Sunday 20th November – Tatton Park Half Marathon

Report from Andy Webster

Christian Hosker and I ran in the Tatton Park half marathon today.

Grim weather initially cold and wet. But the sun can out at least for second half of the race. Chris finished around 1:34. I finished in my fastest half for at least 6 years in 1:37:15. Full results here


Sunday 20th November – Brampton to Carlisle 10m

Report from Mark Hall

Winner: Nick Swinburn, Morpeth 50.18

Mark Hall, 1st V55, 56.58. 27th place
It was another long trip north this time to Carlisle, not as bad as the previous week (Glasgow). I had 2 targets for the end of season, Abbey Dash, to go under 35 mins. The X International (last week) was a nice distraction but never a target and the BC 10m. It is said to be the oldest road race in the UK, it’s even older than me! (64th running) I was looking to go under 58 mins. I managed to record 56.58. The conditions were excellent the course has 3 hills and lots of straight roads. I was on a very good day and managed to take over 1 minute off my own UK best time as well as reducing the club record. It’s worth doing this race at least once as it attracts a quality field as well as being a rare place to place event.

Full results here


Sunday 20th November – Clowne Half Marathon

Report from Howard Jeffrey

The longer the distance the more effect the weather has on the performances. Today it was wet, cold and blustery. The course is all on road but only one short stretch between miles 8 and 9 is level. On the whole of the rest of the course you are either going up or down. The hills are thankfully not severe but still enough to be a bit of a challenge. Time to recover on the downs despite the wind though. 853 people entered and 687 finished so I think the prospect of a slog through the elements deterred quite a few despite it being the Derbyshire championships. The start had changed this year and was organised into anticipated finishing times which I like. I lined up in the 1.30 to 1.45 section anticipating a 1.35 finish because of the weather and course which I know well even given the few alterations to improve the route this year. I set off steadily at what I thought was a sustainable pace and went through mile one in 7.15. I steadily passed all the optimists who had started in the sub 1.30 section over the next 5 miles and then the order was more or less established to the finish. As the race wore on the damp and the wind chill were noticeable and even the water at the drinks stations was too chilly to drink today. I managed to keep steady all the way round and averaged 7.15’s to finish in 1.35.32, 83rd overall. Another best time of the year and second ( by a minute) in the age group. The winner was Phil Skelton of Steel City Striders in 1.16.41 ( I know that is fast but for a winning time which here is normally under 1.12 must reflect the conditions). First Lady was Fiona Kesteven of Totley in 1.30.23 in 38th place. We got a T shirt and a hoodie so at the end we were able to stand around mumbling about the race with other individuals with hidden faces: it was like being a teenager again!

Full results here



Saturday 19 November – Park Runs

Woodhouse Moor parkrun
A total of 362 runners took part.
View full results for Woodhouse Moor park run #482
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Ciaran FORDE Horsforth Harriers 00:16:44
3 3 Robin OUTTERSIDES Otley AC 00:17:38
23 23 Steven Robinson Otley AC 00:19:54
32 1 Myra JONES Valley Striders AC 00:20:38
59 54 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:21:49
317 107 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:34:16
Fountains Abbey parkrun
A total of 271 runners took part.
View full results for Fountains Abbey parkrun event #140
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Adam PEARSON Richmond & Zetland Harriers 00:17:03
29 1 Shamiso SISIMAYI Kirkstall Harriers 00:21:34
132 92 Peter CROWDER Otley AC 00:27:41
133 93 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 00:27:41

*Update* Missing parkruns from 12/11/2016 (Sorry!)

Fountains Abbey parkrun
A total of 229 runners took part.
View full results for Fountains Abbey parkrun event #139
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 George ANDERSON Hyde Park Harriers 00:17:41
16 16 Peter CROWDER Otley AC 00:20:15
20 1 Ella TOWERS Unattached 00:20:45

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Sunday 13th November – Dalby Dash

Report from Howard:

Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire is a fine venue for a testing mainly off road 10K. The trees were multi-coloured, the sun shone, the air was still and cool and all in all a great day to race alongside (or better still in front of) another 485 runners. A first, as far as I know, in that more than half the field today, were women (258 finished). A respectful start on remembrance Sunday with two minutes silence, preceded by a cornet playing the last post with a young lad hitting all the difficult notes. I had left the drive a bit late and took a wrong turn in Thirsk so had to park in one of the late spots 15 minutes from the start. By the time I had picked up the number, left my stuff back in the car and jogged back to the start, I was well warmed up and primed ready to go go go! Cornet played, silence, count -down from 10 and we are off. I was stationed maybe three rows back from the front and the first 500 metres is downhill so I was able to speed off with the pack. A few in the wrong place but that sorted itself out by the time we got to the bottom of the hill approaching 1K. I had a good week of training so was not fazed by the hill and apart from maybe three or four youngsters passing me going up I was around where I should be. There is a prize for the first man and women across the top of the hill (King and Queen of the hill) actually in an odd place about 500 metres before the hill ends but close to the 3K mark. There felt to be power in my legs today, so I kicked on up the last of the hill where the marshals encouraged you with ‘it’s all downhill from here’. Quite a gap had opened between me and most of the rest of the field behind and now the targets were all straight ahead. Avid readers of my weekly column will be aware I am still able to scorch downhill and although the tarmac had turned to track, the going was solid, just beware the mountain bikers on the way up! I built up a head of steam and overtook maybe 15 people on the rapid descent. ETA went steadily down from 46 minutes at 4K to 42 at 7K, 40 at 8K. At 8.5K the track levels off a bit and although only slightly undulating I was disappointed to have gone through 9K in under 36 minutes, maintaining my speed, to find by the finish, the time had gone back up to a time of 41.37. Still in 2014 I finished in 41.36 and was first o/60 so pleased to be within a second, two years older and wiser (?). Almost forgot, first o/60 today too in 53rd place. The race was won by Chris Roberts of York Knavesmire Harriers in 33.15, first lady Helen Cross, unattached, in 36.32 in 9th place. No other B&W’s here today but spoke to a couple who finished just in front of me who are about to move to live in Otley so I said they would be most welcome at the club, so maybe shades of grey (not in that way!) at the moment.


Saturday 12th November – Burley Moor Race

Report from Lisa Maughan:

After having to sit this “home” run out last year due to my aching joints I was determined to do it this year, come rain or shine… and rain it did. conditions this year were challenging underfoot and I was glad to remain on two feet throughout. Only a handful of Otley ACers were out today, perhaps due to the clash with harriers vs cyclists. Still, a good race as usual, and well done to my husband on his first race for Otley A.C. (managed to beat him though thankfully)

Report from Matt Podd:

A few of us met up at Scalebor pavilion to run The Burley Moor Race again. About 6 miles and nearly a fell race with some good running over the east of Ilkley moor. Warmer weather, and the rain stopped by the start so off we all went for a splash through peat soup. Lovely trot out. Phil Livermore won in 47.23 with Jemima Elgood first woman in 51.48. Full results here and photos from Woodentops here, set 1, set 2.

7 Tom Lynch 49.42
19 Ed Davies 52,05
24 Rogan A 53.27
51 Steve Robinson 57.21
104 Matt P 1.06.16
113 Serena Blackburn 1.08.37
128 Lisa Maughan 1.15.46
132 Carl Maughan 1.16.40
154 Antonio 1.51.00



Otley’s Caroline Marler breaks European Record in World Championships in Australia.

Otley Athletic Club’s Caroline Marler has just returned from the World Masters Athletic Championships in Perth, Australia, with two medals and a new European record to her name. The Masters World Championships are for all athletes over 35 years old, with competition being divided into 5 year age bands. The last was in Lyons, France and the previous one was in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where Caroline won the world 800m title for 60-64 year olds.

Hampered first by a hip injury and then by a chest infection which made it impossible to train for the three weeks before the championships, it was at one point doubtful whether Caroline would be able to compete in Perth at all. As it was, she managed to reach the finals of both the 200m and the 800m in the first week, though unfortunately just missing out on medals in both these events.

Later, in the second week, she also qualified for the final of the 400m for women of 65 to 69. In the 400m final she claimed the bronze after tantalisingly leading the race with 20 metres to go. Her time of 71.34 seconds was a new European and British record, beating the old mark (made by Caroline earlier in 2016) by the large margin of just over one second. Caroline also ran the last leg of the 4 by 400m relay, in which the British Team ran well enough to break the old world record by over 3 seconds. Unfortunately this was not quick enough to beat a very strong Australian team so, despite their heroics, the Brits had to be content with silver. The USA came third.

