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Saturday 24th September – Park Runs

Otley results from last week, 17 September,  Bradford,  Michael Hastings 22:48,  Mick Jeffrey 24:54, Claire Hastings 38:18.  Camperdown, Dundee,  Andy Webster 24:22.  Fountains Abbey,  Peter Crowder 24:11,  Harrogate,  Paul Kaiser 19:09.  Wetherby,  Howard Jeffrey 25:13.  Woodhouse Moor,  Toni Midgley 34:45.

And for this week:


Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Time
1 1 Nathan Martin Wharfedale H 17:40
13 1 Eleanor Robinson Keighley & Craven AC 20:16
118 108 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 25:02

Fountains Abbey:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Time
1 1 Adam Walker Unattached 17:25
15 1 Laura Bosomworth Thirsk & Sowerby H 19:12
69 57 Peter Crowder Otley AC 23:48


Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Time
1 1 Mark Bryant Harrogate H 17:29
15 1 Alexie Shaw Dulwich Runners 19:53
323 108 Claire Hastings Otley AC 32:21


Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Time
1 1 Hannah Oldroyd Saltaire Striders 18:18
12 10 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 22:19

Woodhouse Moor:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Time
1 1 Benjamin Douglas Notts AC 16:20
35 1 Treena Johnson Dewsbury RR 18:59
10 10 Tom Midgley Otley AC 18:06
16 16 Robin Outtersides Otley AC 18:25
90 9 Holly Davey Otley AC 22:25
93 84 Andrew Webster Otley AC 22:37
111 100 Peter Gosling Otley AC 22:58

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September 17th/18th: British masters championships

Report from Caroline Marler:

*new European record*

I had been trying to break the W65 outdoor British 400m record this season , but with no success except at a meeting where it didn’t count as there was no electronic timing.
At the above Championships I had better fortune and whilst winning the gold medal in the 400m W65 broke the existing record of 73.48 by over a second.
The result was as follows: 1st Caroline Marler 72.37; 2nd Brenda Fee 80.49
It also sliced nearly a tenth off the European record which was 72.45, set in 2010 by Riet Jonkers of the Netherlands.
On the second day of the Championships I added 2 silver medals, in the 200m and the 800m.
All my training and the last couple of races this seasonare geared towards competing in the World Masters Track & Field Championships in Perth, Australia in late October/early November.



Sunday 18th September: Tadcaster 10

Report from Howard:

Back in the day I got my 10 mile pb at the Tadcaster 10 and had always liked the race for that reason and because it was close to home. Then they stopped it, I know not why but now it’s back. It was not very well advertised I don’t think because I had also entered the inaugural Harrogate 10 mile trail race before I saw this was on. Up until yesterday I was planning to do Harrogate but their website said trails could be wet and muddy and take care over the stiles and blah blah. As I have always preferred nice smooth tarmac and you could enter Taddy on the day I did just that. I also wanted to benchmark my current form against some-one currently usually first in my age group. He did Wetherby parkrun yesterday in 19.06 so I expected to be about 5 minutes behind. The bridge is still under repair so the start was a good walk away from the HQ across the river. There was almost no wind but the sun was coming up warm so it was going to be testing out on the exposed roads. Best to start steady and acclimatise in the first mile or so which is what I did. I anticipated a finish in 1.10 at 7 minute mile pace which is what I have managed in recent 10Ks. Got to push on a bit to last for the extra distance though. The first mile was uphill towards the A64 and then turn left into the hinterland towards mile one. 7.30 pace with a guy alongside also aiming for 70 minutes. We catch up another guy who steps up the pace to not let us past and it turns out he too is aiming for 70 minutes as I twig when his watch beeps at 21 minutes as we go through mile three. The sun is up now so it is getting a bit warm although I am comfortable with the pace. We are the three amigos and are able to chat a bit to pass the time and we are also passing people steadily all the way to the finish. At mile 5 there is a welcome drinks station although there has been much more shade than I remember and the heat is not actually beating back off the tarmac as in previous races here. On reflection they had been after noon in late May so the sun and temperature were higher. The course is fast but it is far from flat as there are a couple of fairly long but not too steep inclines to negotiate. On the plus side there are also a couple of descents. The last two miles are downhill a bit then level along a narrow path which is pleasantly shaded, so a bit of a recovery before the finish. I had looked at the finish before the race and knew where it was and started to kick on but eased back when I realised they took you away from it into the town before returning back to it. The amigos had split up by now and the one I had been with up to 9 miles pulled away a bit and the other dropped behind. I crossed the line in 1.10. 42 so that was near enough and was pleased to be within 4 minutes of the age group winner I mentioned before, in 49th place. The race was won by Mike Burrett of Leeds City AC in 54.54 first lady Hannah Oldroyd Saltaire Striders in 11th place in 1.01.12. Some fellow Otley AC members also ran: Tom Midgley was 13th in 1.01.39, Tom Paget was 45th in 1.10.27, Christian Hosker 54th in 1.11.03. Tom P also introduced me to Simon but I don’t know if he is Otley or his surname or time, sorry. 284 finished. They had advertised full vets category prizes 3 in each but then there were not. Maybe they will be back one day too! Nice T shirt though and a medal with just the multi coloured word ‘finisher’ which of the hundreds I have, is about the oddest yet.


