Sunday 21st October – Bridlington Half Marathon

Sunday 21st October – Bridlington Half Marathon

Report from OAC’s Reid Haddow:

796 finishers on a very murky, fog bound Sunday morning on the East coast.

The Bridlington Half is a very popular road race and has been held since the early 1980’s and included the Yorkshire Veterans Half Marathon Championship, so there is always some top quality club runners about in all the veterans categories.

OAC were represented by four “Black and Whites” who had ventured out to the seaside

The start and finish are on the Promenade at Bridlington and the course took you towards Flamborough village, turn right and a four mile stretch towards Bempton, the home of the seagull colonies (although you didn’t go as far as the cliff face), then out into desolation with the murky fog giving an unreal atmosphere to the surrounding countryside, then the long run down Bempton Lane followed by the long run in to Sewerby Park and onto the cliff tops.

Normally you can see the the finish from about two miles away but not today! A last mile gallop onto the Promenade lined with spectators for the last half mile and then, trying to dodge prams and dogs on the run in, there in the gloom, the finishing line but the clock had stopped working!

“Oh I do like to be by the seaside, oh I do like to be by the sea, where the Brass Bands play, tiddley pom pom pom!!!!”.

Great runs from Tom Padget 50th (88.59 – a PB), Howard Jeffrey 72nd (and fourth mv55) in 90.53, Reid Haddow 354th (and fourth mv65) in 108.59 and Dave Hainsworth 621st in 125.00.

The race was won by Paul Marchant (Rothwell) in 70.19 and Helen Cross (Pocklington) 21st overall in 82.10 (all gun positions and chip times).

Results from Sports Timing Solutions.

Well done all the “Black and Whites”!

Dave Hainsworth comments:

“Cool, calm and very foggy but perfect conditions for a fast time if you were up for it – which I clearly wasn’t. Very good performances from all the other OAC runners. Times reported are gun times which, as the results points out, are the official times. Ain’t been to Brid in 40 years but it but it doesn’t look to have changed a great deal – from the little I could see of it through the fog”.

Race report in the Telegraph & Argus.

8 thoughts on “Sunday 21st October – Bridlington Half Marathon

  1. Reid that was a strong perfomance, and from the photo on the promenade i can tell that you mean business. It was the right decision for you to do, to join the Otley ac because you are getting powerful by the day. Well done also to Tom ,Howard, and David as well.

  2. Well done to my fellow finishers, I thought conditions were perfect, with no wind in your face for the final 13 miles back along the prom! I am pleased and disappointed in equal measure. Achieved steady 7 m/m pace and felt good till they put us across a short patch of grass ( never before) at 12m and took my legs from feeling stiff to being stiff. I had been on track to overtake the V55 in front which would have got me third (which is what I had hoped for at the start). Had to hobble home (a family trait) so was pleased enough with the final time considering. Was with Jacque and under instructions to leave immediately

  3. I echo your sentiments Howard. Perfect running conditions, although perhaps not perfect spectating conditions!

    I imagine there are spectacular views on virtually any other day of the year, and it seemed to me to be one of those very rare events where the downhill sections more than justify the uphill ones!

  4. Well done all, looks like a race for next years diary for sure.
    Reid just how do you do it? – fantastic

  5. Definitely one for the diary next year, well done to all, some incredible times! Special congratulations to Reid on his time having had a below knee amputation (see photo).

  6. Well done all. Does look like one for the diary. Reid those runners in that photo look to be struggling to keep up!

  7. Pleasure now outweighs the disappointment. Got the third prize trophy (via Reid/Mick: Many Thanks). One of the others had obviously not entered the championships or had lied about his age!!

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