Saturday 7th March – Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round

Saturday 7th March – Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round

Report from Matt Podd

BM, 10.4 Miles, 1936ft Ascent.
Whilst others were running the club handicap, or the Panther’s ultra I was tempted to do this jaunt around Pendle Hill. Driven there by Mr Tate with his daughter accompanied us. At Race HQ we met the legendary Italian fell runner Mr Cardinale. I’ve not done this race before, and there had been some changes to the route due to erosion. We had a lovely day, dry (though not underfoot) and clear – even some sun and still patches of snow.
It shares the same brutal start as the ToP, up the tarmac and on to the trig point and so to the first checkpoint by the wall. From here there was a choice of routes to the next checkpoint. Some went back to the trigpoint and down the slabs, others cut the corner across the boggy moor land. I was following a woman from the local club; Clayton Le Moor who went across the bog and I followed relying on her local knowledge. However, there was nothing in it as Dave, who had been back to the trigpoint was just as far in front as on the climb.
Back down Ogden Clough to pick up the ToP route for a bit until we branched off for a circuit of the south side of the hill. This led to a climb up and over to descend back to the reservoirs. I had been following Dave all the way round but overtook him as he wallowed in a deep bog. Glory run down the tarmac to the finish in Barley.
A very enjoyable, friendly race, and we were rewarded with a bottle of the finest recovery drink. Met Odette Smillie and was beaten by Martin – used to be members of our illustrious club.
1st Robin Howe, Wharfedale. 1.05.48
10th Vic Wilkinson, Bingley. 1.11.09
205th Matt Podd, Otley. 1.51.13
232nd Antonio Cardinale, Otley. 3.02.24

2 thoughts on “Saturday 7th March – Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round

  1. A brilliant 10 mile moor race performed by ex boss Matt P , he crossed the finish line in a fantastic a hour and 51 minutes , a time that is not bad a at all , just a great time to do . Instead myself I did as well a poor decision to cross the boggy moor land , and being an ex road runner I just could not cope without a footpath to follow , not even a tiny trog , only bogs left right and middle .

  2. That sounds s great run Matt! Even if you were playing cat and mouse with Dave! Great running all!

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