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Sunday 12th June – World Triathlon Series Leeds

Report from Stephen Boddy:

Anyone who has done a triathlon will understand the issues surrounding having two separate transition areas and with over 5000 people StephenBoddy_LeedsTricompeting on the Sunday I figured this would have to be a slick operation to keep people moving smoothly. We had to register at the university on the Saturday and then drop our running kit off at T2 by the old swimming pool. I bumped into Gwen Jorgensen whilst doing this and felt inferior for it.

On the Sunday morning I drove to Roundhay Park in plenty of time for my 7.56am swim, racked my bike and packed my stuff in my Green ‘dry clothes’ bag. The swim is always my weakness but it’s a bit disconcerting when the lifeguards keep asking if you’re ok. Straight out the water with a headrush and a wobble and off to grab my bike and ditch my wetsuit in my blue ‘wet clothes’ bag, and I was off to the bike exit, the bikes were racked a good 300/400m from the water which added time to my total.

The bike ride was a very quick route on closed roads through Meanwood and Headingley down to the centre of town and then a long drag back up for another lap. On the route back down I got overtaken by some pretty powerful athletes with bigger bikes and bigger calves but I arrived in to T2 feeling pretty good. However, my legs soon deserted me and I had to live on borrowed reserves for 3 of the 5 city centre loops. These 2km laps were really well supported but the number of runners and tight corners meant it was hard to keep a steady pace. All in all I was relatively pleased to get round the whole thing in a fraction over 3 hours.

It was 11am now and I went to get my green and blue bags from bag collection which was a small marquee near the finish. Despite it being over three hours since I dropped my bags off at Roundhay Park, they still hadn’t arrived and it wasn’t until nearly 2pm when I had both my bags in my possession. It was quite a sorry sight as for many people, these bags contained their wallets, phones, warm clothes so we had nothing to do but shiver and stiffen up for a few hours. It is merciful that the rain held off as long as it did.

I got away lightly too as I was only number 2822. All numbers above 3500 had to take the shuttle bus to Roundhay to collect their stuff and then come back into town for their bikes. I heard stories of people not being able to collect their bags until the evening, meaning missed trains, late journeys home and a lot of hanging about in cold, wet tri suits. It also meant a lot of people missed the local phenomena known as the Brownlee brothers who put on an exceptional show for the locals.

As I cycled back to Roundhay to pick up my car (as they wouldn’t allow bikes on the shuttle bus) I reflected on the day, the actual race was excellent but sadly when you spend more time queuing than competing a sour taste will be left in the mouth.  Luckily I had paid for the event last summer so I wasn’t too disgruntled that my considerable fee hadn’t been put to better organisational use. To be honest, I still have a sour taste in my mouth today but I think that’s all the lake water I drank during the swim.

and a report on the team relay race from Phil Robinson:

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Saturday 11th June – English aquathlon championships

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

Today I competed in the English national age group aquathlon championships. What the heck’s that I hear you ask. Last year I did not know myself but discovered when I entered the Leeds sprint triathlon scheduled for Sunday 12th that it was on for today. 750 metre open water swim in Roundhay park lake which I have done a couple of times in other events and then 5K run, along effectively the Roundhay parkrun course but in reverse. Mass start at 12.30 for the men with the women 5 minutes after. The water was a balmy 18 degrees and was wearing my original Zoot suit (not the gangster type, google it but the wetsuit) because I have not had breathless experiences in it to date. None the less I let the others pull away for a few seconds before I got into a rhythm which was quick by my standards but relatively slow by national aquathlon standards. No bad experiences and I came out of the water near the back of the men’s wave but just in front of the first lady. There was quite a long drag up to the transition which allowed me to remove most of the suit and get warmed up for the run. Any-one that knows Roundhay will appreciate that it is a hilly and challenging course but I know it well and knew where it would suit me. That was around the little lake and down the carriage drive where I can get a head of steam downhill. I was breathing heavily coming into transition but by the time I got my running shoes on I was good to go. On the first lap of two I passed two of the age group rivals and on lap two another three and had a pretty good run in to the finish. The 5K took 22 minutes or so which at Roundhay park is OK. The results are up live and I had managed third so picked up a bronze medal which was the best I could have hoped for as the two in front were three minutes faster in the water.

