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Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th July: Cotswold 24 hr run

Report from el presidente:

As I get older, I’ve seemed to end up trying to run further, rather than faster. Having run 100K over hilly stuff twice and a few other ultras, I wondered if I could do 100 miles in 24 hrs. Looking for possible races that were not too challenging in the terrain I found the Cotswold 24 hr race and entered it. My family come from round there so accommodation was on hand. I stayed at my brothers and had a good night’s sleep before the event, which was a luxury as normally I sleep in the car – or have to get up really early to drive to the start. He delivered me to Gatcombe Park, the country seat of Lady Bathurst who had graciously allowed us to run round her grounds. Lots of opportunities for polo were also available, but sadly I had to pass on them. There was a big tented village with loads of facilities and about 1000 people taking part – a bit of a circus. 110 people took on the race solo, but there were a lot of relay teams from pairs up to teams of 8. It was very well organised and friendly (luckily as it cost £85 to enter). I found a quiet bit of shade under a tree and got ready, packing a bags of food, clothes and stuff to keep me going. It was a 9 km circuit so we could restock every lap. High noon came and off we set for our first lap, on a route that was better than I thought it would be. It was a 9 km circuit through a mixture of undulating fields, woods and tarmac, in a parkland setting with a few romantic ruins and obelisks dotted about and no traffic. Unfortunately it was very warm and still for the first 8 hours and we all struggled in the heat. On about my 5th lap I felt very odd and wobbly and realised I was over heating so took it steady and managed to drag it back. Once it got dark at about 10.00 it was much cooler and easier to run in. You have to be very careful and maintain hydration whilst not drinking too much as you run the risk of washing the salts out of your body and thats very dodgy. I found it hard to eat enough in the heat and wish I’d taken more banana’s as they were good. It was great running in the cool of the night with loads of Owl calls as the sound track, things picked up a lot. As us solo runners plodded round doing the ultra-shuffle we were continually passed by relay whippets who were averaging faster lap times than my best. However I’d decided that I would review progress at midnight and see what my target would be. It had taken me around 12 hours to complete 10 x 9 km laps and lap times were growing as I slowed, so I realised that I was very unlikely to manage 100 miles, and changed my targets. I stopped running at about 4.30 am just as it was getting light having run 108 Km, further than I’ve ever run before and getting a 100k pb by 50 minutes. Very pleased to have achieved this and not bothered not to have got 100 miles in. I could have carried on walking, but thought it was better to be happy with this and not risk more damage. This left me with a bit of a problem, as Sally was not due to come and pick me up till Sunday lunchtime and I had nowhere to collapse. It was a dewy morning and very noisy in the runners village by the start and finish. However near to hand was an ancient folly with a long bench in it and I camped – or cramped there for a few hours. Wish I’d taken a sleeping bag and mat, but I managed to pass out for a bit. Sally picked me up at 10.00 and I retired to my sister’s house for an ibruprophin smoothie, shower and bed. I really enjoyed the race and was pleased with my results. There was an interesting mix of people in the race – a lot of tattoo’s and extreme challenge types, but mainly friendly – someone came up to me and asked if I knew Julian M. Some of them had heard of fell running, but many thought the course was rough and dangerous with too many potholes – and then it got dark! There was a good moon and I spent a lot of time running torch less which was good but not many others dared.
I ran the 28th furthest distance of 110 solo runners – even though some carried on for longer than me. 108 KM in 16 hrs 23 mins – the winner did well over 100 miles, but only 4 others managed it.
Made a change and now I’m going to fall asleep into my third helping of tea.


Sunday 24th July – Great Yorkshire Run 10k

Report from Joanna Hobson:

This morning I went over to Harrogate for the Great Yorkshire Run 10k. This was a very well organised race by The Great Run Series and whilst it was the 10th anniversary of the Great Yorkshire Run it was the first time it had been held in Harrogate, having recently moved from Sheffield.

The course was a (more than expected) challenging, undulating route around Harrogate, mostly on paths off road, and took in the very beautiful Valley Gardens and up to Harlow Carr. For Otley AC I was joined by Louise Penny, John Davis, Gloria Jackson and Andy and Jackie Ackroyd. It was a very hot morning but despite the hills and the heat everybody had a really good run and we were rewarded with a very well stocked goody bag.

The winner of the race was Jason Cherriman, Leeds City in 32:55 and the first female was Sharon Barlow Darlington Harriers in 37:10. For Otley AC Andy Ackroyd 50:36, Jackie Ackroyd 53:16, Joanna Hobson 54:11 ( PB), John Davis 54:50, Louise Penny 1:02:19, Gloria Jackson 1:05:27.