The World Masters Championships are held every two years in cities all over the world, with the next being in Malaga, Spain in 2018. The Championships in Perth were by far the largest athletic event ever staged in Australia, with around 4500 competitors, which is about double the number taking part in the London 2012 olympics. This is over twice as many athletes as in the Sydney Olympics of 2004 and several times the number that competed in the Melbourne Olympics of 1956. Among the oldest were Romania’s 97 year-old Dumitru Radu, who successfully completed the 8 km cross country as well as the 800m. The oldest sprinter was Australia’s Arthur Carbon, a 96-year-old former soldier.

Information, and videos of the events can be found at the Championship:

img_9917-c-a img_0789caroline-in-perth-1


Saturday 12th November – British & Irish Masters International X Country

Report from Mark Hall:

I drove up to Tollcross Park, south of Glasgow city on the day. The race was over 8k and 4 circuits of an undulating, muddy course. My race was for runners 50/55/64 years. The event has individual placings but it is more about the team race. The races had teams from England, Ireland N/S, Scotland and Wales. The race set off at a very fast pace as all X events do, I managed to hang on to a group for a couple of laps then unusually let a gap appear which I was unable to get back even though I closed on the final lap. From lap 3, I found myself between groups with nobody close behind so I ran to maintain my position. I finished 8th in my V55 category which I was very pleased with. My last X race was in 2010, a 3 miles relay! I really was not expecting a top placing from this event so was delighted to get in the top half of the field and only get beaten by 7 others. The top 4 were experienced X runners and with a little more X training sure I would not be far off as I have beaten them all comfortably on the roads this year, however, it’s horses for courses and X is definitely not my course!

Even though I only finished 8th I was part of the winning England team that won the gold medal at V55, an excellent result beating last years champions, Ireland.


Saturday 12th November – Harriers Vs Cyclists

Report from Tom Lynch:

Harriers vs Cyclists is an unusual local race so had been in my calendar for a while, however it also fell on the same day as Burley Moor race, which is now my local race, and which I also fancied I had a better chance of doing well at. I toyed with the idea of doing both, and after deciding I was feeling OK after Burley Moor I headed down to Bingley to enter the race. As the race fell on the same day as the FRA dinner in Skipton there were quite a few top class fell runners/riders from far and wide to be spotted in the field lining up at the start (not to mention Bingley’s own top class runners many of whom seemed to be on their bikes today).
All new terrain for me, despite being so local, the route goes from the canal by the Fishermans pub up to the top of Baildon Moor via Shipley Glen. I tried a bit of a warm up, but decided it was a very bad idea on tired legs and so gave up. The start is very steep and is a race to the gate bottleneck at the top of the field, the runners and cyclists seemed to naturally form into two distinct groups on the start line, and the first few minutes are a fairly mad scramble. Andrew and Flash were out cheering us on, with Caron, myself, Don and Bob amongst those running for Otley, apologies if I’ve missed anyone. The results are on the way, the winner was Tom Adams on foot, with Rob Jebb coming in second on his bike. The day was pretty boggy, and I would predict that the running team won overall, as many of the cyclists seemed to be a bit far down the field.

3 sets of photos from Woodentops at 1, 2, 3, 4 and more here, a video from the start, results here.

**UPDATE- Results**

1 Tom Adams R Ilkley Harriers M 00:34:03 Course Record
2 Rob Jebb C Hope Factory Racing M40 00:34:30
26 Anna Lupton R Black Combe Runners F 00:41:18 (1st Woman)
77 Tom Lynch R Otley A.C M 00:46:05
201 Caron Ralph R Otley A.C F40 00:57:17
206 Bob Baker R Otley A.C M60 00:59:03
234 Don Buffham C Otley A.C M60 01:06:21


Thursday 3rd November – News from the Committee meeting

Runner of the Month: This month’s awards go to Scott Harrington and Hannah Lupton.


Little Miss Naughties

Scott for his pb and sub 2 hrs 30 minutes 3rd place at the PlusNet Yorkshire Marathon, (see finish Scott’s finish and interview at 39 mins, “…one happy man”).  Hannah for a brilliant effort in her first Ultra and at the Round Ripon Ultra.

Well done both.

Lifetime membership:  The committee are pleased to announce that Kath and Jack Robertshaw have been recognised their many years of support and service to the club, (since the late 1980’s), with the award of lifetime membership.

Couch to 5k Target run:  The latest beginners group have targeted the Bradford Lister Park, Park Run event on Saturday 3rd December for their first 5k.  It would be good to see members taking part too, with a post run Tea/Coffee and biscuits/cake and chat.