Club Fell Runner of the Year

Club Fell Runner of the Year

The fell runner of the year competition is based on nominated races in the local area. Find the race calendar below. Most of the races chosen will not be at the extreme end of the fell running spectrum but please check specific race requirements, and contact Tom Lynch for any advice on the races if in doubt. The calendar has a mixture of race categories based on the Fell Runners association classification system which can be viewed here.


Scoring will follow the method used for runner of the year, see the Runner of the Year page for an example. A maximum of 6 races will count for the year, plus 1 wildcard race which must be nominated before you run the race. Your best Bunny Run from the 3 race series will count as 1 race. As with the Runner of the Year you must submit or be included in race report with the winners time to be counted for each race.

Wildcard races must be declared before you race and you can only have 1 wildcard choice. Use the form below to submit your choice (or email if necessary). Wildcards can be any fell race you like, but must be in the FRA calendar (or Scottish Hill Runners) to count – which is listed here: or here:

Enter your wildcard choice in the form below:




Results now available up to Burnsall Fell Race 24th August (excluding wildcards):

All Wildcard Total
Gary Johnson 91.3 85.4 81.2 75.9 72.7 406.5
Colin Best 84.0 80.1 79.2 73.5 71.6 388.4
Phil Robinson 94.2 91.8 89.2 275.2
Matt Podd 86.0 83.6 72.1 241.7
Antonio Cardinale 61.0 50.4 47.6 36.1 195.1
Tom Lynch 76.3 75.9 152.2
Ross McCall 82.8 68.3 151.1
Sharron Smith 75.4 73.3 148.7
Tom Pomfrett 68.0 67.7 135.7
Laura McCabe 70.1 63.5 133.6
Andrew Robertshaw 96.5 96.5
John Dade 86.7 86.7
Stephen Boddy 85.3 85.3
John Armitstead 84.0 84.0
Toby Fisher 82.3 82.3
Benjamin Cousen 81.7 81.7
Tony Walker 80.6 80.6
Richard Smith 78.3 78.3
Chris Brunold 77.6 77.6
Joe Torr 75.5 75.5
Neil Reed 75.1 75.1
Bob Baker 72.7 72.7
Renee Saxton 70.8 70.8
Caron Ralph 69.5 69.5
Vicky Stainburn 66.6 66.6
Don Buffham 65.7 65.7
Graham Lake 65.6 65.6
Louise Williams 62.2 62.2
David Cattanach 60.7 60.7
Megan McCall 50.7 50.7

Fell Runner of the Year 2019 results and individual race listing

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