Big Flat Runway Races 4th Oct

Big Flat Runway Races 4th Oct

Tales from an Airfield – Tony Walker

So a few of us finally got chance to put a number on and race against people we didn’t know for the first time this year. A big thumbs up to the Even Splits team for getting it on…but it was a bit strange.

In the current circumstances superbly organised. Specific arrival times, clear holding pen, plenty of toilets hilariously positioned well away from each other. Plenty of hand sanitiser. They even supplied a snood which you had to wear for the first 50m of the start.

So they called everybody over to the start area and let everyone go in groups of 8 at 15secs intervals. A benefit of the modern world is chip timing which meant it didn’t matter when you started. As there were no rules as to who went forward it turned into a bit of a handicap with people constantly overtaking and undertaking. What was also interesting is that they offered a variety of distances from 5k to marathon and some of the races were happening at the same time. So the 10kers were mixing with the marathon runners which created a couple of amusing moments for me -probably an insight into my humour. First of all shortly after the start there were a series of drinks tables. Some had sophisticated drinks etc and I thought wow they are prepared. Then I realised it was for the marathon runners who were just joining the lap!!! Then a few hundred meters further on a fellow Otley Acer by the name of Scott Harrington came racing by. We passed pleasantries and as he started to disappear in the distance I thought ‘he’s not going away quite as quick as I thought. Maybe I’m feeling better than I think’ A few more seconds passed when I realised he was doing the marathon and was fast approaching a half marathon just as I was starting!!!

The course itself was probably as exciting as a race I did a few years back where the most exciting part was the start in a Sainsbury car park!! You followed the runway one way a short right hand turn then back down another runway. For the 10k it was 2 ½ laps. It sounds a really fast course and would have been if there had been no wind!! The problem with an airfield it is by definition, exposed! It was blowing a mini hooley down one side!

So with that in mind how Scott managed under 2 ½ hours is beyond me. A great run by Richard Smith as well and young James in the 10k. Everybody was saying the wind significantly slowing people down so I’m claiming an adjusted time of 39.59!!!!! In my dreams…

2/131 Scott Harrington Marathon MV40 1/22 2:28:59
89/298 Tony Walker 10K MV55 3/18 42:37
8/117 Richard Smith Half Marathon MSEN 4/20 1:17:47
88/158 James Greenlay 5K MJUN 7/9 21:50


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  1. Huge compliments to Scott H. for the fantastic performance in the airfield marathon with the super fast time of 2.28 , considering the strong wind on the runway , Scott did a time that is more really worth in normal weather conditions near 2.24 . Well done to the junior James G. in the 5k race , James crossed the finish line in a strong 21.50 . Also Richard S. did a great race finishing the half marathon with the brilliant time of 1.17 . Tony W. did a splendid 10k race in 42.37 but in reality Tony performance is worth 39 minutes .

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