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August 25th-31st – European Vets Championships, Izmir, Turkey

Otley AC’s athlete Caroline Marler reports:

These championships were held in very hot conditions but the timetable was split into two sessions to avoid the midday sun. I ran my individual events, the 400m and 800m before it got too hot luckily (8.30 a.m. & 9.20 a.m.)
I was pleased to win both comfortably, retaining the 400m title I won 2 years ago in Zittau, Germany.
The results with first 3 positions were as follows:
400m Women 60-65
1st Caroline Marler (G.B)70.23 – this was my fastest for 2 years
2nd Anna Micheletti (Italy) 73.03
3rd Ulla Karneback 75.04

800m. Women 60-65
1st Caroline Marler 2.48.05 (my best since winning the World Champs. in Brazil last year)
2nd Ingerlise Jensen (Denmark) 2.51.68
3rd Anne Debray (France) 2.54.92

I was also part of the 4x100m & 4 x400m relay squads which won gold medals.


Saturday 6th September – The Ben Nevis Race (6miles/4419ft)

Report from Simon Anderson:

Being led to the starting line by a march of pipers was the first of many memorable moments of The Ben Nevis Race. This was on my ‘bucket list’, and many other people’s besides it would seem, which might explain why entries open in January and fill up in a day. If you know nothing about the race then it’s as simple as this: starting in a sports field at sea level in Fort William, you race to the top of Great Britain, and back down again. Will we still be able to say that next year?
Since being injured back in May/June I haven’t pinned a number on an Otley AC vest. However, when it came to ‘The Ben’ I had to make an exception. There were no ambitions to race this event, in fact I started at the very back of the field, literally standing there as everyone else charged off. Given my condition I took it relatively easy, but unfortunately the injury flared up after around 3,500ft climbing and I had to take my waterproof out and walk the summit plateau.
If the climb was quite mind numbing, the descent had entirely the opposite effect and was all anybody talked about post-race. The scree was like skiing off-piste through a boulder field, sans snow, and Red Burn made my legs buckle, then combust. In fact I’m sure that Red Burn takes its name from the physical symptoms that it induces. The final mile was on a single track lane that resembled a death march, and the trudge around the perimeter of the show ground to the finishing line was sadistic and unedifying.
The race was won by Finlay Wild (Lochaber AC) in 1:34:43 with Robb Jebb 13 seconds behind. Lindsay Brindle (Horwich RMI AC) was triumphant in the women’s race in a time of 1:56:36, and I believe that Wharfedale may have won the team prize. It took me 2:21:49, enough for 221st place (485 finished) Incidentally, my race time was approximately 15% of what I spent travelling in the car over the weekend. So would I make the journey again? Absolutely! Me and this mountain have some unfinished business…


Saturday 6th September – Parkruns

Leeds Parkrun:

Race winner Chris Mann (Hyde Park Harrier) 16:50, first female Hannah Brown (Skyrac AC) 19:06, For Otley Nicola Lee in 95th position with a time of 23:56.

Harrogate Parkrun

Race winner David Driver (Barnsley AC) 17:01, first female Lauren Woodhall (Harrogate H) 20:13, For Otley Lucy Mowat in 172nd position with a time of 29:07.

Sewerby Parkrun

Race winner Danny Brunton (Bridlington RR ) 17:30, first female Sian Morgan Driffield Striders) 20:50, For Otley…(Yes you guessed it)…. Reid Haddow in 92nd position with a time of 40:24.


Wednesday 3rd September – Ilkley Incline

Hon. Handicapper reports:

Having raced little during the summer I was happy with a time a few seconds faster than last year and had a good view of a close race up front where Jack Wood from the host club just held off Emma Clayton for the win.

Full results on Ilkley’s www here.  Otley results:  1st Jack Wood, Ilkley H 7.47,  2nd Emma Clayton, Bingley H. 7:49 & new women’s record,  I was 5th  8:19, 6th Edward Davies 8:26,  20th Rogan Ashton 9:14,  followed by 25th Steve Robinson 9:32 & 68th Antonio Cardinale 15:07.


Sunday 31st August – Wetherby 10k

Tom Midgley lead the Black & Whites home in 17th place in 36:19 (chip time 36:17), Tom Potter was 58th in 41:02 (40:58), Howard Jeffrey 115th in 43:56 (43:47), Phil Robinson 283rd in 49:59 (49:44), Billy Rayner 352nd in 51:59 (50:58),  Toni Midgley 707th in 1:04:44 (1:03:30). There were 863 finishers.

The winner was Andrew Grant (Harrogate Harriers) in 32:50 (32:49) and the first lady in 15th place overall was Pauline Munro (Wetherby Runners) in 35:56 (35:55).



Sunday 31st August – Paras’ 10 race

Richard Clarke reports on the Paras 10 race:

I completed my third Paras’ 10 P-Company Challenge at Catterick Garrison on Sunday and for the third time on a warm and sunny. I appreciated the weather before and after, but not so much during the event.

