3rd June 2020 – Virtual Chevin Fell Race

3rd June 2020 – Virtual Chevin Fell Race

Thanks to everyone who got involved in the Virtual Chevin Fell Race to raise money for British Heart Foundation in memory of Tim Agar, we’ve raised an amazing £730! Thanks to everyone who ran and donated.

I know a number of you have been asking about times, so see below for Otley runners, and link for everyone (with a hint at how accurate the results are, but its all for fun, so don’t shoot me!)

Virtual Chevin Fellrace Results

Hopefully we can do something else similar soon

Ross McCall 20.01
Jenson Brogden 20.04
Oliver Richards 21.26
Graham Lake 22.45
Andrew Robertshaw 23.04
Aston Brogden 23.39
Tom Dyson 24.13
Tom Lynch 24.48
Tom Pomfrett 24.58
Matt Clegg 25.37
Renee Saxton 25.38
Paul Tranter 26.35
Lee Gumbrell 26.39
James Rawstron 27.36
Verity Glover 30.03
Colin Best 31.19
Deb Bassett 32.09
David Mullen 32.48
Caron Ralph 37.32
Madeleine Delucchi 37.41
Josie Smith 38.43
Nicola Swann 40.18
Sara Elliott 41.07
Billy Raynor 41.11
Hannah Lupton 46.21
Laura Taylor 46.21
Steve Robinson Not sure on time
Sharron Smith Not sure on time
Caroline Marler Not sure on time
Tony Walker Not sure on time

2 thoughts on “3rd June 2020 – Virtual Chevin Fell Race

  1. It is a shame that for some reason I missed this Virtual Chevin Fell race in memory of the poor Tim Agar at almost one year that he has passed away . At his funeral inside the Catholic church in Otley it was really sad for his young age and his sport life with Skyrac was cut short indeed , Tim did not deserved to die because he had so much to give to the sport for years to come . I have never seen a church so full of youngsters from the running clubs and from runners from all over the district , there was no room for everybody inside and loads of people had to stay out , Tim was very a popular coach in the running circuit , we will never forget him . Also at the funeral I met Peter Shields that sadly died few weeks ago and we could not pay the respect to Peter properly because of the lock down . Tim and Peter both Rest In Peace .

  2. Fantastic performance of the two junior Jenson B. and his younger brother Aston , Jenson crossed the finish line in a very fast 20.04 and considering on how tough is the fell race is a brilliant time to do , also Aston did well finishing in a strong 23.39 . Nicola S. did a super fell race finishing in 40.18 . Well done to Ross M. for the fastest time of the day 20.01 . Fell runner Andrew R. did a powerful 4 miles finishing in 23.04 . Hannah L. had a good day on the Chevin finishing in a robust 46.21 . Caron R. is still in good shape and she went to the finish in a splendid 37.32 . Well done all .

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