Sunday 13th September – Yorkshireman Full & Half

Sunday 13th September – Yorkshireman Full & Half

Report from Phil Robinson:

Great results from OAC runners in the yorkshireman in spite of brisk winds!
in the full marathon rob grant starred in 8th place, lee gumbrell and matt clegg together in 47th and 48th – well done guys!
in the half, a brilliant 4th place by richard smith, terrific runs from graham lake and sara elliot 17th and 36th, Andy webster 66th and i was 68th out of 160 finishers.
A relief to get back to our addiction after 6 months…. and a very different experience;
the covid-induced system of staggered start times meant that we were overtaking slower runners and being passed by faster runners for the whole of the race rather than stringing out in the first mile or so.
congratulations to scubagary and his team for making this event work in extremely difficult circumstances!
and thanks philip bland for photos!
Full results on the sportident website here

One thought on “Sunday 13th September – Yorkshireman Full & Half

  1. Well done indeed to Phil R . To leave behind 92 good runners is a great achievement , to finish a hard half marathon like the Yorkshireman in 2.44 it means that Phil has done an amazing performance .

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