Runner of the Month for March

Awarded jointly to Tom Potter and Toni Midgley.

March has been a busy month for both of them; Tom came 50th in the Spen 20 with 2:26:13, and recorded 63.18 in the Thirsk 10; he has also been busy with Park Runs and RunSunday.

Meanwhile Toni also took part in the Thirsk 10 as well as the Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k finishing with a PB in 57:10, and has also run the Esholt Handicap plus two Park Runs.


Tuesday 8th April – Bunny Run 2

Report from Caron:

CYes it’s that time of year again, our annual visit to the cold, windy Dimples Lane quarry.  Bunny run #2 was well attended by the black and whites with 7 runners entered and some even managed to run just in vests which is highly unusual due to the April temperatures in Haworth being nearly Arctic. Steve, Lisa, Gloria and Laura were having their first taste of Bunny mania and judging by the comments after the race, were glad to have made the trip over (even if it is for only 2.8 miles).  As per usual everyone pushes forward only to be screamed at to move back and wait for the shout to start then the mad, frantic dash is underway. The 3 lap course wasn’t too bad this year although there was some very muddy patches that were quagmires by the 3rd time round and racing against kids doesn’t seem to make us adults run any faster!

First man home was Tom Adams of Ilkley Harriers-now on his 6th bunny run win in 15.17,  first lady was Katie Walshaw of Holmfirth in 17.52.

For the black and whites, first home was Steve Robinson,20:36, Laura Clark, 23:12 (I’m sure she’s been doing some secret training) followed by myself, 24:08, Bob Baker 24:18, Richard Hamer 25:32,  Lisa Maughan 27:37 and Gloria Jackson 33:42, (action photo).  None of us ventured to the pub after but a quick peek thru the window confirmed the amount of chocolate on offer this year was just as abundant as previous years and is thrown out to the crowd by the mens and ladies winners (apparently this year they threw out crisps and haribos as well as easter eggs).  An enjoyable run that is a permanent fixture on my calendar every year.  Full results and lots of photos on woodentops here.


Sunday 6th April – Pollenca half marathon (Majorca)

Mark Hall reports:

Working in Majorca for 7 weeks I finally managed to find a race, Pollenca half marathon, incorporating the Balearic Island Championships. However, working and late nights had left me seriously short of race condition. I decided to enter the race with no idea how my form was. The race was mostly flat with the final 5kms undulating. After 7kms I was struggling and the rest of the race was a hot slog (70 degrees). I eventually finished 12th in 78.15, very disappointing as I was 2.30 minutes down on last years time. I still managed to win my MV50 (54) category by 4 minutes. It was a poor and frustrating result.
The winner was a Spanish runner Quais Zitane 68.19, 690 runners finished the 8th addition of this race.
Full results here

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Sunday 6th April – Harewood 10k

Another trail race win for Robin Outtersides finishing in a time of 36:46, with Stephen Boddy in 49:34, Jane Butler (55:48), Joanna Hobson (1:02:21) and Ann Yeadon (1:10:25).

Report from Stephen Boddy:

I had been looking forward to this race as it seemed like a good distance to do a week before London and I’ve done this run in the past and I think it’s a great course, undulating with one really tough climb but good trails all the way round with plenty of muddy puddle thrown in for good measure. The only negative is its busyness, both on the course and getting out the car park which took a fair bit longer than the run took Robin. I picked up Robin and my mate Ian, and we set off in good spirits.   Well, Ian and I were in good spirits, Robin was thoroughly down about the whole event saying that he hated the waiting around and the running(!!) and only really enjoyed the journey there. It turned out we had very little time to wait around as the queue to get in and to sign up meant we got to starting point very close to the starting whistle. This meant that we all, Robin included, started from the back.  I felt good throughout the run and achieved my target of dipping under 50 minutes and finished in a net time of 49mins 32 seconds. This was quite pleasing as it was a 10k PB on a fairly tough course which gives me hope for a good time on a flatter road course. When I finish these races I try and find Robin who has usually finished long before me. There is always some mystery surrounding where he might be. Is he lost? Still out there running around Harewood? Has he got bored of waiting for me and run home? Sunday was a new one for me. As I was scanning the fairly sparse crowd trying to locate him I heard an announcement over the PA system; “In first place, Robin Outtersides” and there he was climbing onto the podium. Considering he started at the back and was not keen on the running at all, 36 mins was a very impressive time and coming 1st was no mean feat. Robin told me he didn’t even realise he was in the lead until he broke the tape.   All in all, it was a very successful outing.

Please comment if admin has missed any other Otley folk.  See full results here.


Sunday 6th April – Blackpool Half Marathon

Report from Paul Clifford

I ran my second half marathon at the weekend at Blackpool. Blackpool marathon was also taking place at the same time. The half marathon was a single lap of the route and the marathon was 2 laps (although no one seemed to know the actual route, not even the organisers). It was my first ever race whereby I’d never received my race number in the post, instead I had to collect from the Hilton Hotel the day before or really early the morning of the race. Knowing what I’m like for needing the loo before I race I decided to collect it on Saturday.