Sunday 18th September: Haverah Trail Race

Report from Graham Lake:
I got a last minute entry for this shiny new trail race being run by Harrogate Harriers as I needed some racing after a quiet (and boozy) summer.
The weather was glorious for early autumn, and 224 runners set off down the road before turning onto some lovely quiet fields and woods. I’ve not raced much, or run over 6-7 miles for some time, so took it easy for the first 5 miles, sitting in about 30th place according to one of the marshals.
Getting past Beaver Dyke Reservoir (there are some great Strava segment names round here) there were more friendly marshals with water and jelly beans to point us back towards Beckwithshaw. I’d run most of the race with a chap from Richmond and Zetland, finding if one got ahead, the other caught up, so had a chat and pushed on to gain some places. It was incredibly flat for a Yorkshire trail race, just a few short sharp ascents and we soon started gaining places. A quick shout at 9 miles saying I was in 11th placed spurred me on and I passed one more runner, having let the R&Z guy get too far ahead, but leaving me in 10th at the finish. Really pleased the summer hasn’t broken me too much!
The winner was Andrew Grant (Harrogate Harriers) 1.04.56
First lady was Crystal Goecker in 1.12.56
I came in 10th 1.10.56
Billy 170th 1.44.40
Nicky Gifford 193rd 1.54.33


Sunday 18th September: Kirkstall abbey 7mile trail race

Scott Harrington and Sara Richards were the sole representatives:

Scott finishing 2nd in 36.14
Sara finishing 235th in 1.01.31

The winner was James boxell in 35.37 of pudsey pacers (course record) There was 345 finishers


Saturday 17th September – Thropton Show Simonside Fell Race

Report from the Hon. Handicapper

The Best team at Thropton Show

Thanks to the wall to wall sunshine weekend hospitality of Colin Best at his Northumberland retreat, 5 Otley Ac’s took the start line at the 101st Thropton Show for the Simonside Fell Race.

This is what you could call a ‘proper‘ multi-terrain race, covering an almost waist deep river crossing, farm fields, road, dense woodland and traditional fell.  I find the traditional afternoon show fell race start time motivationally challenging, but as always once the ‘gun‘ goes the competitive spirit takes over, and this was helped with a bit of club rivally with Rogan running strongly after the first river crossing.

The climb to the summit of Simonside was relatively incident free, passing Rogan on the second half of the climb.  Passing the summit cairn, there was a quick respite before a Burnsellesque steep descent through the knee deep heather and rocks.  Once that was negotiated it was back into the thrills of dense forest navigation.  Which all I can say was challenging, but entertaining!  After that it was a fast downhill road section, farm fields. the 2nd river crossing and an attempt at a sprint finish across the show field.

I was happy with 7th overall, 53:41 and the the first old man prize, as the 1st V40 got the prize for 2nd.  Rogan admitted to a bit of a brain freeze on seeing the descent off the top but ran well for 26th, 59:23. Steadily coming back to form Andy Sumner was next back in 84th, 1:15:47,  followed by the host Colin Best finished 93rd, 1:20:24 followed by Tom Hannah 106th, 1:38:12, after losing time wimping out of a second river crossing !!,  the reason / excuse being he assumed he had a good enough lead over his persuers,  and preferred the longer footbridge route choice.

A good day & weekend was had by all thanks to Mr Best,  who kept us entertained, or particularly his dogs, providing lots of pub talk.  Lets just say dogs & tethered birds of prey don’t mix too well…. just ask Colin for more detail. :-) Full results available on the NFR website here.

The race was won by Kurt Heron, unattached, (surely not for long) in 49:07, 1st lady was Karen Robertson, NFR in 21st, 57:58

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Sunday 11th September: Yorkshireman half

Report from Christian Hosker:

I tackled this 15 mile “half marathon” with a view to ticking off a qualifier for the 3 peaks next year. It was hot, hard, hilly work. Dehydration induced leg cramp got the better of me after about 12 miles. Luckily a spectator took pity on me and topped me up with some full fat coke before sending me on my way. I believe Neil Reed, Sarah Richards and myself were the only Black and whites in the half marathon.

Ed Davis was in the full marathon, finsihing 5th in a scorching 3:48. Chapeau again!

1st Male Michael Malyon, Baildon Runners 01:49:06

Helen Livingstone Leeds Bradford Triathlon Club FV50 02:08:32

55th Christian Hosker Otley AC 02:22:41

116th Neil Reed Otley AC MV50 02:41:22

153rd Sara Richard Otley AC FV40 02:56:5



Sunday 11th September – Spen Greenway 10k

Report from Tom Pomfrett:

After spending Saturday moping about with a cold annoying Kirsty, Steve Robinson convinced me to stop being lazy and join him for a nice flat 10K organised by Spenborough AC. The race is an out and back following a Sustrans cycle path along a disused railway. There’s a slight uphill for the first 5k which means you get the benefit of a gentle down on the way back to the finish.

