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Saturday 22nd November – West Yorks. Cross Country Race 3

Report from the hon. handicapper.

The third race in the league took place round the muddy fields next to Cliffe Castle in Keighley.  The mud together with a steep climb on each large lap made it tough going, although the distance was a little less than usual, at approx 6.5 k for the senior men’s race.

Caron Ralph was off first for the seniors and ran well finishing 62nd in 26:14.  Katie Walshaw glided over the mud to win the race by half a minute or so in 18:27.

The seniors men’s race was four large laps, finishing with a shorter lap of the flatter section of the course.  The hill on the larger lap was split into a couple of zigzag climbs and after a short section after the climb,  the trickiest part of the course was negotiating a right hand turn, against the camber of the slope and there were several falls here.  I was surprised to finish 18th, 27:08,  behind Frank Beresford’s excellent run for 5th, 24:49.  Antonio Cardinale did amazingly well to stay on his feet all the way round running in his road shoes! finishing 147th 45:53.  Unfortunately the road works on the Bingley bypass caused Ian & Shane to turn back as it was pretty much gridlock through Bingley and Riddlesden.   The 3rd different winner in this season’s races was Dominic Easter, Leeds City, 24:05.  See full results here.

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Sunday 16th November – Preston 10 mile road race

Report from Tamara Weatherhead: Stumbling around in a mixture of measured panic and bewilderment, I dragged the kids out of bed at 7am, deposited them with the grandparents in Clitheroe, and made my way to south Preston for the Preston Harriers’ 10 mile road race. I felt safe in my anonymity miles away from Otley. I was surrounded by strange accents and exotic-sounding clubs: Penny Lane Striders, Astley and Tydesley RR, Wesham RR and Spectrum Striders. So I decided to pay my money and get my number. The last individual open race I did was, erm, well over a year ago, so I was a tad apprehensive – but figured I didn’t have to tell anyone if it went horribly wrong. Unfortunately, just before the start I bumped into Mark Hall. Oh dear, I’d have to try and make a decent job of it.
It’s basically a flat race around two 5-mile laps, including a scenic stretch along the A59 dual carriageway to Liverpool. I have moaned many a time about running laps because it’s boring, but what do I know, as I don’t run many races? My panicked brain sprung into action: the first lap I could take fairly steady, knowing I could then push it on the second because I knew exactly what was coming. Brilliant idea having laps! In reality, I still don’t have much of a race-head so I was pretty even all the way round, with a little flourish at the end to make sure I got 4th lady, 79th overall, 1st FV45 in a pleasing time of 66:39. Mark finished way ahead of me, obviously, 18th overall and 2nd MV50 in 58.34 – which I thought was pretty good. The winner was Tom Charles from Trafford AC in 52.14 and 1st lady, 42nd overall, was Hannah Oldroyd, UK Net Runner in 1:02:28. Full results
Really enjoyed the race, easy one to make a come-back on ;) I couldn’t fault the set-up: loads of helpful, polite marshals before, during and after the event, very well organised. Thank you Preston Harriers!


Sunday 16th November – Abbey Dash

Report from Jamil Parapia: The Abbey Dash 2014 was the last in the Run Britain series and unbeknownst to me was actually the English 10k Championship. This would explain the very strong field that it attracted. The rain had eased by the time people arrived in Leeds although this left slippery conditions on the roads and pavements leading to Kirkstall and back. From a personal point of view this was a return to the Abbey Dash after an absence of 7 years so I was intrigued to see how it had grown to a gargantuan race attracting nearly 10,000 runners. To be part of an event of such enormity is quite inspiring. Apart from Mike Burrett of Leeds City who finished just ahead of me I barely knew any of the elite men.

The Abbey Dash tactics are quite simple. Try and run the same pace for about 9500m, including negotiating the ridiculous leg through the Vue cinema village and a 360 degree turn in the middle of the road. If you have mananged not to trip over the other thousands of participants, unleash a final push over the “hill” and collapse on the line with hopefully a personal or season best. There were fine performances from a number of Otley runners including bests for Richard Smith, Nicola Lee, Sara Elliott, Ann Yeadon and Toni Midgley and 2nd claimer Tom Potter. Tom Midgely also equalled his lifetime best. Well done to all.