As for the sprint tomorrow, I withdrew because, without going into detail, I was not happy with the logistics of the finish. I feared hanging around exhausted in the cold and damp which would not have been good for my troublesome chest and I have the European aquathlon championships in France in a fortnight. I am still a runner though, because next week is the Wakefield half marathon.


Saturday 11th June – Weets Fell Race

Report from Steve Robinson:

On Friday night I was debating whether to do a parkrun the following morning but came across a fairly local fell race on the FRA website. I managed to pursuade Tom Lynch to join me at late notice, so the two of us set off to Barnoldswick on Saturday morning for the Weets fell race.

It’s a fairly low key event as we gathered at registration, Antonio was also in the crowd warming up and he seemed in good spirits after a brief chat.

The Weets fell route is advertised at 5.5miles/1804ft and is a typical AS race whereby there are 2 or 3 good climbs but all your elevation is quickly lost on the following descents. The running conditions were perfect on the moor, with a lot of support too on the route, mainly for the local teams Barlick fell runners and Clayton le moors teams.

Results can be found

1st Thomas Corrigan (Barlick fell runners) 38.08
1st Lady Sarah Tipler ( Barlick fell runners) 45.43


19th Tom Lynch 45.53
36th Steve Robinson 49.42
134th Antonio Cardinale 1:29.34
134 finished

Lots of photos too on the Barlick fell runners facebook


Saturday 11th June – Park Runs


Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Will Kerr Saltaire Striders 00:17:05
5 1 Hannah Oldroyd Airedale Dodgers 00:18:48
27 26 James Rawstron Otley AC 00:21:13
30 29 Michael Hastings Otley AC 00:22:03
99 84 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 00:24:50
262 73 Claire Hastings Otley AC 00:31:14

Fountains Abbey:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Gary Dunn Thirsk & Sowerby H. 00:17:14
4 4 Peter Crowder Otley AC 00:19:10
15 1 Rebecca York Unattached 00:20:24

Temple Newsam:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Daryl Hibberd Valley Striders AC 00:17:32
14 1 Rosemary Byde Edinburgh RC 00:21:07
160 35 Sarah Jones Otley AC 00:31:46

Woodhouse Moor:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Benjamin Douglas Notts AC 00:15:57
49 1 Liga Magdalenoka-Keen Chapel Allerton Runners 00:21:22
88 81 Chris Carver Otley AC 00:22:59


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Thursday 9th June – Full Bronte 5 (incorporating Yorks Vets. 5 mile Champs.)

Report from Mark Hall:

Winner: Tom Adams , 26.16,  1st Lady Hannah Oldroyd 31:22

6th Liam Dunne, 29.21, (2nd V40)

7th Mark Hall, 29.24, (1st V55)

There were a few issues with finish times, full set of results here.

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Thursday 9th June – Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race

Report by the Hon. Handicapper:

This one is becoming a favourite shortish fell race, (~5 miles & 1500ft), if 40 minutes to an hour or so of running can be described as short, of course this is all relative depending on your natural talents.  It’s a race over the hill almost reaching the village of Arncliffe before a return climb further up the valley finishing with a steepish descent and short sprint along a flatish stony track.

Local farmer Ted Mason, Wharfedale H. was first back in 36:44,  1st lady Lorena Lozano Sufrategui from the host club North Leeds Fell Runners.  I was 6th in 39:54 and Caron was 56th, 57:29.  All in all a superb little race with stunning early evening views of Littondale & Upper Wharfedale.

Also Late news from Bank Holiday Monday 30th May:  Austwick Amble Fell Race, (~8 miles & 1200ft).

1st Ted Mason, (again), 49:56, 1st Lady Caitlin Rice, Glossopdale H. 58:15, 17th Rogan Ashton 58:01, (lost his sole about half way, his shoe not personal :-) ). 92nd Caron Ralph 1:15:46,  112th Don Buffham 1:25:49.  See a race report and results here.


