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Sunday 26th October: Wistow 10K

Report from Howard Jeffrey: The Wistow 10 K has evolved from the Selby Half to the Wistow 10 Mile to the Wistow 10K. The common factor being the flat terrain and the wind against you. The race was won by Nathan Baker, only 16 of Middlesbrough AC in 33.49. First lady Nicola Bettis, Selby Striders in 41.20. Flying the colours for Otley were Mark Hall in overall 5th in an impressive 34.59 and first O/50; Richard Smith a creditable 16th in 37.38 and in 55th position in 43.15 yours truly. They lumped all the over 50’s into one category and they constituted 51 out of the 190 finishers which at more than a quarter of the field is not very expansive. There is a photo of us at the finish somewhere that Richard may provide to prove I did not make it all up. Full results on Selby Striders site

And from Mark: The race is flat and on a less windy would be a PB course, however, the strong winds resulted in slower times. There were 3 OAC runners. Mark Hall 5th, 34.59 (1st V50) 16th Richard Smith, 37.38, 55th Howard Jefferies (1st V60) Winner Nathan Baker, 33.49 (16yrs old!) Middlesbrough.


Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th: The OMM

The 2014 OMM promised to be a memorable event and that it was but perhaps not for all the expected or right reasons. This year was the first year being run by new organisers so I think its natural to expect some changes and teething problems and the OMM is a huge event with an even bigger reputation to uphold so big shoes to fill. The event centre was at Clennell hall near Alwinton in Northumberland – a beautiful setting and was well run by an army of super friendly staff and volunteers. The area was fantastic and covered a variety of challenging terrain from runnable forest tracks to near impassable tracts of huge tussocks and bogs, beautiful if not massive hills but there were plenty of them and the climbs and decents were steep and sapping.

This was my first OMM long score (the longest of the 3 score classes on offer) so were expecting a challenging couple of days with hard route planning and a lot of route choices to make and on this front we weren’t disappointed. Possibly the course offered too much in the woods, which lacked a mountain marathon feel with controls placed right on easy to navigate tracks, but there was also plenty to go at in the surrounding hills and valleys so overall I thought the course was well planned and enjoyable. The weather was typical OMM weather with frequent showers and very strong winds, which made for a challenging day but also an interesting overnight camp where the main challenge was stopping the tent disappearing out to sea and trying to catch a little sleep through the noise of what sounded like a jet hovering overhead all night!

So far so classic OMM BUT (and I hate to criticize as I appreciate how hard it is to put on an event of this scale and standing) there were a number small niggles that didn’t go down too well (no hot drink at the end, not enough portaloos at the overnight etc) and a major issue with the map. Now this is a navigational event and so the most critical thing to get right is the map but this was woefully inadequate, it was only laminated on one side so started to disintegrate pretty much immediately. Yes we got a plastic bag to put it in but the bag was a quarter of the size of the map so we kept having to get it out of the bag where it fell apart a little more each time. The quality of the printing was comical– they had used a 1:25000 scale shrunk down to 1:40000 so the detail was almost impossible to read, features like crags you couldn’t see at all and the contours were barely visible particularly in wooded areas so at times the navigation felt a little like guess work. This was acknowledged so I’m sure will be put right next year. The other big disappointment for the, admittedly small numbers of, ladies was for the first time in 42 years female teams were no longer recognized in the prizes, which I’m not going to dwell on here, but needless to say we felt was a little demeaning of our efforts. Nonetheless I was delighted with coming in first female team and 33rd overall in long score (even though it counted for nowt). I hope the organisers have a rethink about this one for next year but I wont hold my breath…..

Long score results: 1st overall Kenny Leitch and keith masson 1166 points, 1st ladies team and 33rd overall Sarah fuller and Kate Boobyer 860 points. 144 teams started, 142 finished.



Sunday 26th October: Bradford 10k

Report from Liam:

I drove over to Bradford today for the Bradford city10K, giving a lift to Tom and Toni Midgley, This was one of many races happening in and around Bradford city centre this morning. There was a short kids’ race to start proceedings before the half marathon runners were sent on their way at 9.40am and 10 mins later the 10K and 5K runners were sent off together. The race was made up of 5K laps with the 10k runners going around twice and the half runners doing 4 laps and a bit.

Announcements just before the start were non existent and the runners at the front were given a few mins start warning before we set off. It wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination a pb course, It was undulating and breezy with a few long climbs, sharp corners and plenty of back markers from the half marathon to contend with, if it wasn’t for the vocal cords of myself and Tom on occasion, we could have been badly slowed up.

