Thursday July 8th – Nick Hodgkinson Little Alms Cliff Handicap

Thursday July 8th – Nick Hodgkinson Little Alms Cliff Handicap

After a 15 year break Nick offered to find a route through the forest and fields of Stainburn Moor.  The start and finish is at the Stainburn forest car park on the road linking Beckwithshaw to Norwood,  google maps link here.

See route map below,  recce run with Nick with lots of photos, on Strava here,  or a Strava route map here.

First off at 7pm.

The route is about 4.5 miles and it will be floured and/or flagged.  Getting the H&S disclaimer in 😊, there is a bit of a uneven section, (approx. 1/4 mile long), just after the start.  The rest is over pretty good farm fields and the forest tracks are like the main tracks in Danefield, if not a little better.

There are a number of gates on the route, so I will be looking for a bit of help, 4 people if possible to stand near circles, 1,2, 3 &4 on the route map below.

Also if at all possible a couple to record times & names at the finish,  I am hoping to run this one, to mark my century of club handicaps & Nick being the first winner of the Eric Smith Handicap trophy, I thought this would be a good one for the century.

Again a virtual option will run from Saturday 3rd July to Sunday 11th July,  although you will have open & close the gates yourself, unless you run with a faster partner, who could do that for you..



One thought on “Thursday July 8th – Nick Hodgkinson Little Alms Cliff Handicap

  1. Great night out! Well done to the Hon. handicapper for the fastest time on the night – not bad for a 100 tries. Best orchids I’ve seen out on the course. Glad to be there to help the front of the field through terra incognito at the south end of the course.

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