Club Fell League

An informal fell league competition has been set up with main aim to coordinate a good Otley AC turnout at some local fell races.

The league is based on nominated races in the local area. Find the race calendar here and below.
Counters are *starred*, and some other non-counter local fell races are also listed. None of the races chosen will be at the extreme end of the fell running spectrum and should be suitable for all 😀

The calendar has 8 ‘short’ counter races and 4 ‘long’ counter races based on FRA categories with a maximum of 4 ‘short’ races and 2 ‘long’ races to count. In reality the longest ‘long’ race is 12 km, and the ‘short’ races range from 2.4 km to 10 km so choose them wisely!

Scoring will follow the method used for runner of the year (example taken from Runner of the Year page below) for the main competition with an overall winner at the end of the year.


Points are awarded on the following basis:

Your personal time as a percentage of the winner’s time. This is then multiplied by an age/sex related factor.

For example: on 25th January 2013, the Mythical 10km fell race took place…

Name – Time – Percentage of Winner’s Time – Age/Sex Factor – Points
Ben Runner (aged 35) – 31.00 – 100% – 1.0286 – 102.9
James Jackson (aged 30) – 34.30 – 89.9% – 1.0084 – 90.6
Kate Harrismith (aged 65) – 40.00 – 77.5% – 1.4803 – 114.7

Alongside this for a bit of fun, the intention is to award a small spot prize in each counter race (attended by OAC runners) for the best personal performance  – prize for this to be determined, and dependent on a practical scoring method being figured out! 😀

The next counting race will be: (Long) Bingley Show Race 22/07/2017

Current results table after first race:

ell league results after 1st race
Place Name Points
1 Tom Lynch 88.5
2 Gary Johnson 88.2
3 Graham Lake 87.8
4 John Dade 80
5 Colin Best 78.1
6 James Rawstron 74.9
7 Mike Hastings 72.9
8 Don Buffham 66.9
9 Billy Rayner 66.6
10 Gloria Jackson 66.6
11 Antonio Cardinale 55.8

The results of the predicted times for the Toblerone prize for the Chevin Race are here.

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