Sunday 12th September – Tholthorpe 10k

Sunday 12th September – Tholthorpe 10k

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

As Shakespeare himself once said ‘I’ll be back’, so too, here am I. Had a fallow period during covid, which I do periodically anyway and expected to get back training about 3 months ago. Then injured my sacro iliac joint (OUCH!), so was on crutches for a few weeks. Thankfully no permanent damage. Have found it really hard to get motivated after doing basically nothing. I kept getting emails to announce that this race was back on, that race was back on, so when I got the Guy Fawkes 10 email, the race itself seemed far enough away to enter, so I did. In the meantime I entered a couple of 10k’s to start getting primed and today was the first of those. I have done this one before a couple of times in the past but had forgotten it is quite undulating. I set off with a rival, Pete, from yesteryear and we made it to 5K in 25.30. I was a bit deflated as my target today was around 50 minutes. It also turned out to be very sultry so it was quite sapping. Water was welcome at 7K and another uphill at 7.5 saw Pete pulling slowly away to the finish. I did manage to maintain my form ( a kind of soft shoe shuffle) to cross the line in 51.51. The winner was Jackson Smith of Scarborough AC in 34.54, first lady Emma Matthews in 39.36. Our very own Mark Hall was 15th and first MV60 in 38.46 and Don Buffham 255th in 1.01.05. 330 finished.

One thought on “Sunday 12th September – Tholthorpe 10k

  1. It is good to hear from our Howard J. after a long time and to cross the finish line in 51.51 is a great time if you consider all the trouble that he had in recent months , well done Howard . Also my friend Donald B. had a brilliant run in this undulating 10k finishing in a robust 1.01 . Mark H. run this Tholthorpe 10k in a flying action finishing in an amazing time 38.46.

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