Soon after the start Tom and myself were running shoulder to shoulder and were disputing the lead for the 10K race. I knew there was nothing in it as Tom has been running really well recently and I felt like I was coming back to form after a poor summer. With less than a mile to go we u-turned on the road and Tom seemed to slingshot himself around the turn and took a lead of a few yards. I just didn’t have it in the legs to respond on the day and Tom went on to win by approx. 8 seconds. So, well done to him as he owed me that one!

After the event we were both interviewed by reporters from the local Bradford City Radio station before being chaperoned onto the stage to have a chat with the race commentator. We then went back out on the course before the presentation to shout on OAC’s Frank Beresford who was running the half marathon, and sure enough it wasn’t long before the man himself, who is getting very accustomed to winning, appeared at the front of the race with a few corners to go.

Overall, it was a fairly low-key event but there was plenty of support around the streets of Bradford for this relatively new event. It’s a challenging course as road races go. Although it’s in its infancy it could be a much bigger and more popular event, but I think it requires some fine adjusting to get the small but important things right.

Toni Midgley was our only OAC supporter and photographer out on the course and it was also nice to get a shout out from the treasurer, Ian Broadbent, who passed us in the opposite direction whilst doing the half marathon (Where was your OAC vest Ian?) We also passed 2nd claimer Tom Potter coming into the finish who was also running the Half marathon. Awaiting official times but I believe Tom M finished in 35.30, I was 35.08 and Frank won in 75+mins. Stephen Boddy ran in the 5k event.  ’Twas a good day out for Otley AC.



Sunday 26th October: Bradford Half marathon

Report from Frank Beresford: The Bradford half marathon is a 4 lap undulating course taking the runner around the center of Bradford and through the surrounding suburbs of the city. It was a cool, cloudy and slightly windy day, but at this time of the year you cannot really expect sun! The Bradford Half marathon was well supported by local spectators, with many enjoying see the race progress over the four laps.

The race started at a steady pace. I decided after taking advice from the lads at the club not to go off too fast. I stayed with the leading pack for 9 miles letting the others dictate the pace. I decided to inject a 5.10 minute mile after the 9th mile leaving the other runners behind and continued at a controlled yet faster pace to win the race with a clear lead. Times are yet to be published, however i finished in 1 hour 15 minutes which is ok for a undulating course. I feel I could have run fast but thought it was best to “race to win” because I have a cross country race next weekend.

The event was well organized, with runners and spectators enjoying a good atmosphere.

In the 10km Otley AC got 1st with Liam Dunne and 2nd with Tom Midgley.

It is clear with results from today’s races that Otley AC is a strong running.

And from Ian Broadbent:

Hi all, did the Bradford half today, since I last did it, it has changed to a four Lap course in the city centre with a lot of sharp turns and hills mainly on road and pavements. I used to like the old route but must admit the laps helped with pacing myself. Well marshalled especially given there is a 5k and 10k at the same time. The only downside was the number of curry houses you have to pass, made me very hungry by the end. After setting off with an expectation of just getting round I actually only just missed my PB. The council have tried hard to make this an annual family event , I just don’t think the route they have chosen really showcases bradford. Saw Tom Potter and Liam Dunne who came past me at a pace that suggested he got there late.


Saturday 25th October: Snowdonia Marathon

Matt Podd reports back from wildest Wales: On Saturday I ran the Snowdonia Marathon. I had first run it in 1984 and so fancied seeing what it was like 30 years on.

A hard race with three big climbs, including the Llanberis Pass and another climb to over 1000ft at 23 miles, as you run on mainly roads round Snowdon.

Did the first 10-miles with Paul Tranter from Otley quite fast, then he went on and I settled in for the grind. This is all helped by very fine scenery and a big crowd – the weather was kind and just right for running.

This was my big race for the year and I was very pleased to finish in 4:03:17, 626/1710 and 24/85 MV 55+. I would have been pleased with 4:30, when I was 27 I did it in 3:30.

The finish is more like a fell race with a huge steep descent down a grassy track – tricky in road shoes and then you hit the flat for the last 100yds were I got major cramp – so didn’t manage a sprint finish.

Winners: Alun Vaughan (Eryri Harriers) 2:40:10 and Andrea Rolands (Eryri) 3:08:52.

Daily Post race report.


Saturday 25th October: Great Whernside fell race

After watching Andrew do this last year I thought I might give it a go. It’s an AS 4 mile/1553ft up and down race with a bog in the middle.

Having looked at the registration form, I hadn’t realised it was the Yorkshire Championship race as well so it was a fairly high class field although last years’ winner, Ian Holmes wasn’t there.

