Otley 10 Mile Road Race – Wednesday 7th June 2017

Click here for the 2017 Otley 10 entry form and race information here, route map, race licencecertificate of accuracy. list of current entries (as at 24th May).  Online entry is available on Bookitzone.

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2016 Otley AC 10-Mile Road Race results can be downloaded Word Doc. here or Spreadsheet here.

Historic Results 1989 to 2016.xls including all-time list here

The race was also the YCAA 2016 Yorkshire 10-Mile Championship, the winners were Jason Cherriman, Leeds City and Hannah Oldroyd, Saltaire Striders.

If you’re using Twitter to keep up to date and to talk about the Otley 10 then use #otley10.

The rules of the race are very simple: You MUST stay on the pavement at all times and keep within the cordoned area over Pool Bridge. MP3 players with earphones MUST NOT be worn during the race – you will be withdrawn if you do not comply!

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Start and finish location map

Start and finish info

Route map

The race licence for 2016 can be seen here, and the Certificate of Course Accuracy is here.

The 2015 results are available as a Word document (v2) here or Excel spreadsheet (v2) here.

Historic Results from ukresults 1989 to 2014 here

2014 Race Photos from Tony Hazell here

2013 results Word Document here

2013 results Excel Spreadsheet here

2013 Race Photos – @ Finish here

2013 Wharfedale Observer report here

2013 Wharfedale Observer Race Preview here

Course map 1 (including 3D flyover course video) here

Course map 2 here

Course map 3 here

Course Start & Finish here

Course map & car parking here

Course profile here

2012 results Word Document here

2012 results Excel Spreadsheet here

2012 Race Photos from Tony Hazell here

2012 Race Photos – @ Mile 1 and Finish here

2012 Wharfedale Observer report here

2012 Telegraph & Argus Race Preview here

2011 results Word Document here

2011 results Excel Spreadsheet here

2011 Race Photos – @ Finish here

2011 Race Photos – @ Mile 3 and Finish here

2011 Race Photos from Phil McGeever here

2011 Telegraph & Argus Race Report and video here

2011 Wharfedale Observer Report here

2010 results Word Document here

2010 Race Photos – @ Mile 6.5 here

2010 Race Photos – Start and Finish here

2010 Telegraph & Argus Race Report and video here

2010 Wharfedale Observer Report here

2009 Race Photos – @ Mile 1 here

2009 Race Photos – @ Mile 6.5 here

2009 Telegraph & Argus Race Report and video here

2008 Race Photos – @ Mile 1 here

2007 Race Photos from David Brett Photography here

2005 Telegraph & Argus Race Report here

2004 Telegraph & Argus Race Report here

2002 Telegraph & Argus Race Report here.