October 17th – 31st Eric Smith Handicap Trophy – Weston 2 Lap Handicap

October 17th – 31st Eric Smith Handicap Trophy – Weston 2 Lap Handicap

This month’s handicap is a revival of sorts of an old handicap round the Weston Estate, the old route was a 2 lap course that ran down Weston Lane, to Weston Drive, Meagill Rise, Weston Ridge, the Oval and Newall Avenue and was about 3.5ish miles.  To extend this to 5 miles & add  a couple of hills I’ve added a loop up Rumplecroft, St Davids & St Richards.

The start is at the end of the hedge on the left on Newall Ave,  at the end of the first lap, don’t go down Newall Avenue, continue on the Oval to the Weston Lane exit, at the end of the second lap, turn down Newall Avenue and finish by the 20 mph sign on the left.

See map below for details,  note the two footpaths off St Richards & St Davids, (the St Richards footpath is the second footpath that comes out near Rumplecroft junction with St Davids)

Or a see an alternative map here

Run the handicap route any time you like between Saturday 17th October – Saturday 31st October,  small groups up to 7, could start together on club training nights if it’s an early run!

  1. Email me on androbertshaw@gmail.com at least a day before you plan to run the route, so that I can give you a handicap time, before I might see it on Strava!!
  2. If you’re on Strava just send me a link to your Strava run,  such as:  https://www.strava.com/activities/3742412886.   If I don’t currently ‘follow‘ you may possible need to allow me to follow you, any difficulties just email me…
  3. If you’re not on  Strava just record your time & send me the details, (we’ll have to rely on honesty here..)
  4. I’ve created 3 Strava Segments for each lap and the full route,  for those using Strava I will take the segment time for the full route.

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