Saturday 23rd July – Cleveland Half Ironman Triathlon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

My philosophy on running has always been to try and run as fast as I can for as far as I can without having to slow down too much ‘just to do the distance’. That is why I have never done a marathon but have always been happy to do halves as frequently as every fortnight because you don’t need the same recovery time. The trouble is I have got heavier with muscling up a bit for triathlons and also I seem to have just got older and although the perceived effort still occasionally feels the same as of old, I generally just don’t go as fast as I can. So what? You ask. Well I did see some interesting half ironman races in Euro and world championships and I asked myself what if I could get to one? You need to have performed well at a recognised event to be considered. Oh by the way the distances for Cleveland are 2K swim, 58 Mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run. In a few moments of madness last February I entered.

As it got closer to the date I had a nagging doubt about the wisdom of going so far out of my comfort zone. As I thought an ironman is completed by amateurs in reasonable shape in under 12 hours, that meant a half ironman (called the Steelman at Cleveland) would be under 6 hours. Just a question of pacing myself (i.e. slowing down just to do the distance). My rough calculations prior to the race were 2K swim, should manage around 40 minutes at a steady pace. Maybe 3 hours on the bike depending on the route, bearing in mind I have never ridden further than 42 miles and the half to finish I was guessing in just under 2 hours. Not counting transitions that put a target time of 5 hours 40 minutes. Oops, I sometimes struggle to even stay awake that long these days. Read the rest of this entry »


Saturday July 16th – It’s a piece of cake trail marathon

Report by Sara Richard:SaraRichard_Itsapieceofcake

The Shroshire ‘It’s a piece of cake trail marathon’ organised by How Hard Can It Be Events! starts in Church Stretton famous for beautiful country side and Long Mynd ( a mountain bike and off road runner mecca).

The race starts and finishes in the stunning Carding Mill Valley, a National Trust haven. There is a half marathon or full marathon option. 13.2 mile laps, fully flagged. Kit requirements stated. Friendly marshals and well stocked check points. Very hilly, mixed terrain, narrow hill tracks, fields, moors, rocky slate down hills. Luckily the weather was perfect if a little too warm.
The pull for me was the blingtastic medal! I love it! I want to collect the others! Check out their website if you are looking for a small, friendly and well organised event with a fun atmosphere and medals that make you smile! And , yes , there was cake!

The winner was Gemma Mallet 4:12:55.7,  Second Stephen Minnikin 4:26:25.9.

I was pleased with 5:55:47.6 coming 23rd out of 31.

I can’t recommend this event highly enough. Give it a go.


Saturday 23rd July – Park Runs


Pos Gender Pos parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Andrew Lawrence Morpeth H & AC 16:48
33 1 Liz Lee Unattached 22:45
39 38 Andrew Webster Otley AC 23:21


Pos Gender Pos parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Graham Corbett Saltaire Striders 18:17
8 1 Claire Cooper Keighley & Craven AC 20:31
115 21 Ann Yeadon Otley AC 26:20
122 24 Laura Hind Otley AC 26:41

Fountains Abbey:

Pos Gender Pos parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Scott Cassidy Unattached 16:43
23 23 Peter Crowder Otley AC 21:17
25 1 Emma Sorby Ripon Runners 21:20


Pos Gender Pos parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Joseph Smith Unattached 16:39
25 1 Louisa Welton Harrogate H & AC 20:27
130 112 Stephen Small Otley AC 25:04
180 35 Charlotte Rawstron Otley AC 27:19
181 146 James Rawstron Otley AC 27:19
227 53 Sarah Jones Otley AC 29:12

Woodhouse Moor:

Pos Gender Pos parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Alec Francis Hyde Park H 17:08
22 22 Cadan Hoare Otley AC 20:06
35 1 Hayley Lawrence Leeds & Bradford Tri 20:57


Thursday 21st July – Danefield Handicap

A perfect evening for running saw a big turnout of 39 runners, including 5 from the beginners group, a couple of the fast juniors and lots of seniors.  Emma and Caroline from the beginners had fantastic runs for this hilly just short of 3 mile route crossing the finish as the first two.

Young Harry Bowness was 1st point scorer in 3rd, followed by Louise Penny and club treasurer Ian Broadbent.  It was also good to see a few of fast boys out with Scott Harrington recording the fastest time of the night of 16:06.

Despite not being able to make this high scoring handicap, Tom Pomfrett retains his lead at the top of the Eric Smith Handicap Table 0n 82 points.  There was lots of big changes behind Tom, with Rob Fearnley, Hugh Pearson and David Cattanach now joint 2nd on 70 points. Click here for more detail on the full 2016 handicap table.

A big thanks to Chef Dominic Egan for the post race BBQ at the cricket club.  The August handicap is the Liz Fawcett Leathley Handicap, Tues. 16th.

