it will be really good for the future to have you running with us . Well done to Ian Fisher for his running and thank you to for giving so much to the sport .

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