The race starts straight into a climb through a couple of fields then up to Hag Dyke Scout Hostel and on to a rocky climb onto a very boggy bit to the summit, which was a bit misty-apparently fairly normal for this race. Read the rest of this entry »


Saturday 25th October – The ‘Colin Best’ Calverley Handicap

The recent birth of a calf provided a bit of pre-race drama at  Colin’s Calverley handicap as some other runners out on a training run were very concerned at the state of the mother.  Soon after Ian had set off on scratch and a visit by the farmer she was back on her feet chewing on the grass, so panic over, or maybe it was a visit by Andy W that was the reason for the rapid recovery!

After saving the mother cow from her near death experience, Andy sprinted hard in the final few metres to snatch victory from Sean with Nicola in a clear third.  Running the course for the first time, it was hardly a surprise that Ian recorded the fastest time with a new course record.  Sean and Andy move to the top of the table on 143 and 133 points respectively, Charlotte dropping to third on 131.  See the full table here.  The next one is the 5 miler at Weeton on 29th November.  Thanks to Colin for marking the route, due a better handicap next time honest…

Time H’Cap Net Time Pts
1 Andy Wester 49:42 15:00 34:42 15
2 Sean O’Halloran 49:44 06:00 43:44 14
3 Nicola Lee 50:12 12:00 38:12 13
4 Antonio Cardinale 50:55 00:00 50:55 12
5 Julian Mawson 51:32 22:00 29:32 11
6 Ian Fisher 51:44 24:30 27:14 10
7 Dominic Egan 51:56 13:00 38:56 9
8 Kath Robertshaw 52:14 03:00 49:14 8
9 Phil Robinson 52:31 12:00 40:31 7
10 Steve Robinson 52:34 19:00 33:34 6
11 David Cattanach 52:43 06:00 46:43 5
12 Nick Hodgkinson 53:08 06:00 47:08 4
13 Toni Midgley 53:36 06:00 47:36 3
14 Colin Best 55:07 12:00 43:07 2

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Saturday 25th: Park Run results



Gender Position



Run Time

1 1 Jonathan CARTER Unattached 00:16:51
18 1 Carianne ROBERTSON Solihull & Small Heath AC 00:19:29
53 49 Richard A CLARKE Otley AC 00:22:04



Gender Position



Run Time

1 1 Hedley HARDCASTLE Derby AC 00:17:16
16 1 Deborah CHURCH Driffield Striders 00:21:57
40 34 Reid Anthony James HADDOW Otley AC 00:25:50



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Sunday 19th October – Shaun Lee Johnstone Memorial

Report by Jackie Ackroyd from the Shaun Lee Johnstone Memorial multi terrain 10 mile: Held on an interesting couple of loops across farm land and tracks near Minskip. Although drier than previous years runners were buffeted by strong winds. Winners were at opposite ends of their running careers . Ladies winner was Ripon’s Tori Green in 1-10-53, a mere 16 years old. Winning man was Steve Brown V50 in 1-03-56. Otley’s representatives were Andy Ackroyd and Jacqueline Ackroyd in 1-21-47 and 1-28-53 respectively. Full results

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Sunday 19th October – Palma marathon/10k

Report from Phil Robinson: Three Otley runners took a long leisurely weekend in Majorca to include the racing events. Malcolm Court tackled his first marathon with minimal training and never having raced beyond half-marathon distance before.
The weekend was unseasonably hot, mid-day temperatures in low 30s, so with a 9am start the marathon runners struggled in the heat. Times reflect the difficult conditions; winner Antonio Roldan Mercadal finished in 2.30.08. Malcolm was looking comfortable at half-way but the wheels locked up at 30k and he struggled from there but managed to finish in 5.20.23. He was more successful with his second marathon of the day – three large platefuls of paella in about 40 minutes. Malc was running to support a charity for disabled children – details at  – please help him if you can.
Tom Hannah and I limited our efforts to the 10k, which seemed quite far enough. Over 1400 runners took the gently undulating route through the old town and a final exposed section along the seafront. It was pretty hot even at 10am when we’d finished, which might have contributed to the slowish times. The race was won by one Tom Carson of Horwich RMI in 33.33, with only the first three runners under 35 minutes. Tom’s time was 55.50 and I was just ahead of him in 51.03 – disappointed to be over 50 minutes but later pleased to find I was first in the V70 bracket.
The day also included a half-marathon (over 2400 finishers, winning time 1.13.07) and two other 10k races – nordic walking (60 finishers, winning time 1.09.21) and ‘walking’ (45 finishers, winning time 1.16.10) I’m not sure what the restrictions are for the different walking styles, but a spectating friend told us marshals were busy warning the competitors about lifting…
Other Otley runners have taken part in previous years but this was my first visit – and hopefully not the last; a weekend to be recommended.