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Friday 26th December – Chevin Chase

As usual lots of Otley members running over the Chevin on Boxing Day chasing a Brownlee or two.  This year Alistair, 37:03 took the win ahead of Jonathan, 37:26 with Ilkley H’s Tom Adams finishing 3rd, 38:07.  First lady was Georgia Malir,  Ilkley H in very quick 44:11.  Scott and Frank settled for battling it out fourth, with Frank taking the honours, just..  and Laura was first Otley lady & second in her category.

Please comment if you’re missing from the results below, I think everyone’s there except Graham,  who must have sprinted across the finish too quickly for the chip timing!..

Full results here.  Photo’s and video on Airecentre (Chevin Chase) facebook page here.  Telegraph & Argus report & video here.

4 Frank Beresford 00:40:20
5 Scott Harrington (1st v35) 00:40:36
16 Thomas Midgley 00:42:51
18 Andrew Robertshaw (3rd v45) 00:43:15
42 Rogan Ashton 00:46:21
57 Tom Potter 00:47:03
74 Liam Dunne 00:47:58
88 Robin Outtersides 00:48:36
114 Hugh Pearson 00:49:38
164 Howard Jeffrey (2nd v60) 00:51:46
173 Laura Martin (2nd v45) 00:52:02
213 Chris Stacey 00:53:39
283 Louise Riches 00:56:15
294 John Dade 00:56:24
313 Renee Saxton 00:57:01
315 Andy Webster 00:57:13
330 Matt Podd 00:57:36
382 Nicola Lee 00:59:17
409 Carl Walsh 00:59:33
505 Jacqueline Ackroyd 01:02:19
496 Liz Fawcett 01:02:35
498 Sara Elliott 01:02:47
604 Tom Hannah 01:05:54
623 John Davis 01:06:26
628 Sara Richard 01:06:48
645 Gilly Wight 01:06:59
681 Charlotte Tomlinson 01:08:55
745 Gemma Harrington 01:11:34
743 Reid Haddow 01:11:49
795 Sean O’Halloran 01:14:10
815 Hannah Mallinson 01:14:30
837 Emma Jones 01:17:06
879 Toni Midgley 01:20:51


Sunday 21st December 2014 – Portsmouth Coastal Marathon

Nick Hodgkinson reports from the south coast:

A very interesting little pre-Christmas adventure. Run partially on the shingle beach, but mainly on muddy trails close to the shoreline. Definitely not a PB course – I missed mine by nearly an hour and a half.

I can now enjoy being a sloth over Christmas with a clear conscience.

The winner was Anthony Clark in 2:41:33 (Poole Runners), and I was 839th in 4:35:57. There were 1700 starters and 1252 finishers (the tide got the rest).


Sunday 21st December – Travellers 6, Denby Dale

As the year draws to a close, Howard Jeffrey couldn’t face another 10k*.

I did the Travellers 6 (mile) in Denby Dale which was very hilly and the wind was high; not quite so sharp as recently but I gave it my best.

The results will not be out till the New Year but I know there was at least one in my age group about 15 seconds ahead. Fair play to him, I went as fast as I could and there was at least one lady ahead. I finished in around 43:20 (42:32 in 2012 so given the wind, OKish).

Celebrity Alotta Fatuous questions me in an interview at the finish:

What does it mean to you? Everything, except, paradoxically, almost everything.

Was it a journey? Yes, I drove to Denby Dale.

Was it emotional? Yes, I cried all the way home.

How did it make you feel? Banjaxed.

How much did you want it? It is what I have always ever dreamed of , for the last couple of days.

Where do you go from here? The Chevin Chase.

More inane questions on BBC Strictly Come Running…

* In old money 10k is 6.21371 miles.


Sunday 21st December – Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

The President took the honours at this year’s Ken Dixon, overtaking Antonio in the final track up to the finish and holding off Scott by 10 seconds.  The conditions were probably best described as reasonable, a little damp in the air and quite a few puddles to negotiate towards the end.  Ian and Jamil shared the fastest time of the day with a swift 27:31.