I’ve not run an official 10K since 2011 so I wasn’t sure how I’d get on but I was hoping for a PB and it looked like a good course to try it. Steve and I lined up near the front of the small group of starters and headed off dodging the odd cyclist and dog on the way.

Everything went pretty smoothly on the run although I suffered a bit in the heat and there’s a nice red circle on my white Otley vest where my nipple used to be (note to self, remember plasters next time). Steve also found the going warm and finished not far behind be.

1st – Joe Sagar – Spenborough AC – 33:58

8th – Tom Pomfrett – Otley AC – 39:29

16th – Steve Robinson – Otley AC – 42:46

21st – Joanne Horan – Queensbury – 43:39

Full Results at

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Sunday 11th September – Vale of York Half Marathon

Report from Laura Hind: Super conditions beckoned for the Vale of York half marathon this Sunday, with eight OAC’ers turning out for the third running of this race. A slightly later start due to traffic congestion, but all very stress free on the run up to the start. The race itself is a bit of a lollipop affair, 6 miles out, a loop and then covering more or less the same route back. Although it was sunny, the heat thankfully didn’t kick in until later on in the day and we were able to make it round comfortably (a welcome relief after Leeds half back in May!)

I’d not done nearly the training I was hoping to over the summer due to holidays etc., so was just hoping to make it round pressure-free. Ann and I set off together, with her keeping tabs on our pace. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt, even after 6 miles, but was worried about cranking up the pace in case I blew up towards the end. As it was, by 8.5 miles, I was feeling very good and my pace naturally picked up and I found myself passing people who I’d seen earlier on in the race quite easily. I think my 11th mile was the fastest – very odd – and I knew then that I was on for the sub-2 hour result which has been eluding me! Even managed an ‘Asda sprint’ as I came up to the line and was very pleased to come in in 1:59:04. I did say that I wouldn’t need to do another half once I’d cracked the 2hrs, but that 4 seconds is a bit annoying, isn’t it? ; )

Emma and Rob had brilliant runs in their first half marathons, raising lots of money for their chosen charities in the process. Nicola ran a blinder and Ann also managed a PB! A good day out all around.

Nicola Lee, 1:40:27 (PB) Ged Peacock, 1:50:46; Eriks Zvaigzne, 1:55:35; Andrew Rayner, 1:55:30; Ann Yeadon, 2:00:57 (PB); Rob Fearnley, 2:07:23; Emma Thomson, 2:12:13. The race was won by Jason Cherriman (City of Leeds) in 1:08:55 with first lady, Faye Banks (Pontefract AC) in 1:21:55.


Sunday 11th September – Leeds Triathlon

From Howard Jeffrey:

First, thanks for the accolade for August.

Into September and another triathlon in Roundhay park which is in and around my former training ground so I do it because I am ‘local’. I collected my number on Saturday and horror of horrors barriers were being erected all around the centre of the park for some festival shindig next weekend. It was a close call not to abandon the race as the communication routes from swim to bike to run were in danger of being separated by an iron curtain! Negotiation worked and some panels were left out but the run from the swim exit was extended to about 550 metres. The weather was pleasantly warm and sunny and the water temperature in the lake was ideal. I was in the third swim wave for the standard which was 1500m of two laps round buoys in the lake. The gun went off at 8.25 and we headed for the first marker. I am lucky to be able to swim in a pretty straight line as the buoy was in direct line of the sun so we were swimming blind with a few clashes as people lost their bearings. Not too many in the wave and I settled into a nice strong pace and felt good all the way round. After the water exit was the long drag in bare feet up the carriage drive to the transition which had been relocated to within the barriered area. I had a pretty slick transition despite taking the time to put some socks on and was out to the mount line in good order. The bike route was 40+ kilometres up the Wetherby road which is quite hilly. I was on my racing TT bike so made short work of the hills and felt in good form to beyond Wetherby. The old A1 carriageway is really open textured so it was a bone shaking few miles where there were many punctures. At the turn round at 20K I was expecting a tail wind but it was quite the opposite and we had to work harder into a head wind. I had a good strong ride right to the finish and was only overtaken by two people on the bike leg. Another acceptable transition to the run leg which I thought would be a serious challenge as it was three laps. First up hill 60 which is quite steep, then to the bottom of soldiers field and then a long drag back up the field to the top drive then back down to the bottom of hill 60 again and again mostly on grass. It was hard work up the hill for the first time as my legs got into running mode but then I remembered I can still run a bit so felt comfortable to the end of the 9 kilometres to the finish. Winning the age group was a matter of finishing as the only other guy in the category was more than 40 minutes behind. I was 62nd out of 215 finishers.