Sunday 8th March – Knighton 20

Sunday 8th March – Knighton 20

Report from Phil Robinson

No, I’ve never heard of it either. But since Spen and Trimple coincide with our training weekend and I’ll be overseas on the East Hull 20 date this was the nearest 20 miler I could find. It’s a three-lapper in the Cheshire countryside with a few hills. No other Otley runners but a decent field of about 350 including relay teams doing one lap each.
The fastest time for 20 miles this year in my age group is about 3 hours 11; my target was 3 hours – one hour per lap at 9 minute mile pace. There were pacers for 8, 9, 10, and 11 minute mile speed so I set off with the 9 minute guy but soon felt I could go faster and left him. After one lap I was 2 minutes ahead and feeling good but then gradually slowed. Two laps in under two hours, still ahead of the 9-minute pacer but then the rot set in and I shuffled round ever more slowly. The 9 minute pacer passed me after 15 miles and I really struggled to finish in 3.17 – not far ahead of the 10-minute pacer. So, adequate but disappointing; second quickest this year in my age group but should have done better.
Results: 1 – Danny Soltys (Stone) 1.56.15; 2 – Oliver Harridence (Sutton Coldfield) 1.59.19; 219 – Phil Robinson (Otley) 3.17.23.
Interestingly, as with last year’s Spen 20 only two runners finished under two hours, so maybe this one is about equivalent to Spen.

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  1. I wish ! You are older than me and you still go as a rocket Phil , I think that you are a strong person that you still can so fast although the years go by , loads of people at our age are living in a nursing home , never mind running at 9 minute mile pace for 20 mile . It is an awesome performance to run 20 mile in 3.17 , you will deserve to climb on a podium at the track and field nationals championships and get a silver medal . Well done Phil R.

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