Congratulations go to Nicola Lee continuing her recent good form to snatch the Eric Smith handicap title for 2014 by a single point from Sean and Charlotte who was also just one point behind Sean.  See the full table on the handicap page here.

Thanks to Dave Hainsworth and Jack on time keeping duties and to Richard Hamer for guiding folk up the track next to Swinsty Hall.

For those of you who like a bit of club history here’s Tony Allen’s report from the inaugural race 25 years ago: report, results.

Roll on 2015 with the first race at Harewood, Sat. 17th Jan where it all starts again.

Time H’Cap Net Time Pts
1 Matt Podd 51:49 13:00 38:49 21
2 Scott Harrington 51:59 24:00 27:59 20
3 Antonio Cardinale 52:30 00:00 52:30 19
4 Jamil Parapia 52:31 25:00 27:31 17
4 Ian Fisher 52:31 25:00 27:31 17
6 Graham Lake 53:14 20:00 33:14 16
7 Rogan Ashton 53:18 21:00 32:18 15
8 Nicola Lee 53:25 14:00 39:25 14
9 Eriks Zvaigzne 53:33 13:00 40:33 13
10 John Armitstead 53:37 17:00 36:37 12
11 Tom Potter 53:50 19:00 34:50 11
12 Charlotte Tomlinson 54:02 10:00 44:02 10
13 Dominic Egan 54:36 13:00 41:36 9
14 Tom Hannah 54:37 08:30 46:07 8
15 Sean O’Halloran 54:46 07:00 47:46 7
16 Colin Best 55:05 11:00 44:05 6
17 Kath Robertshaw 55:45 02:00 53:45 5
18 Carl Walsh 56:00 14:00 42:00 4
19 Andy Webster 56:26 16:00 40:26 3
20 David Fox 56:55 13:00 43:55 2
21 Andrew Robertshaw 57:52 23:00 34:52 1


Sunday 14th December – Longridge 7

Another weekly fix from Howard Jeffrey: I went to do the Longridge 7 (near Preston) yesterday, better prepared to take the race to the Lancastrians (always tough) than last week in that I did not do a Park run or 3 hours on the turbo trainer on Saturday (only an hour).

I was warming up at the start in my ultra light racers and asked where the start was, as I have not done this one before. Just up there was the reply and then you go 4 miles up and three miles down! Whooa…. change of plan and change of shoes! I thought my racers might disintegrate if I was bounding hell for leather down a three mile hill. I had thought to bring some more robust but still lightweight racers with me ( I said I was better prepared)

It was cool and still at the start and then the rains came. 400 yards or so of level and then up and up and up!!! On the first bit of the hill I latched on to someone I suspected was in my age group ( he was actually younger but no matter) and had a battle royal all the way round.. which is what I enjoy most. I was strong enough up the hills  and there were a couple of downhill stretches to break up the grind. I had taken it as a sign that the hill is actually called  ‘Jeffrey Hill’ so I knew I was building up plenty up potential kinetic energy for the down. The hill actually disappeared into the clouds it was so high which I think was probably a good thing.

As ever the competition tried to burn me off going down the hill (he said at the end he was trying to see what I could do going down…tee hee …plenty!). There were actually times I thought I was going to run out of gears and he pulled away a couple of times which I thought at the time he would pay for later. During my warm up I had looked at the finish to see where to start the final push to the line. When we got to that point about 400 yards out, I still felt great and surged ahead.

As I changed out of my sodden gear I heard some of the others bantering…’expect your first over 60 again Stephen’… well maybe not.. Stephen!  The winner of the o/60 is.. Jeff Howard from Otley AC (close enough!!!).   There was a 65 year old in front as he had been last week but much closer and I had also beaten some-one who was a minute and a half ahead the previous week so all in all a satisfactory race which included a medal, Christmas pudding and a bottle of plonk!

The race was won by Karl Darcy, Bolton Harriers in 41.21, first lady Catherine Carrdus, Wesham RR  16th in 47.05. I was 35th in 50.23. 244 finishers. Full results here:



Runner of the Month for November 2014

FrankBeresford2LauraClark_BurleyMoorRun2Laura Clark and Frank Beresford were voted as November’s runner of the month.

