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Saturday 11th April: park runs

Woodhouse Moor parkrun

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Paul O’CALLAGHAN Tadworth AC 00:17:14
9 1 Georgia MALIR Ilkley Harriers AC 00:18:17
98 83 James KETTLEBOROUGH Otley AC 00:23:29
194 48 Toni Midgley Otley AC 00:26:52
224 64 Imogen Webster Otley AC 00:28:06
262 81 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:30:42
263 182 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:30:47

Bradford parkrun

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Marcin SOSZKA Saltaire Striders 00:17:48
32 1 Claire COOPER Keighley & Craven AC 00:21:51
53 52 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 00:23:45

Brueton parkrun

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Rory BENNETT Cambridge University Triathlon Club 00:18:15
24 1 Monica GREEN Knowle and Dorridge Running Club 00:20:58
28 27 Richard A CLARKE Otley AC 00:21:13

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Sunday 12th April: European Duathlon Championships Horst Holland

Another great report from Howard:

Last year I went to Horst in Holland to do the Euro Sprint duathlon championships and thought I would like to return this year. They had advertised this as the venue for the same races again and I did the training and qualified. The competition organisers decided to change the venue to Alcobendas (North Madrid) in Spain in two weeks’ time. Some people had already booked their tickets ( I was not one of them) so British Triathlon said they would reimburse unless the people wished to compete in the Long Distance duathlon which was now going to be held in Horst. I liked Horst so I looked into it and decided to go Long for once; not ludicrously long of course but still 10K run 60K bike 10K run. Having no track record or qualification for the distance I got a discretionary place; basically because I said I would turn up !!
The weather had been forecast to be good so I duly registered on Saturday morning and went into Horst in the afternoon. The wind got up to gale force and there was an absolute deluge. So bad, I contemplated buying an umbrella (the shop in which I waited sold them) to go back to the car not 500m away, with two brollies in it already! I waited a while and the rain eventually subsided. Wet cold and windy on the bike I just don’t do well.
Come Sunday morning I was up with the Lark as ever, scraped the ice off the windscreen, marvelled at the clear sky and hardly a breath of wind. I love the organisation that goes into these events and the foreign difference of it all. I had come through France, Belgium, Holland and missed my turn off for Horst so did a bit of Germany too!! I still got to the venue first. Read the rest of this entry »


Sunday 12th April: Baildon boundary way


Another win for frank in this local off-road half…..

Pos Name Club Cat Time Cat Position
1 BERESFORD, Frank Otley AC M 1:17:23 1/68
17 OUTTERSIDES, Robin Otley AC M 1:29:56 11/68
29 COOPER, Claire Keighley & Craven AC F 1:34:07 1/17
122 PODD, Matt Otley AC M50 1:51:47 24/56
169 DADE, John Otley AC M50 1:57:45 34/56
233 RAYNER, Andrew Otley AC M40 2:08:05 68/80
261 RICHARD, Sara Otley AC F45 2:15:21 22/34



Saturday 11th April: Coledale horseshoe fell race

Report from shane:

Following an unexpected overnight snow fall, the Coledale horseshoe was switched to its emergency route, last run two years earlier. The revised route was just shy of 8 miles with 960 metres of elevation, including a maximum peak of 762m up Grisedale Pike. Four Otley ACer’s made the journey up to Braithwaite in the Lakes for this classic horseshoe route: in addition to myself, Jeremy Stewart, Steve Robinson and Tom Lynch were all running their first Cat A Lakeland race and all did wonderfully well. This was a fabulous route, with a long track climb up from the village, followed by a stiff final climb to the snow-capped summit of Grisedale Pike (apparently Grisedale means “pig valley” in Old Norse, but no porkers were in sight here). We then descended (I appallingly so, losing some 15-20 places easily, including to Jeremy who descended well – definitely missed my Mud Claws) a snowy, sludgy, grassy route down to Coledale Hause. The original route then climbs Eel Crag onto Crag Hill, but we were re-routed around the old disused mine and back up Outerside for a fantastic run back in along a rough old miner’s track (along the normal route). Despite blustery & snowy conditions on top of Grisedale, the weather was sunny and warm lower down, and I had to peel off extra layers on the run back in.