Net Time Pos H Cap Pos Name Time H’Cap Net Time Points
34 1 Emma Tostevin 31:14 00:00 31:14
35 2 Caroline Greenwood 31:14 00:00 31:14
14 3 Harry Bowness 31:35 09:00 22:35 33
32 4 Louise Penny 31:44 03:30 28:14 32
11 5 Ian Broadbent 31:57 10:30 21:27 31
12 6 Tony Walker 32:01 10:30 21:31 30
16 7 Hugh Pearson 32:10 09:00 23:10 29
17 8 Andrew Johnson 32:15 09:00 23:15 28
25 9 Rob Fearnley 32:19 07:00 25:19 27
29 10 Andrew Sumner 32:25 05:30 26:55 26
20 11 Billy Rayner 32:28 08:00 24:28 25
3 13 Edward Davies 32:30 15:00 17:30 23
5 12 Tom Paget 32:30 13:30 19:00 24
24 14 Ann Yeadon 32:30 07:30 25:00 22
21 15 Phil Robinson 32:34 08:00 24:34 21
7 16 James Rawstron 32:35 12:00 20:35 20
22 17 Jackie Ackroyd 32:39 08:00 24:39 19
10 18 Mike Hastings 32:43 11:30 21:13 18
8 19 Chris Hosker 32:44 12:00 20:44 17
9 20 Holly Davey 32:49 12:00 20:49 16
23 21 Liz Fawcett 32:50 08:00 24:50 15
4 22 Tom Lynch 32:52 15:00 17:52 14
36 23 Antonio Cardinale 32:54 00:00 32:54 13
18 24 Daniel Mundet 32:55 09:00 23:55 12
37 25 Olivia Waite 32:56 00:00 32:56
13 26 Andy Webster 32:57 10:30 22:27 11
6 27 Jenson Brogden 32:58 13:30 19:28 10
26 28 Joanna Hobson 32:59 07:30 25:29 9
2 29 Liam Dunne 33:03 16:00 17:03 8
1 30 Scott Harrington 33:06 17:00 16:06 7
38 31 Paul Dodsworth 33:13 00:00 33:13
39 32 Sarah Windass 33:20 00:00 33:20
27 33 Colin Best 33:28 07:30 25:58 6
19 34 John Dade 33:34 09:30 24:04 5
30 35 Tom Hannah 33:35 06:30 27:05 4
15 36 Nicola Lee 33:44 11:00 22:44 3
33 37 David Cattanach 33:50 05:30 28:20 2
31 38 Ann Pearson 33:56 06:30 27:26
28 39 John Davis 34:31 08:00 26:31 1


Tuesday the sweltering of July (19th)

Report from Scott Harrington


A rare glimpse of the lesser spotted Off-roader Harrington

On the hottest day of the year I decided to do the latest vets race over at Crossgates as I thought it would make a nice change from my usual tuesday speed session. Thankfully at registration the sun had dipped behind the clouds so it  made conditions slightly better. The race was 5.5 miles in distance and all off road on open fields and farm tracks (i hate off road!!) As we set off, I started off quite cautiously but once i found my footing and after a early tussle with a couple of other runners I managed to open up a decent lead, I was able to enjoy the race and the early evening views, I crossed the finish line comfortably in 1st place in 30.17, there were 168 finishers, of which I was the sole Otley representative. After the race there was a buffet for all runners and the presentation was swift. There was a lovely friendly atmosphere throughout the evening and at £5 entry, with the great marshalling and organisation, what’s not to like!! But I still hate off road!!

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Saturday 16th July – 41st Snowdon International Mountain Race

Report from Liam Dunne: I travelled down to Wales with Charlotte for the annual 41st Snowdon International Mountain Race. This is the second time I have done this event, the first time being five years ago in 2011 and I’ve being threatening to go back ever since. The race starts in Padarn Park in the centre of Llanberis. There is a real carnival feel to the event with all the locals coming out in their droves to watch and support all runners taking part including the elite teams from England, Ireland, N.Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales lining up at the start.
The race simply consists of 10 miles: five miles and approximately 3,500 ft of ascent to the summit of Snowdon and then five miles back down to the finish in Llanberis. The weather around the country was pretty good almost everywhere last Saturday, except Wales. This made conditions difficult for the competitors especially on the fast rocky decent.
My hill training in preparation has been pretty poor but I was hoping for a similar time to my last attempt of around 1 hour 20 mins. I set off at a fairly easy pace and the plan was to push hard for the last third of the ascent, but about two thirds of the way up my calves started to tighten and I was struggling. I was getting passed by quite a few other runners and I knew it was going to be painful on the decent. I reached the summit in about 54 mins and with the wet slippery decent I wasn’t on for my predicted time.
The route down was a lot more congested with walkers and runners than I previously remember and with everyone looking down to negotiate the slippy surface it caused a few collisions, and I was no exception, as I collided with one of the Northern Ireland female competitors as she was making her way to the summit.
With tired legs and bad conditions there was also lots of runners hitting the deck but I managed to stay upright. The last road section off the mountain is exceptionally steep and hard on the body but on the flat return along the road through Llanberis the crowds (including Charlotte) were lining the streets to the finish and offering fantastic support despite the bad weather.
I got to the finish a bit slower than expected in 1.23.36, 66th position overall and 5th MV40. I was happy enough just to get down and finish without falling and I will be back again, hopefully in better condition.
First to the finish and overall winner was English team debutant Chris Smith in an incredible time of 1.05.47 and first woman home was last year’s winner Sarah Mulligan of Ireland in a time of 1.20.51.
The highlights were shown yesterday evening on Welsh channel S4C and I managed to squeeze into a couple of camera shots. For anyone interested in watching the event it may be repeated again soon.