Laura for her performances at the Burley Moor run and Harriers v Cyclists, (pic. courtesy of the Burley twitter page).

Frank for his West Yorkshire XC’s at West Park and Keighley, Park run at Roundhay and Leeds Abbey Dash.


Sunday 14th November – Peco XC, Nostell Priory

Frank Beresford made a guest appearance at the second Peco XC meeting of the season – and won! Frank finished in 28:41, followed by Joe Baxter of Pudsey and Bramley in 28:56. Results here

Guest appearance by Frank

Guest appearance by Frank


Sunday 14th December – Simonside Cairns Fell Race

Report from the Hon. Handicapper

Thanks to Colin & Judith’s hospitality at their holiday cottage just off the A1, about 5ish miles from Bamburgh I traveled up to Northumberland Saturday afternoon for this 11 miles and 540m fell race from Rothbury.  For a fell race those figures don’t seem too tough in terms of ascent per mile but that doesn’t tell the whole story.  A mid week covering of snow on the local fells  followed by a thaw meant conditions underfoot were extremely wet.  After a couple of miles on tracks, the route gets serious with a loop of 7 ish miles of moorland terrain and forest paths where it was a constant battle against the terrain, slipping and sliding across waterlogged paths.

The highest point of the loop is the summit of Simonside at 429m.  The section before this proved to be the hardest part of the race, through the heather and  an innocuous stream crossing which proved to be anything but, as I sank down, waist deep in the freezing water!  Once the Simonside summit was passed the strong side wind was buffeting you off the narrow path.  Back along the ridge the descents on the eastern side  still had deep snow drifts at least a foot deep.  I was thankful when I reached the end of the loop and could descend the outward journey back to Rothbury.  Did I enjoy it? hmm afterwards perhaps.. it was hard work, so it was good in a masochistic way!

Race headquarters at the Newcastle House Hotel served Wharfebank beer, so it had to be tested to see if it traveled well.

Full results to the NFR site here., 1st David Beech, NFR 1:26:14, 1st Lady Karen Robertson, NFR 1:43:17: myself 7th (2nd v45), 1:33:18,  71st Colin Best 2:14:39.  Photos via the Northumberland FR site here.


Saturday 13th December – Gathering Winter Fools’ Relay

8 merry fools, along with some merry supporters, gathered like a right bunch of wallys on a very cold and frosty morning; icy slopes galore to contend with. Results will appear here

Renee, Sarah and Sean at the start of Leg 3

Renee, Sarah and Sean at the start of Leg 3


Caron and Jackie on Leg 2

Caron and Jackie on Leg 2


Tamara, Renee, Ann and Gemma at the  Leg 3/Leg 4 handover

Tamara, Renee, Ann and Gemma at the Leg 3/Leg 4 handover

Laura and Andy at the start of Leg 2

Laura and Andy at the start of Leg 2


Rich, Sara, Louise and Shane at the start of Leg 1.

Rich, Sara, Louise and Shane at the start of Leg 1.

Team 7 picked up their wooden spoon – and the 2nd mixed team prize – and set off as follows:

Leg 1 – Richard Smith and Shane Ewen

Leg 2- Laura Martin and Andrew Webster

Leg 3 – Renee Saxton and Tamara Weatherhead

Leg 4 – Two Ps in a pod :)Matt Podd and Hugh Pearson


Team 8 carried their wooden spoon all the way round as:

Leg 1 – Sara Elliott and Louise Riches

Leg 2 – Jackie Acroyd and Caron Ralph

Leg 3 – Ultra Sarah and Sean O’Halloran

Leg 4 – Gemma Harrington and Ann Yeadon



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Saturday 13th December – Park Runs



Gender Position



Run Time

1 1 Harry PATEMAN Unattached 00:17:46
43 1 Ai Lyn TAN Unattached 00:22:01
58 4 Nicola Lee Otley AC 00:22:45






Gender Position



Run Time

1 1 Adam BARLOW Unattached 00:16:44
12 1 Emma JOLLEY Unattached 00:20:17
148 95 Nick HODGKINSON Otley AC 00:36:00