Jeremy was first home in 1.29.53 in 84th position. I followed closely behind in 1.30.26 (88th). Tom came home in 1.40.37 (154th), just pipping Steve in 1.41.39 (163rd).

The race was won by Ricky Lightfoot in an excellent gravity-defying time of 1.06.49; that fire-fighter training must work wonders for him!

An excellent feast followed with lots of frenzied talk about the route & a collective agreement to return for the full route.

Thanks to Steve for driving.


Saturday 11th April: Loughrigg fell race

Having gained a deserved reputation as a road runner, I decided to enter my first open fell race and one listed on the RFA fixtures list. After holidaying in the Loughrigg area since 1989 I thought it was time to take part in the local fell race….the Loughrigg Fell Race, organised by A,bleside Ac and billed as a start of the summer season out 4 mile dash. It wasn’t really a planned race, merely a lucky holiday coincidence, so after no fell training or experience whatsoever and fresh from mile reps the night before it was very much a case of see how it goes. My primary target was to complete the course in under 30 mins with no broken bones and in the process make it onto the Ambleside AC website’s sub 30 min hall of fame.

I arrived at race HQ in Rothy Park armed with my innovate off road shoes and £3 only to be told I would be disqualified as I didn’t have a waterproof jacket. Debbie said there was something in the boot of the car, so I legged it back to collect the old garment that I had found in a classroom in Harrogate many years ago. I had time to buy a £12.50 bum bag from Gaynors on the high street to carry the jacket, which had passed HQ inspection and satisfied FRA standards.

The race started as I was still posing for photos. No 3,2,1 or anything and I found myself down in about 50th along the flat 100m dash to the bridge. Sadly that was where I was aiming to use my secret flat speed weapon. The ascent was fine, as I am not too bad at climbing and after some nifty overtaking found myself in about 10th place just behind a 14 year old superstar at the top and about 1 min behind the leader. Then the descent. Not my finest hour. I was passed by about 5 seasoned fell nutters and after several lucky escapes through peat bogs and down slate paths I made it back to the Tarmac to chase down Ambleside runner Matt Reedy. Back on the flat the road legs kicked into action but it was not enough to catch the Matt who had passed me halfway down the “mountain”. It was a great experience and I hope to be back next year to improve my time. The race was really good fun and there was a junior race too so great for families. All in all it was a lovely evening and if you are in the area I thoroughly recommend it. The race organiser even asked after Andrew Robertshaw which was nice.

I finished the race in 15th place in a time of 29.36 thus making it onto the Ambleside AC hall of fame. The race was won by Tom Addison of Helm Hill in 26.21 not far off his own course record. The first female was Sarah McCormack of Ambleside in 30.20 9 seconds of the record.
1. Tom Addison Helm Hill 26.21
2. Mark Addison Helm Hill 26.52
14. Matt Reedy Ambleside 29.34
15. Jamil Parapia 29.36
21st Sarah McCormack Ambleside 30.20

But as the song says…..hit the road Jamil and don’t you come back…..


Runner of the Month for March

photo courtesy of woodentops

photo courtesy of woodentops


Lots to choose from this month with several pb’s and high placings at a variety of races.  The committee decided on Charlotte Tomlinson and Eriks Zvaigzne as the runners of the month for March, well done both.

Charlotte for her 10 mile pb at Thirsk and 2nd in the Leathley Handicap.

Eriks for a couple of good park runs, Thirsk 10 and the handicap.



Saturday 4th April – Park Runs

Woodhouse Moor parkrun

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Daniel FISHER Valley Striders AC 00:16:55
8 8 Jon GREENWELL Otley AC 00:18:21
19 1 Hannah CORNE Valley Striders AC 00:19:14
170 27 Toni Midgley Otley AC 00:26:45
178 150 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:26:59
177 28 Imogen Webster Otley AC 00:26:59
193 30 Joanna MIDGLEY Otley AC 00:27:37
273 66 Molly STORER Otley AC 00:31:05
281 70 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:31:37


Preston parkrun

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Tim RAYNES Blackburn Harriers & AC 00:16:51
9 1 Catherine CARRDUS Wesham Road Runners AC 00:18:53
221 59 Lucy MOWAT Otley AC 00:29:13


Sewerby parkrun

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Paul WASS Balanced Performance 00:18:22
21 1 Martha CLAPP Harborough AC 00:20:43
192 113 Reid Anthony James HADDOW Otley AC 00:44:23


Wetherby parkrun

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Jamie THOMPSON Wetherby Runners 00:19:21
8 1 Frederica MOORE Wetherby Runners 00:22:20
16 14 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 00:24:28


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Sunday 5th April – Guiseley Gallop

IMG_1604Report from Frank Beresford: I decided to do the Guiseley Gallop 10k to liven up my tired legs after a winter of marathon training. I arrived at the race with 70 miles in my legs already from the weeks training and having climbed Mount Snowdon earlier in the week, so I was not expecting to feel great during the race.