Saturday 16th July – Park Runs

Old Deer Park parkrun

A total of 87 runners took part.

View full results for Old Deer Park parkrun event #290

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Eirin MC DAID Ranelagh Harriers 00:17:12
10 1 Sarah HUTTON Unattached 00:21:34
51 40 Nick HODGKINSON Otley AC 00:28:21

Bradford parkrun

A total of 455 runners took part.

View full results for Bradford parkrun event #319

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Craig SHEARER Keighley & Craven AC 00:16:56
23 1 Lydia FARLEY Bradford Airedale AC 00:21:07
219 174 Rob FEARNLEY Otley AC 00:28:12

Roundhay parkrun

A total of 278 runners took part.

View full results for Roundhay parkrun event #274

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Huw LIPPIATT Unattached 00:18:22
19 1 Myra JONES Valley Striders AC 00:21:07
194 63 Sarah JONES Otley AC 00:30:03

Sewerby parkrun

A total of 170 runners took part.

View full results for Sewerby parkrun event #242

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 James WILSON Driffield Striders 00:18:38
17 1 Hannah Catherine Rachael COX Charnwood AC 00:22:58
45 39 Stephen SMALL Otley AC 00:26:01

Fountains Abbey parkrun

A total of 263 runners took part.

View full results for Fountains Abbey parkrun event #122

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Jason CHERRIMAN Leeds City AC 00:15:52
12 1 Mena SCATCHARD Unattached 00:20:18
89 73 Peter CROWDER Otley AC 00:25:15
218 86 Claire HASTINGS Otley AC 00:33:14

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Sunday 17th July – Burton Leonard 10k

Report from Howard Jeffrey: A lovely day was forecast for Sunday and I was geared up for the Burton Leonard 10K which is a pleasant village in the Yorkshire Dales, near Ripon. I have done this race many times although last time in 2012 and it did use to be popular with Otleyensians in the days of the Black Sheep race series (remember that?). It turned out I was the only black and white on the day but it seemed everyone from Nidd Valley was there and a good turn out from Harrogate and Ripon, them being ‘local’ and all. I had put in a full week of training for the first time in quite a while and had felt good in the week. Target really was to try and better the last outings time of 47.35. The course is not fast and it turned out to be very hot in the sun although the breeze kept the absolute temperature tolerable. The start and finish have moved from the village green to the school to keep us off the road which meant a couple of tight bends out of the school and a sharp steep grassy bank to turn up all in the first 250m and in reverse to the finish. At the top of the bank it’s a tarmac descent to a river crossing which you can either ford or queue for the footbridge. I opted to take a quick breather and keep my feet dry so waited for a few seconds to cross the bridge. I had TIM Broomfield from Harrogate to judge my pace by as we have been neck and neck in the  most recent races together. Tim had been in front up the hill and I had not yet caught him. On the other side of the river a concrete track goes uphill to another road which leads to a sharp rutted descent through the shaded woods and you have to watch your step. After bounding down that the route crosses a field of long grass with a welcome water station at the near halfway mark. Maybe half a mile of grass then back onto tarmac for another mile then an undulating single track through fields back to the road towards the five mile mark. It feels quite warm and I am surprised I have not caught Tim who I think I can see about a minute ahead in the red, black and yellow of Harrogate. Back down toward the river crossing and everyone fairly spread out now so opted to remain dry and took the bridge again. Steep uphill back along the road to the 400m mark and able to find another gear to catch up and overtake third lady towards the finish. My time 45.32 in 58th place out of 248 finishers in the race won by Andrew Grant of Harrogate Harriers in 34.50, first lady Lorraine Mitchell, also of Harrogate in 41.24. Where was Tim? 4.5 minutes behind, I should have gone to Specsavers!