Sunday 12th March – Spen 20

Report from Robin Outtersides

Rogan and I ventured into the beyond in our misguided search of PB’s and glory. The destination was Spenborough was to compete in the annual 20 mile epic, undulator across road….and more road.
We arrived in good time and I proceeded to do some moody laps of the track in search of that winning formula. The race started, as usual on the track and involved a lap of said track before moving onto the road section which winds its way through some rather beautiful countryside close to Robertstown and the surrounding environs.
I felt ace at first and started to make my way with a sub 6 first mile. Having done the race previously and blown up ( and walked ) at 10 miles I knew the pitfalls but enjoyed the opening bit, having done some trampoline training in the previous weeks(!).
The course moves onto a precarious but fun downward motorway section where I established rhythm and tried to move through the field.
On I went until hitting the loop which forms the middle of this run. You seem to reverse what you have done previously and go back the way you came, and I ended up in a sort of swirly dream-like state which wasn’t half bad.
The scenery is lush and there is fantastic encouragement along the way. I hit 10 miles in 1:02 and decided to tick off the rest in sizable chunks ( 13, 15 and then 20 ). Approaching the finish I could see a PB and after passing a guy who had cramp I enjoyed the final straight road section and returned round the track to finish on 5:07 pace. Rogan had dipped out at 12 miles and was sitting there waiting.
This run is good for marathon runners who want to build to that goal. It is well marshalled and altogether a welcome addition to the running calendar. I shall run it again. I came in 6th in 2:07. The winner was John Hobbs for the third year in a row.


Runner of the Month for February

Ann Yeadon and Matt Podd were awarded the prizes this month. Ann for running well since the New Year and getting a 10k PB at Dewsbury which turned out to be 10.2k. Matt was awarded the prize for competing in a variety of fell races and Park Runs including a Park Run PB



Saturday 11th March – Park Runs

Gender Position  
Run Time  
Woodhouse Moor
1 1 Josh NORMAN Owls AC 00:16:07
3 3 Robin OUTTERSIDES Otley AC 00:16:58
50 1 Anna HAY Unattached 00:20:11
372 97 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:27:38
373 276 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:27:39
619 390 Oliver HARRINGTON Otley AC 00:33:44
624 232 Gemma Harrington Otley AC 00:33:53
625 233 Millie HARRINGTON Otley AC 00:33:54
1 1 Oliver DAFFERN Bradford G S 00:17:46
19 1 Kirsty ALLEN Baildon Runners 00:20:13
298 216 John Davis Otley AC 00:30:15
Fountains Abbey
1 1 George MILLS Harrogate Harriers & AC 00:16:13
16 1 Charlotte VAN ZELST Harrogate Harriers & AC 00:19:51
26 22 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 00:21:17
129 97 Peter CROWDER Otley AC 00:26:29
1 1 Chris LIVESEY Preston Harriers 00:16:07
3 1 Sarah MCCORMACK Unattached 00:17:54
43 38 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 00:24:50

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Saturday 11th March – Race 3 Eric Smith Trophy – Wellington Handicap


Ryk on his way to the handicap win

On an ideal day for running Ryk finished a clear winner ahead of President Billy and Rob. Gary recorded the fastest time of the day.  The 3 lap route gives the handicapper and the numerous spectators today a chance to see a bit more of the action than usual.  Billy moved to the top of the handicap table on 47 points ahead of Gary, 44 and Laura 37.  See the full table here.  Thanks to John Armitstead for helping out with the time keeping.

Pos Time HCap Net Time Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Pts
1 Ryk Downes 55:02 11:00 44:02 14:16 14:56 14:50 15
2 Billy Rayner 55:59 14:00 41:59 13:47 14:27 13:45 14
3 Rob Fearnley 56:13 13:00 43:13 14:07 14:44 14:22 13
4 Gary Johnson 56:57 26:00 30:57 10:05 10:31 10:21 12
5 Tom Pomfrett 58:20 24:00 34:20 11:01 11:37 11:42 11
6 Tom Lynch 58:24 26:00 32:24 10:34 11:12 10:38 10
7 Dave Fox 58:37 09:00 49:37 16:10 16:53 16:34 9
8 Ian Broadbent 58:47 18:00 40:47 13:25 14:15 13:07 8
9 Antonio Cardinale 58:49 00:00 58:49 19:30 19:40 19:39 7
10 Daniel Mundet 59:00 15:00 44:00 14:25 15:09 14:26 6
11 Carol Armitstead 59:01 14:00 45:01 15:14 15:31 14:16 5
12 Tony Walker 59:06 22:00 37:06 12:11 12:31 12:24 4

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Sunday 5th March: Norton 9

Report from Howard:

Another club target race saw 6 Otley AC ladies outnumber Billy and I for the Norton 9. This is usually a stiff test at this time of year and I think the others will confirm that is what it was again. The temperature never got above 5 degrees and the rain started at exactly 10 am as the race started. Not too much however and the wind was not particularly bad although I was aware of it in the latter half of the race. Today I wanted to get back to the feel of sub 7 minute miling if possible. I lined up close to the front and at the gun set off at a pace I thought I could sustain. This was helped by the fact the first half mile or so was downhill. A tight right up a slight incline which becomes the sting in the tail as we pass the turn off to the finish. First mile in 6.30 and feeling good. The route is fairly level to mile 2 and through there in 13.03 still feeling good. The Norton 9 is held on this route on this Sunday every year so surprisingly some bright spark had arranged a cycling sportif to come in the opposite direction at the same time. They are all racing too and it’s a public road so there were some frantic alarm calls from the runners ahead. We continued to cross paths with cyclists for the next two or three miles and some of them thought they were doing the Tour de France as they were on the right hand side of the road. I hope there were no mishaps behind and the road eventually became clear again. The route is circular through undulating countryside and the next uphill bit is between three and four. I got to 4 in 27.10, still feeling OK but the average rate beginning to slow. Some nice descents and some long inclines added variety to the course and between 7 and 8 a testing hill into a bit of a breeze and I got to 8 in 56.15 so not far off 7 minute pace and almost a mile of downhill and then the right turn up to the finish on the field. I crossed the line 89th in 63.42 chip time so just outside 7 pace but OK considering the conditions and profile of the route and the lack of recent hard races or speed training. Pleased to have felt so comfortable at 6.30 pace so need to work on stringing ten of them together to be able to contest the age group every race. A total of 525 finished in a sell-out race which was won in 49.52 by Gregan Clarkson of Kingston/Hull AC. Faye Banks of Pontefract AC was first lady in 55.04 and Otley results (some PB’s over 9 miles surely?)

And from Laura Hind:

Unfortunately the sun didn’t follow the Otley 8 down the A1 to Norton 9, but it was a good day out for the runners nonetheless! Fairly quiet country lanes, with the exception of some arrogant cyclists, made for good racing conditions and with only two hills, led to some super performances. Marshalling was great; they thought we’d brought a busload – maybe we just seemed more numerous than we really were – perhaps Hannah was louder than normal, or the frontrunners for Otley were flashing by so quickly, they appeared in duplicate!

Howard, our resident racing snake, put in his weekly appearance to finish first for OAC in 1:03:42. Sara Elliott, on a ‘tempo run’, delivered a fine time of 1:08:17, followed by , Liz Yates, 1:13:33, El Presidente in 1:15:37, Ann Yeadon 1:16:25 (PB), Laura Hind 1:17:32 (PB), Joanna Hobson, 1:22:13 and Hannah Lupton, making her return to the road in 1:22:55. The race was won in a time of 49:52 by Gregan Clarkson of Kingston-upon-Hull AC and first lady, Faye Banks of Pontefract AC in 55:04.

The race finished, we were treated to an extra weights session in the car park, helping people to escape the quagmire it had become due to recent rain! Back to Otley for coffee and cake – a very enjoyable racing experience!




Sunday 26th February – Unofficial World indoor Masters 400m W65 Record

Report from Caroline Marler:

I had a race at the indoor Inter Area on Feb. 26th at Lee Valley. I couldn’t raise a NMAC team so ran in the Welsh team, who put me in a younger age group W50-60 instead of W60-70. This gave me a hard race but I came 4th in 70.98 and broke my own W65 European Indoor Record easily ( it was 73.57) and also the World indoor record of 71.89 (set in 2001). Unfortunately it appears there were not enough level 4 officials judging do it may not be ratified. I will have to do it again! I have the British indoor Champs on March 11/12 and then the World indoor Masters Champs in Daegu, Korea from March 31st.


Sunday 26th February – Snake Lane 10

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

Another targeted race saw 6 representatives from Otley turn up. I expect more tried to enter but this is one of those races that fills up faster than you can run it. The limit is 1200 I believe but there were only 795 finishers which is 400 no shows which is quite high even for a winter race. I have been doing this race for at least 25 years off and on and sometimes the weather has been atrocious. Not on Sunday however, apart from a stiff in your face breeze from about 7 miles which made for a testing run in along a straight open road. My plan for today was either to blast a 69 minute ( I have done several 57’s here in the distant past, so it’s all relative) and contest the age group or a steady 75 if Sara came and was up for a PB. I have been nursing a sore calf so I was rather hoping a day as pacer would get a good workout with less risk. Happily Sara was one of the other club members and we worked out the target as we warmed up. Sara has gone through 10 in sub 75 in half marathons but her PB was 77.52 so pretty ‘soft’ and beatable. Race pace of 7.23 per mile and we went through 1 in 7.20. I felt great but Sara was already struggling to breathe comfortably and suggested I pushed on. I was tempted as I still had sight of most of my rivals but thought ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’. Mile 3 still at target pace although Sara obviously working hard and not enjoying the trip out and I bet she was wishing I had ‘pushed on’ or something similar! We got to half way and I was checking regularly to see what was happening behind. Just go if you want she suggested a couple of times but we were still on for a 75. Her foot was hurting by now but was still moving well. Sorry but I still felt pretty good and was enjoying the day. The course is fairly flat with a couple of inclines and at 6 it gets to the ‘snakey lane’ bit and that rises up a bit to 7 where the wind was gusty and across till you hit the main road back into Pocklington. A bit of undulation and a relentless breeze into your face was going to make any PB well earned. I encouraged Sara to keep digging which she did and although disappointed with the time got a PB by 1.19. My calves were stiff after the race but in one piece whereas the PB was gained at the expense of sore knee and groin, probably brought on by the sore foot.