The race started off quiet fast, so I decided to save my energy for the first two miles. After this I worked my way up to the front and then settled into 2nd     place until the hills where I decided to go full throttle. I felt good and gained a clear lead within the half mile. I then progressed during the last mile at a steady pace to win the race, feeling good throughout. I really enjoyed the muddy course and the support throughout the race. There were a large number of “Black and Whites” who raced, they all performed well. Particularly Howard who is in very good form for his decathlon by the looks of it today.

For me I now begin the taper for London Marathon and will have to resist the urge to run a lot of miles for the next few weeks under the guidance of Peter Shields. Marathon training has definitely improved my endurance and enjoyment in running. It feels great been able to run more and more miles without sore legs!

Report from … Howard Jeffrey: The going was very soft for the Guiseley gallop today, the course inspection obviously ignored! . The walk to the start took us away from the retail park and finish area down a muddy slippery hill (which we would have to race back up), across the Great Grimpen Mire (don’t go there after dark) at the bottom, then along mulch gulch for a greater distance than I usually go for my holidays.

Eventually the 615 made it to the start and without much intro we were off! I had stationed myself only four rows back from the front as there are some narrow pinch points in this race which experience has taught me to get to early if you want to contest the age category. That is what I intended to do today as I had managed the ride and back to do the Wetherby park-run yesterday but also to contain my effort to a steady pace so felt fresh for today.

You had to pick your way along the track through primordial mud and I encountered many new primitive life forms. They were wearing running vests and barging their way further forward on the steep stony rutted path, quite dangerously I thought. I regretted wearing the sunshades as it was quite gloomy in the trees although I managed to pick my way safely to the bottom reasonably quickly. The path to Esholt was mud and waterlogged but you could actually get going along there. There is a stile to negotiate and then a single width oscillating timber bridge across the river. Sympathetic resonance means this bridge develops a frequency your run has to match or it is a jarring jolting bounce to the other bank.

Once across (while those unwary ones behind form an orderly queue to cross! Told you so!!) you get the absolute bliss of two and a half miles of flat dry tow path. I did feel quite strong and was moving well and overhauled a couple of my age group along this stretch. There are then a couple of ups and downs and the closing stretches are a mile or so of tarmac and then up heartbreak hill through the woods and then a nice downhill track that runs parallel (thankfully as it was much drier) to the start track. Still feeling good, I managed to get past a quartet of younger runners going back up the slippery hill and then had what felt like a sprint at the finish to pass another one. I had felt solid all the way round and confess I was disappointed with the time of 46.05. I had expected around 44.00. In retrospect I think the poor conditions underfoot may have cost a couple of minutes. What do the other Otley finishers think?


Frank won the race in 36.08 so excellent result again and first lady was Sue Smith of Hyde park Harriers in 40.59. The Otley contingent, of which there were many, was as follows

1 Frank Beresford M (001/086) Otley AC  00:36:08

11 Rogan Ashton M45 (001/055) Otley AC 40:08

13  Robin Outtersides M35 (003/052) Otley AC 40:29

84  Howard Jeffrey M60 (001/027) Otley AC 46:03

215 Eriks Zvaigzne M60 (009/027) Otley AC 53:20

224  Nicola Lee F35 (012/039) Otley AC 53:37

281 Sara Elliott F40 (008/041) Otley AC 56:34

327  Phil Robinson M70 (004/006) Otley AC 58:44

360  Tom Hannah M60 (019/027) Otley AC 01:00:34

373 Sara Richard F45 (013/034) Otley AC 01:01:15

446 Sean O’Halloran M35 (043/052) Otley AC 01:05:43

I had spoken to Rogan at the start and had asked him if he felt fit and he said he would let me know in about 40 minutes (which I thought sounded pretty fit). He saw me at the end and had done 40.08!! First In his age group which is usually a tough one, so well done to him. I had expected my age group to be won in 43.00 minutes in those conditions but guess what…. It was I, so disappointment was short lived as I felt I had worked hard and it was the target for today!


