Eric Smith Handicap Trophy Race 5 – West Busk Lane, Golf Course

Eric Smith Handicap Trophy Race 5 – West Busk Lane, Golf Course

May’s handicap is the 4 mile West Busk Lane, Golf course route,  start and finish at the end the town end of West Busk Lane, see map below.  (I had thought to start & finish outside no. 36 but the starting from the end of the lane makes it pretty much spot on 4 miles). 😜  If I’m about when you plan to run I’ll be happy to time you..

Run the handicap  see route map below any time you like between Monday 17th May – Monday 31st April.

Note, the route crosses a couple of fairways, so to avoid have to wait for golfers, it would probably best avoiding popular golfing times at the weekend & follow the yellow posts…

Email me on at least a day before you plan to run the route, so that I can give you a handicap time, before I might see it on Strava!!

  1. If you’re on Strava just send me a link to your Strava run,  such as:   If I don’t currently ‘follow‘ you may possible need to allow me to follow you, any difficulties just email me…
  2. If you’re not on  Strava just record your time & send me the details, (we’ll have to rely on honesty here..)
  3. I will create a strava segment for the route, which I’ll use for race times for the strava users.
  4. Mapometer route here.

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