Sunday, race day, not exactly looking forward to the race as I’d not been running very well since my first half marathon last month (Silverstone). Weather was dry, cold and at times very windy. Race started and by the time I’d reached 3 mile I could have dropped out, I felt terrible. Nicci and Katie were waiting with a sports drink for me at about 7 mile which was greatly received and great to have the support.

Heading north towards Fleetwood we turned around and headed back alongside the beach. The wind was ridiculous for about 3 mile. I got running with a really good pack of runners, some of these turned off to start their second lap for the marathon. I wished them good luck and could only think thank goodness I was finishing soon.

I finished 48th out of 985 and 5th in my category with a time of 01:35:01.  The half marathon was won by Damian Carr – Coventry Godiva in a time of 01:16:02. Emma Ballantyne was the first lady home finishing in 15th with a time of 01:26:28.  See full results here.


Sunday 6th April – Manchester Marathon

RichardS_TomP_MachesterMarationTom Potter and Richard Smith both travelled across the Pennines recording PBs for the classic distance, Richard finished in a time of 3:09:12 followed by Tom Potter in 3:17:55.

Andi Jones from Stockport Harriers won the race in 2:16:55, Emily Wicks from Aldershot Farnham and District was the first lady and 22nd overall in 2:38:21.


Sunday 6th April – Not the Sheffield Half Marathon

Report from Andy Webster:

Well it was an early start to ensure I did not get stuck in traffic. Arrived in good time about 7.45 for a 9 AM start or so we thought. At 8.40 we were told there was a thirty minute delay to the start but no official reasons. Then my Garmin died! what else could go wrong?

Well about 9.45 still no race but we thought things must be close as the elites started warming up. Five minutes later and we were given the news the race had been cancelled, some speculation about no water!

Well 5000 runners thought they would just have a mass jog! Well perhaps the people at the back did not realise it was off. Ignoring the police and stewards off we went. I felt after travelling all this way, and needing to do a long run thought might as well follow.

The standing around had not helped and felt quite stiff for the first few miles, but picked up the pace though not sure much as no timing, and at the turn at Hunters Bar felt pretty strong. Slight tiredness set in at 12 miles. But kept on going to the finish, not sure what time I did, but I think around 1 hour 40.

The race “cancellation” made the news, but the marshals and crowd were excellent and helped us all around.

Doing the Leeds 1/2 marathon 2 weeks before the Edinburgh marathon, hopefully the water turns up this time!


Sunday 6th April – Blubberhouses 25

Shane Ewen reports:

Having been injured since Christmas, this was my come back event. Not a race as such; more a low key LDWA event with beautiful scenery, good banter and well-stocked checkpoints. Starts at Bland Hill, follows the shore along Swinsty and Fewston before following the river to Thruscross. Then over Rocking Moor to the shooting hall, across and down to Bolton Abbey Tea Rooms, Storiths, Deerstones, then a stiff climb up to Beamsley Beacon. There follows a beautifully boggy moorland run across Blubberhouses and Round Hill moors to Timble Ings. Then, through Timble and back via Swinsty dam head.

Ran steady and comfortably, especially enjoyed the moorland stretches. More of a training run for the 3 Peaks, as well as just enjoying running again pain-free. Finished in 3 hours 32 for 11th place. All in all, a great morning and running with a smile again.  Results will be available here.


Sunday 6th April – Wakefield Hospice 10k

Report from Ursula.

This is a great run if you are fit! It claims to be undulating which I suppose is fair but it felt more like a hill up to the turn point at 5k and again up to the finish. However, what goes up must come down and so there are some great stretches where you can really get going…

Given the unseasonably warm weather the water stop at just after 5k was welcome as I needed to cool down – can’t quite get my head around only running in a singlet in April!

The organisation was great with plenty of parking and space to warm up. If you are on form it could give you a good time so one to think about next year.

The race was won by Nathaniel Williams (unattached) in 33:14 and the first female was Helen Singleton of Wakefield & District in 36:26 who was also a very creditable 10th overall.

I came in with a time of 47:47 but it did give me first position in my age group F55 so that’s rewarding!


Sunday 6th April – RunSunday

Lots of Otley folk this week, Steve Turland from Ilkley Harriers won in 20:23, Jenson Brogden was 4th in a new age category record of 22:04, followed by Hugh Pearson in 6th 24:38, Charlotte Tomlinson 8th 26:03, Sara Elliot 9th 26:47,  Gemma Harrington 10th 26:53,  Emma Jones 12th 28:28, Hannah Mallinson 13th 28:34,  Debra Brown 18th 34:20.  See full results on RunSunday here.