Euro Long distance duathlon championships in Holland next Sunday so looking forward to that and writing up the challenge.


Saturday 4th April – Salford 10k

Report by Scott Harrington: Since the back end of 2014 I have been training with Zack Whitehead and Jamil Parapia. The target for this year was to smash my pbs in 5k,10k,10 mile, half and full marathon.  I achieved this at thirsk 10mile and brass monkey half, my next target was 10k. Salford has a reputation of being a fast race which attracts a strong field. It is a two lap open road race. On a wet gloomy Good Friday morning I travelled over to Lancashire with Zack, Chris and Charlotte Tomlinson. This was to be my first fast 10k road race in over a year and I was telling myself all week not to go off too fast! Jamil had set me a target of 32.20 (my pb is 32.37) so I thought that was achievable. We set off in near perfect conditions and I hit the first mile in 5.03 which was too fast so I backed off a bit for the next couple of miles. I hit half way in 16.17 being a 2 lap course it was great to see Gemma and the kids which gave me a brief lift and then for some reason went to sleep mile 4 to 5 so had a feeling the pb wasn’t on. I managed to run a great last mile to gain some placings but it was too late, I crossed the line in 32.45 finishing in 19th. I was pleased with my position but a bit disappointed in my time! I got my pacing all wrong and more speed work and race discipline is required. My mood quickly lifted when the other guys came in. Zach (after a nasty injury and who will run quicker times when fully fit) ran a great 33.42 finishing 35th. Chris Tomlinson who has only been running consistently the last few weeks came in at 46.37 a massive pb finishing 319th. Charlotte came flying in at 50.26 again a massive pb finishing 387th which was amazing and I was so pleased for her as she has been training so hard and it was great to see her clearly buzzing! There were 545 finishers overall and the winner was Gareth Raven in 30.40.  If you want to run a quick 10k then I can recommend Salford it’s a well organised competitive race.


Sunday 29th March – Wakefield 10k & Wetherby Parkrun

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

I had a busy weekend following a solid week of training including speed and hill-work on Friday. On Saturday morning I thought I would cycle up to Wetherby (it’s almost all bespoke cycle path from where I live) and gently do their second Park-run having missed the inaugural one because of the Clumber Park duathlon and then cycle back. The idea being to get used to the change of disciplines for the Euro long distance duathlon in Horst in a fortnight. I arrived at Wetherby early so did an extra half hour on the bike. The route for the run had changed from the previous week and is a flat but convoluted route through the playing fields on grass, not unpleasant and next to the Wharfe so quite a pretty venue. I set off at the back and went through 1K in 5 minutes which is about the pace I had originally intended. I gradually stoked it up and finished in 21.40 so a bit quicker than I maybe ought to have. The weather turned a bit ghastly for the ride home into wind driven rain. I had also promised Jacque to cycle with her in the afternoon so ended up doing another hour or so in the windy but sunny afternoon. All in all another tough training day.

On to Sunday and the Wakefield 10K. I have done this race many times in the past but not on the current route for which they close the road (excellent) for an out and back undulating course. The weather held up in that it was cool, threatening rain with a slight breeze. The race was won by Ben Marriott of Bingley Harriers in 32.17. First lady Jenny Latham Wakefield and District Harriers in 36.58. Otley representatives:

110th Steven Robinson  40.54,  147th Howard Jeffrey 42.27,  483rd & 1st V70 Phil Robinson 50.10, well done Phil,  512th Tom Hannah 54.15,  1110th Emma Thompson  57.36,  1139th Lucy Mowat 58.44.  Full results here and lots of photos here.

The challenge for me was to push hard on leaden legs to get used to running tired (for second run legs of the duathlons) and I was not far off the pace for my peers coming in third place by only a minute, so an ok result. There were 1704 finishers.

You can’t teach and old dog etc., so I will probably do the same thing next week prior to the Guiseley Gallop (or will it be Canter, you decide!)