Full Results and Photos. And all-round impressive OtleyAC results:

Jamil Parapia          00:31:45    95th
Frank Beresford      00:32:44    144th
Thomas Midgley     00:34:20    256th
Liam Dunne             00:34:36    275th
Julian Mawson        00:35:30    348th
Robin Outtersides 00:35:33 352nd
Richard Smith         00:36:01    390th
Graham Lake           00:37:03    496th
Tom Potter(2nd claim)   00:37:20    516th
Jon Greenwell          00:37:23    519th
Howard Jeffrey         00:41:27    1154th
Stephen Boddy         00:43:35    1593th
Andrew Webster        00:44:47    1937th
Andrew Rayner        00:47:06    2565th
John Cowan              00:47:08    2572nd
Nicola Lee                 00:47:17    2625th
Sara Elliott                00:47:20    2645th
Nick Leathley           00:47:59    2834th
Melvin Hoare           00:49:31    3353rd
Ann Yeadon              00:51:52    4130th
Charlotte Tomlinson  00:52:23    4325th
Tom Hannah              00:52:29    4354th
Laura Hind                 00:52:58    4498th
Reid Haddow             00:54:13    4961st
Toni Midgley             00:57:05    5969th
Lucy Mowat               00:58:39    6496th
Lisa Rigby                  01:17:37    9297th


Saturday 15th November – Full Tour of Pendle

Report from President Podd: John Armitstead gave me a lift to Barley on Saturday, where we met Matt John. All there to run the Full Tour of Pendle, 17 miles and 5000ft of climbing – more than the three peaks! Very muddy and foggy made this hard race even more challenging, but we all got home, Matt, John and me, Matt Podd. A lovely suffer fest and only 7quid and you get a class T shirt. Results to follow. Action photos courtesy of Andy Mattison, well found by Graham …. Tour of Pendle Fell Race 2014 – Andrew Mattison


Saturday 15th November – Park Runs

Leeds parkrun 


Gender Position



Run Time

1 1 Paul O’CALLAGHAN Tadworth AC 00:16:59
27 1 Greta DARGIE Unattached 00:20:41
40 36 Tony WALKER Otley AC 00:21:14


Keswick parkrun


Gender Position



Run Time

1 1 Stephen MAKIN Wigan Phoenix 00:17:49
10 1 Francesca LEE Unattached 00:21:54
50 17 Joanna Hobson Otley AC 00:28:25

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Saturday 15th November – Harriers v Cyclists

Report from the Hon. Handicapper.

This is one local fell race, (5.3 miles / 945ft),  I’ve watched several times, but never run actually raced.  Several Otley members I lined up at the bottom of the steep farm field adjacent to the Leeds-Liverpool canal near the Fisherman’s Inn, Bingley.  The race goes through a couple of muddy farm fields, on to Shipley Glen, the summit of Baildon moor, a loop round the summit and back to the popular spectator spot at the road crossing. From there it’s the reverse of the first couple of miles back to the finish.   The slippery conditions were to the advantage of the runners with the 1st 10 counting, the harriers scored 93 to the cyclist 142.  A top event all round, well worth giving a go.

1st overall (cycle) was Rob Jebb, 35:43, followed by Andy Peace (c).  1st harrier in 3rd was Andy Brown and first lady (harrier) was Victoria Wilkinson 40:07, all Bingley H.  1st for Otley was Bob Addey, (c), 6th in 38:33, followed by Sam Stell (h) 11th 39:40, myself 12th 39:53, 67th Andy Hunt 47:06, 104th Laura Clark 49:47,  160th Bob Baker 56:08,  161st Caron Ralph 56:33,  202nd Lisa Maughan 1:03:19,  215th Don Buffham 1:09:45 and 225th Antonio Cardinale 1:24:18.  Richard Hamer dnf’d on his mountain bike after a few falls causing bike & injury problems.  

As ever lots of photos on woodentops here, full results here, a race history & videos here and one for 2014 here, stick it out till the end for a few good falls & Antonio.


Runner of the Month for October 2014

Shared between Liam – ah ah, ladies first; Sara Richard and Liam Dunn. Sara took part in the Harewood Trail Race, the Horsforth 10k and the Yorkshire Marathon, finishing in 4:17:56 and beating Liz Fawcett, Billy and Emma Jones in the process; before beginning this month with the White Rose Ultra.

As for Liam, only two races in October; the Bradford 10k, where he came second to September’s runner of the Month Tom Midgley. Liam also took part in the Punchestown 10k, near Dublin, while in Ireland for a wedding; and in his own words: “This was a bit naughty as it meant I missed the church service but made it in perfect time for (the best bit!) the wedding reception in Galway”. Tut tut!

