Club Kit Page

For members and non-members of Otley A.C. there is a range of kit available to buy through Complete Runner at Ilkley.

The kit is made by Fastrax – a sister company of Complete Runner – and by following this Fastrax link you can learn about it’s brand, heritage and profile in running circles.

Club vests (as seen on many of the Club Photos page) can be sourced through Jack Robertshaw on most club nights (Tuesday / Thursday) starting at 7.15pm.

Terms and Conditions

For fully-paid up members of Otley A.C. there is a discount of 15% available on the prices listed below (non-members are able to order any items below at the advertised price). Kit can be ordered through Jack Robertshaw or by visiting the Complete Runner shop who will arrange for delivery of the printed garment to the shop for subsequent collection.

Any colours are available so long as they are black or white…well, these are the club’s colours!

Here is the range of clothing, sizing details and prices. For items below (except Teamster Jacket), add £1.20 for printing in black or white.

Long Sleeve Aquaduct Top £17


Short Sleeve Aquaduct Training Top £15.30


Long Sleeve Aquaduct Sweatshirt £9.50 (XXL £11)


Aquaduct Teamster Jacket £34 (Standard Embroidery £2.50 Extra)


Running Bottoms Aquaduct Supalites £13.60