The Male and Female winners of the race seem to have disappeared from the results so I don’t know what has happened there so Tristan Learoyd of New Marske Harriers in 55.12 appears top and a dead heat between Josephine Stone and Georgia Campbell for first ladies in 1.01.00. For Otley, Peter Crowder was first home in a brisk 1.04.33, them me in 1.16.24, Sara Elliott in 1.16.33 (PB), Elizabeth Yates in 1.20.40, Andrew Rayner ,1.24.19 and Ann Yeadon in 1.25.11, all chip times. Full set of results here. What next? The Norton 9.


Sunday 26th February – Ilkley Moor Fell Race

Report from Matt Podd:

Off we went on Sunday morning to Ilkley; myself kindly chauffeured by Caron with Andrew as well, to laugh at us and have a gossip. Benign conditions for this race made a pleasant change. There is a big set of Junior races first and our youth was represented and did well. After the normal pre-race chat, spy of the opposition and warm up we lined up and were off. The first half mile is very congested and frustrating (well not for Tom Adams) as you climb up to the Cow and Calf, but it opens up from there and racing can commence. The moor did not disappoint and was a fetid morass, well churned up by those in front – I’m glad I had some new shoes with massive studs. Down the dangerous descent and haul up the other side  to head over to the Badger Stone and on to the start of the descent. A bit of a Cresta run well lubricated with plenty of mud. Just before the final plunge a malicious rock secreted in a deep lagoon of cold cocoa tripped me up and I finished covered in mud and blood. Approximate finishing order, after Tom Adams and Helen Glover. Tom L, Speedy Gary J, Graham L, James R, Matt P (following in the V70 winner storming Norman), Caron R (who beat old friend Martin Smillie), Serena B, Sara R, and Antonio. A great race and we all got well filthy, thanks to the Robertshaws and Sean supporting us on the course. I had to go and beg giant wound dressings off the neighbour when I got home.

Woodentops photos 1,2 and 3 and some more Woodentops photo’s Tom & Gary, Graham, James and another of Gary, Full results here:

1 Tom Adams Ilkley H. 37.16
19 Helen Glover F Ribble Valley H. 46.33
23 Tom Lynch Otley AC 47.06
34 Gary Johnson Otley AC 48.56
53 Graham Lake M40 Otley AC 50.59
168 James Rawstron M40 Otley AC 61.33
184 Matt Podd M50 Otley AC 62.37
226 Caron Ralph F40 Otley AC 67.09
292 Sara  Richard F40 Otley AC 78.46
321 Antonio Cardinale M60 Otley AC 110.50


Saturday 25th February – Midgley Moor Fell Race

Report from Shane Ewen:

After a 9 month self imposed hiatus on health grounds, I returned to the fellShane_Steve_MidgleyMoorFRs this weekend. Steve Robinson and I travelled over to the beautiful Calder Valley for the Midgley Moor fell race. 5 miles with two good climbs, approximately 1,250 feet, the going was good, boggy, windy, and wet, with a pint of milk from the farmer at the finish. The perfect return really!

I took things easy, being a fan of completing races rather than being carted off the moor in an ambulance.

Lots of route choice, bouncing over heather to reduce the level of leg scratching, and a bit of bog hopping. Beautiful views when I looked around too.

Phil Marsden (Horwich) won in 43.14. Claire Duffield (Todmorden) was first woman in 55.43, 30th overall. I finished 18th in 52.48, Steve not far behind in 32nd in 55.53.

Thanks to all the marshals for standing out in tricky conditions, and to the Woodheads for excellent photographs here: Set 1 and Set 2.

Good to be back.


Saturday 25th February – Beginners Park Run Lister Park

Report from Billy

Following the success of the Couch to 5k plan started in January, a number of the beginners travelled to Lister Park to take part in the Park Run. Despite a bad forecast conditions were perfect at the start. A number of main members turned out and thanks to Matt Podd, Sara Elliott and Ann Yeadon for running with the beginners. Results for main members who recorded times will appear later in the usual Park Run consolidated report.

First to finish was Ryan Breeze in a very impressive 25:27 followed by Maggie Oates (28:53), Hannah Louise Birch (30:12), Yasmin Timmins (30:31), Rebecca Keinhorst (31:05 PB), Julie Oates (32:12), Lynne Lister (32:38 PB), Helen Dixon (32:40), Paul Dodsworth (37:23) and Nicola Doherty (39:05 PB).

A fantastic effort from everyone.

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