Congratulations to both, and we mustn’t forget a special commendation for Frank Beresford who had another busy – and successful – month.


Sunday 9th November – Dalby Dash 10k

Report from Howard Jeffrey for this and the Leeds Park run:

I had felt jaded during the week after the Guy Fawkes 10 and could not gear up to do any speedwork in the week. Got the ‘call to arms’ for Saturday to support one of my second claim club mates at Valley Striders, Roy Huggins, who was doing his 250th park run at Hyde park. Good excuse to do some speed (and fiddle de dee to tomorrow) and try out my new minimalist racing flats ( all 2.3 ounces of them! Mizuno Universe 5 so named because they are the lightest in the Universe ..geddit?). Whilst warming up for the park run I felt so jaded that I nearly went home; even the shoes felt a bit insubstantial. No, I was there so I could always jog round. Come the start and when we got moving I actually felt great, the shoes were also imperceptible and my target for the day of 20 minutes pretty well hit at 20.03 and the bonus of first o/60 with 79.97% effort (the best to date). Calves a bit stiff for the rest of the day but I kept stretching and could ‘always jog’ the Dalby Dash if I had to!

I went up to Dalby Forest to do the 10K Dash today. Cloudless blue sky, sunshine without wind, perfect cool temperature in a picturesque part of the world. What could be better? Even had a new pair of minimalist trail shoes to try out. Back in the Otley AC vest again and the only one ( I recommend it). The course is 500m slightly down then 3.5K up a moderately steep private tarmac road on which I held my own, I think due to the cycling I now do. Surprisingly my ears ‘popped’ before I got to the top which normally only happens at altitude! Then… not to everyone’s delight but certainly mine…4.5K of downhill (on well compacted, dry trail). Yesterday’s blast forgotten I flew down the hill in passing mode (shoes were awesome) and kept up the momentum to the finish in 36th place out of 375 first o/60 in 41.36. The race was won by Mike Burrett of Leeds City in 32.14. First Lady Heather Tuffs (‘Unattached to York’!) in 40.02.  Full results on here.

Note of caution: I have been progressing towards minimalist footwear for 3 years. My old running shoes now seem like Frankenstein boots by comparison but I did not do it from one day to the next. I had reasons and it has worked for me. I won’t go into details here but happy to explain to anyone if interested.


Saturday 8th November – Burley Moor Run

Report from the President Matt Podd:

Just back from this, and luckily we beat the rain this year. 7 miles and 850 ft of ascent, from Scalebor Park and up onto the moor, for a circuit of the Burley end of the moor before going back the way you came out. Almost a fell race with some rough and steep stuff – lovely and muddy on the moor today. Lots of Black and Whites out – to many to mention, but the race was won by Dan Wilkinson of Ilkley with Sam Stell second (as was mentioned at the start,  this man is doing more racing since recently becoming a father). Laura Martin was first woman followed Laura Clark , so a one two for the club. Well done to all who raced (Lisa doing this on the back of an Ultra) and the Robertshaws for their support around the course. I found the first half tough, but then got into my stride and had a fine battle to just beat Adela.

A good morning out. Results:  1st Dan Wilkinson 46:09, (a course record), 2nd Sam Stell 46:49, 6th Rogan Ashton 49:54,  9th Jon Greenwell 52:55,  24th & 1st lady, Laura Martin 57:19,  26th & 2nd Lady Laura Clark 58:37,  103rd Matt Podd 1:05:46,  Liz Fawcett 1:08:01,   113th Lisa Maughan 1:13:43,  141st Laura Liddell 1:26:44,  146th Antonio Cardinale 1:31:13.

Photos on the Burley Festival Twitter page here and on the Woodentops www here.


Saturday 8th November – Park Runs

Much busier this week at the park runs, Scott, Tom Richard & Liam all with top 10 finishes.

Leeds Hyde Park:

1st Jonny McKenna, Clayton-le-Moors 16:25, 1st Lady Treena Johnson Dewsbury RR, 19:05.

2nd Scott Harrington 16:33,  5th Tom Midgley 17:26,  10th Richard Smith 17:46,  13th Graham Lake 18:03,  53rd Howard Jeffrey 20:03,  268th Toni Midgley 27:37,  332nd Debra Brown 29:58.


1st Will Smith,  Keighley & Craven 17:13,  1st Lady Eleanor Robinson,  Keighley & Craven 18:44

4th Liam Dunne 17:48,  72nd Eriks Zvaigzne 23:56.

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