338 competitors completed the 10-mile course as a ‘simple’ run and 670 of us taking the role of a Tactical Advance for Battle (TAB) carrying 35lb.

It was a particular challenge in the heat, but it’s an enjoyable and well organised event and one I’ll be doing again next year.

All profits generated are donated to the Parachute Regiment Charity which supports serving and retired members of the Parachute Regiment and airborne forces, and assists the wounded and the families of those who are killed in service.

For the second time this year I was within a minute of the target time of 1:50. This time missing out by 39 seconds – so back again next year. The most positive spin I can put on my result is an age-graded position of 53rd out of 670.

They made an announcement at the event encouraging more club runners to join in – and this year they offered a discount on the entry fee.


Sunday 24th August – 2014 Weyer ETU Standard Distance Duathlon European Championships

I have not race reported for a while but that is not because I have been inactive… au contraire!

I competed in the English Sprint Triathlon championships at Eton in July and came sixth in my age group. I also did the British Standard Triathlon Championships, in Liverpool in early August, and came sixth in my age group. Pleased with that result as I had a good race all round and it qualified me for the Euro Champs, in Geneva, next year.

Went to Austria to do the European Duathlon Standard Champs, in Weyer last Sunday. Absolute deluge of rain till about two minutes before our start then pretty good conditions. Managed 42:30ish for the first 10k then my trusty Nike Mayfly shoes (supposedly good for 100K, then throw away) finally fell apart coming into first transition (they owe me nought as I have done thousands of K in them!).

I wanted to bury them with ceremony on an Alpine pasture but Jacque would not let me. She said it was in some way toxic pollution of the environment!

Three times up Mont Blanc (so it seemed) was HARD on the bike and was a real lung and heart tester over 40k. The chain came off on the first grade but I only lost a bit of time but no placing in my age group.

During the downhills on the bike I had time to reflect (despite the terrifying hairpins) on how I was going to do the last 5k run without a right shoe on some pretty sharp gravel paths! I had rubber bands in my bag… not robust enough! I had a spare number belt I could tie round… plausible! Eureka… I was wearing calf compression sleeves so I thought I could just slip it down over my shoe and it would hold it together… guess what… it did! (21:23 for the 5k). I thought it would be destroyed by the friction but when I took it off it was barely even dusty!

Not relying on it for next time as I have a spare pair of Mayflys waiting in the wings ready for call-up. With the lost time I may have made one position higher although I doubt it but… guess what… I came sixth! Second UK counter in my age group also prequalified for next year’s European Standard Duathlon at a place to be decided… so a bit like a mystery tour!


Saturday 30th August – Park Runs

Leeds Hyde Park parkrun
Sara Elliott was 103rd in 23:54. The winner was Rashaad Jorden in 17:16 and the first lady in 21st place was Josie Cram (Uni of Leeds AC) in 19:29.

Southsea parkrun
Nick Hodgkinson was 96th in 26:27. The winner was Stuart Farmer (Serpentine RC) in 17:45 and the first lady in 15th place overall was Natasha Perry in 20:57.

Bradford parkrun
Reid Haddow was 127 in 26:50. The winner was Joe Woodley (Skyrac) in 18:13 and the first lady in 28th place overall was Lucy Miller (Bingley Harriers) in 21:53.

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Tuesday 26th August – Kilnsey Crag Race

Report from Matt Podd:

I went to the show and spectated at the race a few years ago, and thought that this was one not to be missed. It is only 1 mile long, but with a near vertical descent; an Iconic BOFRA race with history and real class. One for the bucket list if you want to call yourself a fell runner.

So I took the afternoon off work and went for a trot. About 70 of us lined up on a nice day, and off we went. The ascent is OK, then 200yrds flat on top and then dive dive dive, over the edge. Wild death potential with rocks whistling past – except for the one that hit me on the back of the leg. Then comes a slight lull before the main event: The vertical gully! This now has a rope down it to assist you – which the old-timers say spoils the fun. Didn’t stop some bloke falling past me.

From there to the finish in the show field is a path.

Ted Mason was second, not sure who won – but it wasn’t me. Well I’m glad I’ve got Yorkshires most dangerous fell race done and survived – if covered in blood.

The show is excellent – a real Dales experience.

Results: 1st Rob Hope, P&B 8:07,  1st Lady Caroline Lambert, Wetherby R 10:55,  64th Matt Podd 13:38.

All the results, including sheep, cattle, walking sticks and adult handicrafts (fnarr fnarr), or just the Crag race on the BOFRA site here & lots of Woodentop photo’s here and Caron’s fell race and dancing sheep photo’s on the club flickr here, they did shortly after these were taken honestly.


Monday 25th August – Spofforth Gala 10k

Results:  1st Tim Midgley, Bingley 33:50, 1st Lady Sarah Attwood, York Knavesmire H. 42:48. Full results on ukresults here.

A slightly earlier than scheduled start caught out some of the Otley runners, busy chatting.. 15th Rogan Ashton 39:46,  117th Jaqueline Ackroyd 50:39,  123rd Colin Best 52:12,  173rd Don Buffham 1:00:32.

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