17th December – 3rd January – The 32nd Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

17th December – 3rd January – The 32nd Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

First devised in 1989 by Ken Dixon as a 2 loop route round Timble and Swinsty reservoir.  This year as Swinsty dam is out of action an extra loop has been added round Fewston village.

This is also the final race in the 2020 Eric Smith Handicap trophy, with Nick Hodgkinson, Antonio Cardinale and Catharine and James Dobson all vying for the top spot.

The start is by the grass section at the junction Timble village road and the main bypass road,  the finish is at the usual dog poo bin on the track down from the car park.

Please be aware the car park gets very busy from mid morning onwards, hopefully with the shops opening again this maybe reduced a little in the run up to Christmas.

Run the handicap  see route map below any time you like between Thursday 17th December – Sunday 3rd January.

Email me on androbertshaw@gmail.com at least a day before you plan to run the route, so that I can give you a handicap time, before I might see it on Strava!!

  1. If you’re on Strava just send me a link to your Strava run,  such as:  https://www.strava.com/activities/3742412886.   If I don’t currently ‘follow‘ you may possible need to allow me to follow you, any difficulties just email me…
  2. If you’re not on  Strava just record your time & send me the details, (we’ll have to rely on honesty here..)
  3. I will create a strava segment for the route, which I’ll use for race times for the strava users.

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