Friday 13 to Monday 16 March – Pooley Bridge training weekend

Friday 13 to Monday 16 March – Pooley Bridge training weekend

Report from Richard Hamer.

“Was everything okay?”

“No, it was horrible.”

Wearing my journalist’s trilby, you never start a report with a quote; but we’re living in exceptional times and a certain unnamed someone was evidently not happy with their evening meal on the opening night of this year’s training weekend to Pooley Bridge, in the northern Lake District. For those in the dining room of the village’s Sun Inn, it provided a little light relief from the coronavirus that had forced several people to stay at home.

For those that made it, along with 12 of our friends from Wetherby Runners, the weekend was a squelchy one – mud, mud and more mud which started with the traditional Friday lunchtime run; this year from Tirril and through parts of the Lowther estate – eight and three-quarter miles thanks to a short cut that had to be cut short because of a gamekeeper, and you don’t argue with “Mellors”, especially if you’re trespassing. Oops.

Among the runs on the Saturday, groups tackled Riggindale Crag and High Street from Mardale Head, Martindale Common and Dalemain house. The tops were claggy, snowy and windy but everyone survived before leisurely trips to Keswick for shopping and Penrith for drinking rehydrating.

Saturday evening was the traditional quiz but unfortunately the bar at Park Foot Holiday Park, where most of us were staying, was under siege from members of the Hymer motorhome owners’ club so quizmaster Dominic was forced to raise his voice above the noise. A few hours before that though, rumours had started circulating that it was Rogan’s 50th birthday, so after a speedy visit to a local shop a cake and card were secured and happy birthday was sung as part of one of the questions.

On the Sunday morning most people took the bus for either a low-level run back to Pooley from Patterdale, or to see the waterfalls at Aira Force before heading up the 481 metre high Gowbarrow followed by an undulating route back home.

Most people returned home on Sunday evening so there was only a handful who took part in the Monday walk which was a circuit around Barbon, a few miles north of Kirkby Lonsdale.

Another great weekend despite the threat of coronavirus, although one or two did seem to end up suffering from wine flu.

3 thoughts on “Friday 13 to Monday 16 March – Pooley Bridge training weekend

  1. I hope that Rogan had a good day for his 50th birthday , congratulations to Rogan . Looking at the pic the landscape is amazing and as well the runners look happy enough to be there . It a shame for the underfoot conditions of the footpaths were a quagmire , it made the walk/run not so pleasant , no joy at all .

  2. We were lucky. Thanks for allowing this outsider along. It was nice meeting those who I know again.
    I was ready to do some sociable pack runs had there not been no low cloud over the weekend to spoil the views and get a worthwhile run.
    I did 20 miles of solo running and over 90 miles of solo cycling, which was far easier for me to do than the 12 miler group that took 5 hours in those conditions to do their run.
    Thanks to Tom Hannah, Richard Hamer etc for organising.
    Nice big cottage apart from dolls house size bowls (two bowls of cereal). The drinking glass kitchen cabinet that clouted the steel celling light like a dinner gong when opened. The warped garden door that was difficult to shut. The high pressure shower which had no pressure.
    And the industrial size central heating system that I couldn’t find, until I discovered it was actually behind a hidden door in my bedroom.

  3. I agree with Ian Fisher to thank former President Tom H. and Richard H. for organizing the classic training weekend . It is a pity for the weather conditions that made the running hard going .

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