Sunday 5th June – Sport Chevin Fun Runs


2.5k 5k
Pos Name Age Club Time Pos Name Age Club Time
1 Aston Brogden 9 Otley AC 10:26 1 Jim Clay 19:51
2 Charlotte Rawstron 10 Otley AC 10:30 2 Theo Clay 11 20:24
3 Sadie Bentham 10 Otley AC 10:41 3 Jenson Brogden 11 Otley AC 20:30
4 Elle Louise Sharp 12 12:00 4 James Rawstron Otley AC 20:55
5 Kieran Green 12 Otley AC 12:09 5 Holly Davey 13 Otley AC 21:35
6 Alfie Milner 8 Otley AC 12:31 6 Jake McBrinn 12 Otley AC 22:35
7 Jessica Rawstron 8 Otley AC 13:40 7 Ryan Naude 14 22:36
8 Imogen Webster 14 Otley AC 13:42 8 Andy Webster Otley AC 24:25
9 Skye Fuller 9 Otley AC 13:45 9 Alfie Milner 8 Otley AC 28:57
10 Alice Webster 10 Otley AC 13:47 10 Angela Srivastava + Kieran 10 Otley AC 29:05
11 Helen Webster Otley AC 14:23 11 Ryk Downes 30:05
12 Daniel 10 15:32 12 Alex Brown 9 32:36
13 Jack Simpson 8 15:37 Archie Ekman 6 (1 lap of the field)
14 Finlay Barraclough 6 15:37
15 Millie Harrington 9 15:38
16 Rory Tomlinson 8 15:38
17 Oliver Harrington 5 15:41
18 Noah Dobson 6 15:52
19 Mikey 8 15:53
20 Maisie Lambert 8 17:13
21 Nelson Charlton 10 Otley AC 17:13
22 Edward Joce-Simpson 9 17:13
23 Bobby Milner 5 17:41
24 Jasmine Voller 10 18:22
25 Charlie Bennett 6 18:24
26 Heather Voller 9 19:43
27 Clara Page 7 19:50
28 Michelle Charlesworth 20:05
29 Olivia Charlesworth 6 20:05
30 late starter 21:59
31 late starter 21:59
32 Niamh O’Halloran 4 23:10

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Saturday 4th June – Park Runs

Bradford parkrun

A total of 391 runners took part.

View full results for Bradford parkrun event #313


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Graham CORBETT Saltaire Striders 00:18:04
19 1 Karen PICKLES Pudsey Pacers RC 00:21:02
97 85 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 00:25:02


Fountains Abbey parkrun

A total of 243 runners took part.

View full results for Fountains Abbey parkrun event #116


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Ben PEASE Ripon Runners 00:16:45
20 20 Peter Andrew CROWDER Otley AC 00:20:04
28 1 Mena SCATCHARD Unattached 00:20:47


Horton Park parkrun

A total of 62 runners took part.

View full results for Horton Park parkrun event #55


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Alistair GALT Queensbury RC 00:18:23
13 1 Emily EATON TURNER York Triathlon Club 00:24:00
31 9 Claire HASTINGS Otley AC 00:28:23



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Thursday 2nd June – Apperley Bridge Canter 10k (multi terrain)

Report from Mark Hall:

Winner: Phil Tedd, Thames H&H 34.27

Female: Hannah Oldroyd, Saltaire Striders 38.09

Seven OAC runners took part in this event.

Mark Hall 11th (1st V55) 37.04

Shane Ewen 34th 39.51

Sara Elliot  174th 49.56

Andrew Rayner 213th 51.59

Sara Richard 265th 55.44

Reid Haddow 288th 57.51

Rob Fearnley 312nd 59.27

Best run of the evening by a long way was Reid, welcome back.


Wednesday 1st June – Otley Chevin Fell Race

Report from Tom Lynch: The 40th running (according to the FRA, but somewhere else said 36th?!) of the Otley Chevin Fell Race fell in half term, and the day after the Swaledale Harrogate League, so numbers were a little down on the usual for Otley, also a debut for the new black vests, which may have confused a few of the spectators. Jack Wood (Ilkley Harriers) won in 17:45, first woman was Bronwen Jenkinson (Eryri Harriers) in 21:27. For Otley I think I ‘just’ missed out on first local to Jack Wood, coming in 17th in 20:54, followed by Tom Pomfrett (22nd) in 21:18, James Rawstron (42nd) in 23:09, Kirsty Pomfrett (80th) in 26:16 and Antonio Cardinale (104th) in 39:27. Strong performance all round, with those of us that ran it last year taking at least a minute off our times.

Results can be found here